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  1. an @yahoo.ca email? really? whats the school called
  2. the mcat and amcas are both run by the same organization... you decide
  3. here is how I learned to ride a bicycle; find a slope (ie. the slope of a drive-way in a house), start at the top and let your self roll down. It is easier to ride when you are accelerating and harder when you try to slow down. You will fall afew times. can you drive though? I feel really bad for not getting my license and being so old.
  4. is this a good program to pass the time incase one doesnt get in?
  5. I do believe Americans like an upward trend. I think you would be better off asking this question at sdn as they might have people that got in with 2 degrees there
  6. Well you call it a mild form of racism in your first post. I'm sure getting in to Md is not as easy as most exaggerate it to be, But I'm just referring to talking about the tax free benifits, and etc etc, how does commenting about it make it a mild form of racism? I guess we have different definitions of racism.
  7. ^^ one can get a ~200,000 loan without a coworker for USA?
  8. So do we send this letter after the secondaries, as soon as the secondaries are completed? Also, whats this letter like?
  9. I've seen a utsc and a York final transcript that showed class averages.
  10. I adore the case western college program. Do we have anyone here that got into it? I think only one person from queens got into it last year. Sry about asking questions in your thread. Do you all recommend having all the personal statement and letters done and submit in June but tick the mcat rewrite? Or just submit the amcas app after the rewrite?
  11. Over ambitious kids go to health sci, thats whY
  12. So I want to get this straight as I am in the same situation. Should I apply in June but let them know i am rewriting In July? Or should I submit amcas after writing in July?
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