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  1. Hi! I'm currently in my 4th year of undergrad in Health Sciences at Western and I was hoping I could get some feedback on how to boost my chances at getting into medical school in Canada (preferably Ontario). I realize my stats are quite terrible compared to many other applicants but I've been hell bent on medicine since I experienced a disability at the age of 4 and any advice would be greatly appreciated. This whole process is confusing and it doesn't help that there aren't really any guidance counselors that will help with this process (for free). Age: 21, M GPA: 3.0 from 1st t
  2. For the University of Ottawa Med, their website says this, The equivalent of two full-year courses (or four semester courses) of the following Chemistry courses: i) General Biochemistry with or without laboratory session; ii) General Chemistry with laboratory session; iii) Organic Chemistry with laboratory session. Does it mean I need 2 full year credits from any of the three (e.g. 1.0 general, 1.0 organic), or 2 full year credits from all 3 (e.g. 1.0 General, 0.5 biochem, 0.5 orgo)? I'm asking this because I have 1 full year chemistry credit already and was wondering if I sho
  3. Hi everyone, first time posting here and I was hoping I could just get some feedback or opinions. I'm in my 4th year at Western in Health Sciences and my first two years were meh, I just did okay (had a lot of things going on, didn't adapt well), I started to pick it up a bit in my third year and I applied for medical schools in Ontario after writing my MCAT and doing terribly (497), I just wanted to try applying anyway. Now, I was kinda shocked because I thought I had a decent GPA but one low course (It wasn't smart of me to take biochem as an elective) dropped my GPA a ton and I'
  4. Hey I was wondering if anyone has taken either of these courses recently and could recommend one over the other. I'm first year med sci and I'm decent at physics if that helps. Thanks!
  5. I am an OOP applicant for Western Schulich dental school What are my chances?? Has anyone been interviewed with such stats? I have a pretty good amount of EC's as well. I have tried to look at every thread, but I am still very unsure.
  6. I am currently in my 2nd year of MedSci at Western. I was looking at some of the courses for the 3rd year physiology module. Other than the required courses, I have to take Classics to meet degree requirements. Are there any benefits to taking Classics 2200 or 2300? Also, I could use some advice or insight as to some of the courses available in the physiology module. I was particularly looking at Histo 3309 and Anatcell 3319. The schedule I have made so far for 3rd year includes Physiol 3140A, Physiol 3120, Physphrm 3000E. Any help on what other courses I could take would be appreciated!
  7. I received my score last week, and I'm very happy overall with the score, however I feel that P/S is going to be too low for western this year. My score is as follows: C/P: 129, CARS: 129, B/B: 128, P/S: 125 any advice as to what to do would be great. Edit: I'm Non- SWOMEN
  8. Just wanted some input on my chances of getting into Queens, Toronto, Western and McMaster. I've had a hard time trying to gauge my GPA as I have gone to two different schools over my last 2 years, and both of them have different ways of calculating GPA, and one of them doesn't include a grade % in their transcripts, only letter grades. Here is a table of my last 20 classes with the suspected GPA correlating with the letter grade. School #1 A 3.9 A
  9. Stats 2244 - Just how hard is it? I've heard that this course is very difficult for the fact that lecture does not completely capture what students are expected to know in order to be successful on exams. After researching online and hearing from students who took it in the most recent school year, it seems that Prof Waugh expects students to do outside reading and that she assigns way too many textbook readings that do not overlap with material from lecture - yet students are still required to know all of it. Not to mention her apparent tricky wording on exams and low 60 exam averages.
  10. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could provide some info on Western's psych program; specifically, in terms of it's difficulty. Or, if anyone has taken psych courses at western, how did you find them? Thank you in advance, any feedback would be highly appreciated!
  11. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could provide some info on Western's psych program; specifically, in terms of it's difficulty. Or, if anyone has taken psych courses at western, how did you find them? Thank you in advance, any feedback would be highly appreciated!
