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  1. Hi Everyone, I was planning on writing the Canadian DAT this month (February 24, 2018), but due to extenuating circumstances I won't be able to. I was wondering if I wrote the next DAT (November 3rd, 2018), Would I still be able to apply to dental schools for that cycle (i.e write Nov 2018, apply Dec 2018)? The deadline is generally Dec 1, and it takes 8 weeks to get DAT scores back. Would I be able to apply to schools even if I don't have my DAT scores back? Thanks in Advance
  2. I recently took the Canadian DAT in November and got these scores.Reading comp: 20BIOL: 18Chem: 17Sci Total: 18Academic Average: 18PAT: 14MDT: 6This was my first time taking the DAT, and I went into it with zero preparation, based off these scores alone do you think there is any chance I could make it into a Canadian Dental school or should I retake the DAT in February and actually prepare properly this time.My GPA right now is at 3.7, but by the time i finish it'll probably be around 3.8-3.9ish
  3. Hi, I am selling access to my DAT Bootcamp premium access which expires at the end of December. This is a great resource for because of the abundance of past DAT exam questions you can access through their practice tests. It is amazing for PAT because they have generators and thorough video explanations on strategies for PAT. I am also selling my Canadian Dental Association DAT Preparation Manual. This is the only exam that was released by the official Canadian DAT administrator and is a great way to gauge your preparedness. Ideally, we can meet in person in Vancouver to ensure a
  4. Hi Guys I am planning to take the cDAT in February and I will be officially starting my review after my finals. I am trying to spend as little amount on the prep materials so I wanted to know what the recommendation for the PAT section and just overall review for the exam would be? I have searched this forum extensively and there isn't any clear response for what people would recommend for the cDAT. I am more interested in how datcrusher holds up in comparison to other companies. I have a solid bio background because of my major, and I will be reviewing chem. Currently I have Feralis
  5. Hey guys, I'm a first year student looking to prepare for and write the DAT in the next year. There seems to be countless pricey resources available which makes it hard to narrow down what to use. Can anyone who has written the DAT (and did well) give me a brief overview of the best resources to be had for the Canadian DAT. Additionally, do you think it might be too early for me to write the DAT while only being in first year? Thank you.
  6. Hello, I am not sure when would be a good time to take the DAT. Here's my situation: I just graduated from CEGEP, and I didn't take the DAT before as I didn't think I had a great chance at getting into dental school because of my R score (32.5, at the time. My R score is now 33) and my below average CV (some volunteering abroad, some non-related work experience, some school clubs, non-impressive awards, no research/pubs). I also didn't have time to study the summer between my 1st and 2nd year of cegep, as I had worked 90 hours/week. I applied to McGill Dent-P but obviously didn't get i
  7. Hey guys, I just had a quick question regarding the PAT section for the CDAT. I'm writing the CDAT this November, and I noticed that in the preparation manual that they gave me this year, in the answer key for the PAT section (page 127) it says that "as part of the testing methodology, there are 15 questions on the Perceptual Ability Test that are not scored." I've written the DAT before and I've looked back at my old preparation manual and this isn't written in the the back in previous years. Does anyone know if this is something new? Does this mean you automatically get 15 que
  8. Hey guys, I just had a quick question regarding the PAT section for the CDAT. I'm writing the CDAT this November, and I noticed that in the preparation manual that they gave me this year, in the answer key for the PAT section (page 127) it says that "as part of the testing methodology, there are 15 questions on the Perceptual Ability Test that are not scored." I've written the DAT before and I've looked back at my old preparation manual and this isn't written in the the back in previous years. Does anyone know if this is something new? Does this mean you automatically get 15 que
  9. I'm using primarily American materials to study for the Canadian DAT this November. Was wondering if I need to study anything regarding plants besides photosynthesis. Thanks!
  10. I've looked at a billion forums and discussions online, checked the university statistics but I want someone to give me the reality check. I'm majoring in Biochemistry (honors program) at a canadian university. I'll be applying to american and canadian dental schools next year. And my cumulative average is 81.55% and major average is 82.22%. Given that I do well on the DAT and that I will be doing my thesis this year, I'll probably be doing some dental shadowing, do I have a chance? I know other factors count but I need to know my chances based solely on the information provided.
  11. New MCAT MATERIAL: 1. EK101 verbal (designed for old MCAT, but great for CARS practice) 2. The Princeton Review Complete New MCAT Prep with 4 full-length practice tests 3. Kaplan New MCAT: Advanced Prep for Advanced Students; techniques to maximize your score 4. Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review: Created for MCAT 2015; older version, but exact same as current versions 5. AP Biology 4th edition (CliffsNotes) OLD MCAT MATERIAL (GOOD PRACTICE, very cheap): 1. TPR MCAT Science Workbook (Bio, Chem, Physics, Orgo questions); over 900 pages of questions and solutions 2. TPR Verbal Workbook
  12. Has anyone used the American DAT to apply to UofT? I emailed them asking whether Canadian students can use the American DAT and they responded saying that it is allowed. However, on their website, it states: The American Dental Admission Test (DAT) is an acceptable equivalent for applicants living or attending school outside of Canada I'm not sure what this statement means, but it implies that Canadian university students cannot use the ADAT in application process. Any info on this topic would be appreciated!
