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  1. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, Queens, McGill, Calgary, Manitoba, Dalhousie, Western, Toronto, Alberta (Gen Path & AP), UBCAnesthesiology: NOSM, Ottawa, USaskCardiac Surgery: McGillDermatology: Alberta, CalgaryDiagnostic Radiology: McGill, Queen's, Calgary, MUNEmergency Medicine: Queen'sFamily Medicine: Laval, Sherbrooke, Montreal, U of TGeneral surgery:Internal Medicine:Laboratory Medicine:Medical Biochemistry:Medical Genetics:Neurology: Manitoba, UBC, Calgary, Memorial, Alberta, DalhousieNeurology-Pediatric: Calgary, UBC, U of Alberta, McMasterNeuropathology:Neurosurgery: UBC, M
  2. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, Queens, McGillAnesthesiology: NOSMCardiac Surgery:Dermatology:Diagnostic Radiology:Emergency Medicine:Family Medicine: Laval, Sherbrooke, MontrealGeneral Surgery:Internal Medicine:Laboratory Medicine:Medical Biochemistry:Medical Genetics:Neurology:Neurology-Pediatric: CalgaryNeuropathology:Neurosurgery: UBCObstetrics and Gynecology:Ophthalmology:Orthopedic Surgery:Otolaryngology:Pediatrics: PHPM: UBCPlastic Surgery:PM&R:Psychiatry: McMaster, Memorial, WesternRadiation Oncology:Urology:Vascular Surgery: Western
  3. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, Queens Anesthesiology: NOSM Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Diagnostic Radiology: Emergency Medicine: Family Medicine: Laval, Sherbrooke, Montreal General Surgery: Internal Medicine: Laboratory Medicine: Medical Biochemistry: Medical Genetics: Neurology: Neurology-Pediatric: Neuropathology: Neurosurgery: UBC Obstetrics and Gynecology: Ophthalmology: Orthopedic Surgery: Otolaryngology: Pediatrics: Plastic Surgery: PM&R: Psychiatry: McMaster, Memorial Radiation Oncology: Urology:
  4. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, QueensAnesthesiology: NOSMCardiac Surgery:Dermatology:Diagnostic Radiology:Emergency Medicine:Family Medicine: Laval, Sherbrooke, MontrealGeneral Surgery:Internal Medicine:Laboratory Medicine:Medical Biochemistry:Medical Genetics:Neurology:Neurology-Pediatric:Neuropathology:Neurosurgery:Obstetrics and Gynecology:Ophthalmology:Orthopedic Surgery:Otolaryngology:Pediatrics:Plastic Surgery:PM&R:Psychiatry: McMasterRadiation Oncology:Urology:Vascular Surgery: Western
  5. I would do something like: Title of the Project (60 char): Title: Science is cool and stuff. *Type of Publication (100 char): NSERC research project. *My Role (150 char): Describe your role here. Ran tests, wrote stuff, drew graphs. Assuming you didn't publish anything from your NSERC. Separate entries for each poster (assuming the content of the posters are different between years).
  6. Seems best if everyone who got these simply delete the emails- for both the admission's office and for your own sake's... but this is a whole another level of fail.
  7. I can personally confirm that Western does give out rejections (don't ask me why). So it's acceptance, high waitlist, medium waitlist, low waitlist, and rejection. There's a reason for the rejection, just can't remember off the top of my head (it's buried in the forums somewhere, from some time ago).
  8. TIME STAMP: 4:01 PM Interview Date: 01/25-26 (MD & MD/PhD) Result: Invite wGPA: 3.88 (weighted) MCAT: 12/11/14/R ECs: Some long-term volunteering, lots of music & leadership & research. Essays: I felt good about them. Year: Completed UG, 2nd year working in research. Geography : IP Very glad to finally contribute something to the stats threads...
  9. Figured I would wait until someone else started a thread but no one is posting... got my invite on Dec 18th. Does anyone have information (in addition to the email) regarding the MD/PhD interview that's supposedly in the afternoon? Or the admissions process in general? Link to last year's thread: http://premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71974
  10. If your presentation/abstract was accepted, then it seems okay. Listing co-authorship for oral presentations is reasonable imo- I did the same actually. Separate the publications & conference presentations. Your call. I think this would depend on the "level" of the conference and whether this addition would actually improve your application or not, especially when reviewed by a subjective reviewer who possibly has experience in research.
  11. With paid research, you can divide it up to Employment & Research entries- employment to describe things like working in a team, responsibility (and other crap like that), and research entry to describe whatever publications/abstracts, or even projects you contributed to. I think that's up to you- probably won't have room to enter what lab you were working in. but the nature of the lab will probably be implied in the description of the project anyways. It probably won't disqualify your application, but the general consensus is that it doesn't look good to enter it (and OM
  12. 1- Yes. 2, 4- http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=83275 3- There's enough space- 100 characters.
  13. Ottawa med admissions website vs random rumors you hear from premeds. I think it's pretty clear. If you want really want to confirm this, you should be emailing the admissions office rather than asking around on the forums. No one here can confirm anything for you.
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