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  1. How have your life experiences to this point helped shape and prepare you for making decisions in situations of uncertainty or ambiguity? Since the question is in plural form, are we expected to discuss MORE THAN ONE life experience? Also, should I focus more on the specific life experience and how I made decisions regarding it or should I focus more on how that life experience helped me for other decision-making?
  2. question from mcgill personal narrative: Which character trait, skill, or lived experience makes you best-suited for a career in medicine? I'm not sure if the admissions committee want us to talk about ONE trait/skill/lived experience and expand on it, or mention a couple and discuss those. Since the question is phrased in singular form, I'm really confused
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to say that I am a non-traditional student but then again, it's complicated. I am an RN in Saskatchewan and I want to go to med school. It has always been my dream to be a Dr. but as an immigrant, I had to get my PR one way or the other to qualify so I decided to study nursing as it a great career that I loved to get into and it was going to help me get my PR faster. After becoming a nurse, i feel like i need to do more which made me start researching med schools in Canada as it was my initial goal. Thing is, I do not have any premed courses (biochem, chem, or
  4. Hello! I am a high school student and I have an interest to pursue medical school. (Its not an absolute must for me, but something I do want to consider). I'm having difficulty with chemistry (although, it may just be my teacher, my class had 22 students, and now theres only 6), and I've grown to sadly have a dislike for the subject. I had this same teacher for gr 11 chemistry too, (also gr 10, and gr 9, yay me!!). I don't want to rule out chemistry completely, because I've only had this one teacher for all of high school, but I feel like its been enough to put me off completely. W
  5. Hi Everyone! I'm currently in BioSci at University of Calgary. This is my first year. I am deciding to go to a university outside of Canada for medical. In Pakistan there is a university : Punjab Medical Colledge. For foreigners, the requirements are to complete high school and have done SAT 2 Subject tests for some courses. I want to go abroad, because the long tie limit to complete medschool here is a concern for me. So, I have decided on two options. 1) Apply to to Punjab Medical College since it only takes 5 years to complete medicine there.
  6. Did anyone here took Nursing as their premed? If so, is this worth it or a good move? I'm currently a first year student taking a degree in Biochem, but I'm planning to switch to Nursing as my premed since I find it more hands-on. Am I doing the right move? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey Guys, So I have no clue what to major in next year. I heard the three Health Science degrees at U of C are very english based, a subject I hate more than anything. Also, I read somewhere that the medical science classes you take along with the BHSc's degrees are very hard and they lower GPA's. Is this true? I really need some help. Additionally, I was wondering how hard the neuroscience program is to get into. I'm very interested in the brain and the nervous system in general. In my opinion, it is the most fascinating organ in the body. I just don't know what to do. I could go into bio
  8. How does Casper work? I tried to sign up for it and it says I have to submit my application first. So I submit my application by Oct 1 and there will be Casper dates to sign up for after that?
  9. Hey everyone, can anyone please share their any information about the global health undergrad program at York U ? My aim is to get into medical school and the courses seem really interesting in this program but I feel that it will have a lot of essays and I dont think I can get a 3.6+ gpa in that program. Will a biology program be a better choice ? Thank you in advance for your time and guidance in this matter Cheers !
  10. Hello everyone, I'm planning to do LifeSci Specialization at Queen's. I understand that it is relatively harder than lifesci major but I'm interested in the research portion of it so I'm thinking of giving it a go. In terms of med school, i know most schools don't care what degree etc. youre taking, but would the fact that youre doing a specialization make you stand out even just a little bit? Assuming specs, gpa etc. are even, would they rather pick a lifesci ssp student or a major student if they had to choose? Thanks
  11. Hi all, So a lot of the 1st year students who were originally in biomed at York are switching to kinesiology for second year so they can get a higher GPA for med school. Is this the right choice? I really need some suggestions. Some info about me: - in biomed going into 2nd year -my first year GPA was 7.6/9 (not that great) Knowing that second year is going to be tough, I decided to take a lot of the difficult/time consuming courses during first year summer (currently), including: - english (prereq for US med) -organic chem 2020 and 2021 -biol2070 + volunt
  12. Hey there! I've been an avid lurker here lately but decided to seek opinions on my situation. I've wanted to go to med school since I was a wee little thing, wimped out due to lack of confidence in my capabilities with Uni sciences (before even taking the courses sigh... -.-), and have recently decided that since it is what I am really passionate about, that it is worth the work and time commitment to get there. However, my undergrad experience is slightly different: Major: Double Major in Psych. and English Lit. (Arts) at UBC (BC resident) Cumulative GPA (of my first 3 years - going into