  13. When are the marks for cdat Feb 2017 coming out? It's been over a month, and I'm just wondering.
  14. Hey folks, For those who've written cDAT today, how was it? I felt that PAT and RCT sections were bit hard, but bio/chem were pretty doable. If it wasn't your first time, how was it compared to the previous DAT version? Cheers
  15. I'm taking the cDAT this february and I'm not able to download the DAT confirmation letter for some reason. I tried to email them but I got no response. Is it like this for anyone too?
  16. I had a lot of positive feedback a while ago when I posted my first app. I just want to let you know that I've finished my second app for the Hole Punching section of the PAT. It generates hole punching question so you can practice on the go. Like the title says, the app is completely FREE to use. You can find it on this here, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dat-hole-punching/id1201489406?ls=1&mt=8 or search "DAT Hole Punching" on the iOS Apps Store. Please let me know any question, comment, or recommendations you might have. I would love to hear them. Good luck andHappy S
  17. Good evening everyone, I've created an app to prepare for the Hole Punching section in the PAT. It is currently FREE on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. It can be found here, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dat-hole-punching/id1201489406?ls=1&mt=8 or search “DAT Hole Punching” on iOS App Store. I will continue to add more fold types to broaden the pool of questions. Not to say there’s not already a big pool of questions (the current app can probably generate in the hundreds of thousands of different questions.) But more variety to base the questions off of, especially questions w
  18. Hi guys, I've tried searching on this but couldn't find anything, so I was hoping someone might be able to comment. For those who have written both the Canadian and American DATs and have/are applying to the States, do schools even bother looking at the Canadian one if you've written the American version? Do you even have to send your Canadian scores to schools if you're sending American ones? (I understand that some schools only accept the American one or prefer it over the Canadian one, but I'm just asking in general) I've scored well (21+) on all parts of the cDAT except for carving, whic
  19. I'm selling my DAT Prep MAterials This is all you need to ace your DAT + Interview prep material ( whether its American DAT or CDAT) This will get you 23+. Barron's AP Biology 4th Edition Cliffnotes AP BIology 3rd Edition Kaplan DAT Prep Book 7th Edition DATReady Prep 2013 Reading Comprehension DATReady Prep 2013 Perceptual Ability Test DATReady Prep 2013 Survey of Natural Sciences DAT Destroyer 2013 (ochem, chem, bio, quatitative reasoning) Math Destroyer MCAT Verbal Workbook ( Reading comprehension practices) + MMI interview prep questions Priority
  20. I wrote my DAT for the first time in Nov 2016 and was not happy following the results. I would really appreciate any updated advice or anything from those successful, especially following Nov 2016. I studied for this exam for 1.5 months so I knew for sure my preparation lacked good practice in RC and PAT. I am re-writing in Feb and really need some help going forward as I am feeling lost. My scores were: 21 Chem, 21 Bio, 17 RC, 18 PAT I did not give PAT much time so I think I have to do much more practice to get it up, but I was expecting much worse. My main huge concern has alw
  21. How did everyone find the DAT this morning? Personally, I thought the sciences were okay for the most part, with chem being easier than bio. There were still 2 or 3 tricky questions in the chem section but for bio I thought the number was closer to 4-5. PAT on the other hand was a whole different story. I thought it was way harder than any practice test I had done. I used bootcamp, crack dat pat, and datgenius for practice and was scoring conistently in the 21-24 range. On the 2009 ADA I scored a 23. I thought keyholes were very tough, on which I guessed about 4 or 5 because I simply
  22. Please be nice, I am not looking for ridicule. I know my GPA is not stellar. I would just like some real life experience advice from previous candidates rejected and accepted to interviews. IP 4th year GPA: 3.62, hopefully 3.7 after this semester DAT: 70 (RC: 25, PAT: 22, MDT: 23) I'm not concerned about the interview as I feel I will do well. I am just wondering what sort of scores they give interviews to. 2015 stats for U of A: OGPA: 3.7-4.0 mean 3.91 DAT RC: 18-30 mean 23.67-----> I'm over average DAT PAT: 17-23 mean 20.86----> I'm over average DAT MDT: 17-29 mean
  23. Hi, I'm preparing for the Nov 2016 DAT. Would you recommend watching the gen chem videos on coursesaver or on chadsvideos.com?
  24. For Canadian DAT: 2 packs of soap + 6 IQ Publications Books + CDA Prep Manual $150 For US DAT: DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer for $200 Kaplan Blue Book 2015 $50 All located in Edmonton. Otherwise Shipping costs added. Thanks!!
  25. Hello! I plan to take the DAT in February 2017 and apply to uLaval and uMontreal in March 2017 as a undergraduate university student. I don't think I have a good chance at getting in, since my french is not strong enough to fully express myself in an interview. So I am wondering, how long are the DAT scores valid for? Will I still be able to use the Feb 2017 DAT scores when I apply to other universities in 3 years (when i finish my bachelor's degree)? This will help me plan my studying. If the scores will no longer be valid, then I will only study for the sections considered by the f
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