  12. www.MedsHousing.com Listing ID #0017197 London,ON-Downtown Condo Living with a Touch of Luxury – 600 Talbot St. 600 Talbot Street, London, ON, Canada By far, this is one of the nicest condo buildings and the very best location (walk score 88) in downtown London. Sip your morning coffee on your balcony nestled among the tree tops and overlooking a quiet residential street. Enjoy cooking in your modern kitchen with its new stainless steel appliances, lots of counter (granite) and cupboard s
  13. I've been debating between these two courses for the past 2 days and can't come to a conclusion. I'm looking for the easier course (as bad as it sounds) because I have a packed schedule and would appreciate a break. Should I take Classics 1000 with Steinbock (11:30 am - 12:30 pm on M,W,F) or Lamari (7 pm - 10 pm on T)? I prefer taking it in the morning but I've heard that Lamari is easier. Should I take psych 1000 with Mike instead of Classics 1000? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever gone or know of students who have gone from Western's Richard Ivey School of Business to medical school? Would it be a wise choice of attending the HBA program and then applying to med school? Thank you in advance.
  15. Thoughts on Medial Sciences 4931G? I'm planning on taking it this summer online - how is the workload, time commitment, nature of the work?
  16. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice about ECs. Currently about to finish my first year in Med Sci at UWO. This school year: Really have not done much, mainly planned out my summer and applied for 2nd year positions This summer: SickKids research/volunteering with an international MD/PhD, 6 hrs/week, 96 hrs/summer Osler hospital(s) volunteer, 4 hrs/week, 64 hrs/summer Soup kitchen volunteer, 2 hrs/week, 36 hrs/summer Probably working, really flexible schedule for whenever I'm available (less stress) Next school year: Faculty sophing (mainly first wee
  17. LONDON, Ontario-CANADA Single room with private bath 109 Windsor Avenue, London, ON, Canada Read this new review: Kristina-stayed for an elective Sept: "Great place to stay! Stuart and Justine are super friendly and accommodating - really went above and beyond to help get me situated in London! " Listing ID #0005924 www.MedsHousing.com This is a room for rent in a nice bungalow in the Wortley Village (Old South) neighbourhood of London, owned by my girlfriend and I. There is space for a car in our driveway if you drive and lots of clean common space to share.
  18. ***Electives in London Ontario?*** 2 accommodation opportunities just listed www.MedsHousing.com 600 Hyde Park Road, London, ON, Canada Listing ID #0009359 private room and bath in townhouse with parking ******************************************************** 826 Sprucewood Drive, London, ON, Canada *this accommodation includes 2 meals per day* Listing ID #0009365 professional homestay provider MedsHousing.com is a platform dedicated to the academic trainee housing needs ....the more you support it the better it can be! ****Follow us on**** Instagram Facebook Twitter
  19. Hi everyone, I was thinking about transferring into UWO health sci program from another university. I was wondering if any current students or graduates from the program could provide feedback on the program. Whether that be about the difficulty of the program, how subjective the courses tended to be, etc. Thank you in advance! Your help is really appreciated as I'm trying to decide whether or not I should transfer!
  20. Hi guys! I'm working on planning my 4th year courses and as someone in HSP physiology, I need to take 4 courses. Can you please provide me with any information regarding which courses you've taken and your thoughts on them? The ones I've heard about seem to be in very high demand so I'm not sure if I'll be able to register for them. Nonetheless, any thoughts or info on ANY phys courses and/or the profs would be greatly appreciated!
  21. Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster. I wanted to hear your thoughts about my situation. I just finished up my third year at an Ontario university. Year 1: Let's not even talk about it Year 2: 86.2% Year 3: 88.1% Year 4: TBD Here's what I'll be applying with this year (all full time semesters) Western (Best 2): 87.1% OMSAS (Lowest year dropped): 3.75 AADSAS (No years dropped): 3.62 Here's what I'll be applying with If I take a year off so schools can include my 4th year grades. Western (Best 2): 90.6% (assuming I get 8 A+'s and 2 A's which I think is doable consi
  22. Just wondering how people feel post interview! Realized nobody really commented/reflected on this
  23. Can anyone who has taken UWO's physiology challenge exam speak to its difficulty, level of detail, etc? Thanks
  24. Did anyone else have stone faced interviewers at Schulich?? From what I heard talking to med students and other interviewees, Western interviewers are very friendly and warm for the most part so I wonder if it was just me or the interviewers...
  25. Hello Everyone I know this might be a redundant and maybe even stupid question but is the UWO Dental School acceptance broken down into like 45% GPA, 20% DAT, 15% Abs. and 20% Interview, or something similar to those percentages? Is there any truth to that? Thank you
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