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  1. Complete Princeton Review set for sale in London/Toronto/Hamilton. All books have markings in pencil. I will sell it for $250. Individual prices 1. Verbal Reasoning and Writing Review-$40 2. Verbal workbook-$40 3. Physical Sciences book-$60 4. Biological Sciences book-$60 5. Science Workbook-$80 I am also selling Exam Krackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning for $50 and Exam Krackers Organic Chemistry for $50. If you buy both, you can get them for $80.
  2. Guys, make sure you ask what number you were on the waitlist when you get that acceptance phone call so others know how much it has moved. I asked and was told that I was number 3. I got the call about a week ago, I think.
  3. so no more movement yet? i think it will move faster once uwo sends out acceptances.
  4. just out of curiosity, how do you know? were you that person?
  5. For me, some stations were definitely a lot better than others. Definitely messed up four stations. Others were good.
  6. They both seem like interesting professions to me. I couldn't say until I know which schools have accepted me. Then depending on the curriculum, I will decide whether I want dentistry or medicine. I have another quick question...How important is it to have the CDA interview book for interview prep? I know someone on this forum is selling it for 70 bucks. Can someone who has used it let me know if the book is actually worth the money, as I am short on funds ? I was also wondering whether the book is CDA authorized, whether the 7 questions on an interview will be close enough to those in the
  7. I received an interview invite from Toronto last friday and have a couple of questions about the interview process. 1. Is it true that we will only be asked 7 questions, worth 5 marks each? 2. What exactly is the CDA interview format? 3. What is the class schedule of first year dental students like? How many hours of class/clinical experience do they get each week? What kind of courses do they take? 4. How many interviewers interview one applicant? Are they professors, students, or community members? 5. Are there any questions on current events or dental ethics? 6. Any recommendations on
  8. Has anyone heard back from Western yet? When should we expect to hear back?
  9. I agree. They haven't been answering my emails/phone calls.
  10. I looked at toronto's admission stats from last year. apparently, they took somebody with 14 in PAT. i wonder wat that individual's other scores were!
  11. It is my third time writing too Thanks to VR.
  12. Just wondering what everyone plans to do for their interview prep. I have a lot of extracurriculars but no experience working in a dental clinic. Any suggestions on how to prepare?
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