  13. Has anyone seen these MCAT video lessons on Youtube by PreMedHQ? Thoughts?
  14. Allo ! Faut-il s'inscrire à des cours pour l'année préparatoire de médecine à l'UdeM? As-t'on des choix à faire? Je me demande comment ça fonctionne en général et le Centre étudiant ne me donne vraiment pas beaucoup d'information utile !
  15. I am currently in grade 12 and always thought i wanted to be a doctor. But in the last year or so i have gained a interest in engineering. At this point i dont know what i want to do. I got into an engineering program at Carleton and was thinking of accepting that then taking the extra classes required to apply to medical school at university of Ottawa if i decide that's what i want to do. Only thing is that everyone says engineering is very hard to get a good GPA with. I want to take this because i want to have a solid backup if i don't get in. only i worried that by choosing this i am ac
  16. Bonjour, Je me demandais comment ça fonctionne pour les notes une fois admis au prémed à l'Udem. Est-ce qu'il faut des notes minimales pour accéder au doctorat en médecine après, ou c'est simplement la note de passage? Merci!
  17. Hi guys! Long time lurker, first time poster. So I just completed my first year a York University and my GPA was around 3.8 So far my ECAs include, a poster presentation and one publication in the Global Journal of Health Sciences I am also volunteering at Odette Cancer Centre for the past 5-6 months and I am the vice-president of one of the student clubs on campus- Canadian International Human Rights Organization. I feel as if this is not enough and I am constantly stressed out about not doing enough. Can someone please tell me if Im doing fine right now or I need to take on some more
  18. I have never posted here before, but i need realistic advice on my current situation. I started my undergraduate degree in 2014 at UofT. Got accepted for Life Science (Psychology). I though it was gonna be a fresh start for me, but the last 2 years (just finished my 2nd year) has been shit. 1st year, fist term: 1.16 GPA (failed a course) 1st year, second term: 2.03 GPA CGPA: 1.57. was put on probation. Summer after first year, took the one failed course during summer and got 2.70 CGPA: 1.68. removed from probation. 2nd year, first term: 1.40 GPA. CGPA: 1.59. put on probati
  19. Hey guys! I'm getting a bit desperate; I'm currently a 2nd year student. First year GPA was 3.4 and this year it just keep going down I feel like I'll probably fail 2 classes this semester and my advisor is already telling me med school is not an option anymore. Have any of you been in the same situation and still got in? dont know what to do....
  20. Hello, I recently got accepted in kinesiology at moncton university in new brunswick and I did not get in to exercise sciece at concordia so I am down to my second choice which is behavioural neuroscience. I have trouble deciding where to go and i am scared to make the wrong decision and then be stuck not being able to go to med school. Please help me decide between going to moncton in kinesiology for a year and then apply to a university in montreal in kinesiology or just going to behavioural neuroscience. I am going to apply to med school after regardless but I want to know which one I sh
  21. Hey Guys! I am currently in gr 12 and still deciding which university I should I attend. I applied to two small schools (UOIT life sci and Nippissing bio) and two big schools (Mac life sci and Queens sci). Now I'm hearing mixed opinions about small schools ( by that lower rep, small student pop etc) like, easy gpa, smaller class size etc vs big schools where its more competitive, a better reputation etc. Now I understand that Med schools do not care where you did your undergrad and what your degree is. I already got accepted to UOIT and Nippissing in Dec 2015, just waiting on
  22. ‪#‎UofT‬'s Black Medical Students Association will host a Medical School 101 session on Feb 29. http://ow.ly/d/4pA9 @MEDShousingCAN
  23. I'm trying to decide between these two types of programs. I am fascinated by the human body and that is why I am interested in Kinesiology, however I am not interested on the sports/coaching aspect of it. Life science would give me a better science background, but I heard it generally looks at biological things from a molecular level.
  24. Anyone know much about Queen's Kinesiology program?
  25. For the first question on McMaster's Health Science supplementary application - what are they looking for? Passion? Qualities like leadership? Experiences?
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