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  1. Hi Everyone!! So I had a couple of questions if anyone could answer it would be highly appreciated! 1) Right now I am in my last semester of CEGEP (I did my CEGEP in 4 semesters, however i started during the winter semester). Obviously I want to apply to med-p and dent-p at mcgill. However, in order to do so that would mean that i would have to wait for a semester (since I am finishing my cegep in the fall). Would i still be applicable to applying for mcgill's med-p and dent-p after staying for a gap semester (not doing any studies)? 2) At the moment i have an r-score of 35.2 wh
  2. Hello everyone, Let us present ourselves: we are student ambassadors of McGill Medicine. Not too long ago, we were in the applicant seats and we sympathize with the anxiety that comes along with that role. In fact, some of us roamed the pages here at premed101 and asked questions of our own in the hope of elucidating some of our worries about the application process and student life at McGill Medicine. We are glad to tell you that we are happy with our choice and this has brought us to pilot this Q&A initiative, where we hope to give back some of the good advice we have received alon
  3. Hello, Je pense appliquer à la prochaine vague d'admission au différentes écoles de medecine, mais je ne sais pas si mon dossier est competitif, alors je vous demande votre avis. J'ai terminé un baccalauréalt (3.76/4) et une maitrise recherche (4/4) à Polytechnique. Dans les différents cours préalables, il me manque un deuxieme cours de biologie. Si vous avez besoin de plus d'info, dites le moi. Je peux m'attendre a quoi comme CRU dans les différentes écoles? Merci!
  4. I got into Honours HSS at Ottawa U and I'm still waiting on Anatomy and cell biology at Mcgill. Which program is best to transfer into either premed or dentistry. I'm not too sure what I want to do yet, but I know I love health science and medicine. I want to get a high GPA and I heard Ottawa U is best for that and the courses seem very interesting. However, I am from Montreal and I would prefer to stay here. I also got into life science and nutrition at McGill and kinesiology at Udem. Anyone have any advice on what the best path is to take to get into medicine?
  5. Hi! Wondering if somebody received news recently regarding the program, courses to register and the orientation? Also, did you guys completed your immunization and BLS?
  6. www.Medshousing.com 3 units available in the building.Short term and long term. 2104 Prudhomme, Montréal, Quebec, Canada Fully furnished loft apartment within a 10 minute walk to the MUHC - Glen campus, which includes : Royal Victoria, Montreal Children's and Shriner's hospitals, Research Institute , Montreal Chest Institute, and Cedars Cancer Center. Located in a 1920 -Art Deco Style building which is being lovingly renovated by myself and my husband to meet today's standards. The apartment comes equipped with the basics : dishes, utensils, pots, pans, linens, micro
  7. www.MedsHousing.com listing #1760 $1,525.00 CAD / Month Beautiful 3 1/2 in downtown Montreal for lease transfer starting June 1st. Incredible views of downtown Montreal with a direct access to Mount Royal from the building. 5 minute walk to beaver lake! It is also steps away from the Montreal General Hospital with easy street parking with parking sticker. Hot water, AC, heating and appliances are included in the rent. Doorman on site 24/7. Walls were recently painted in the living room. Lease renewable for September. Feel free to contact
  8. Montreal condo. 1950$ www.MedsHousing.com Beautiful 2 bedroom condo in sought after S sur le Square in Shaughnessy Village. Amazing downtown location. 670 sq ft.; 6 appliances: fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, washer/dryer; AC; large floor to ceiling windows; balcony; storage locker. Building amenities include rooftop pool, BBQ terrace, gym, bike lockers. Option of underground parking. Steps away from many cafe and restaurants, McGill university,MUHC hospital, Atwater metro, AMC Forum, SAQ, pharmacy, retail shopping and more. A must see! References require Con
  9. Been looking over the forums and can't find anything... Any info would be appreciated!
  10. Hi, Is the life science programs at McGill in the faculty of environmental science and agriculture equivalent to the Biomedical programs at the McGill in the Faculty of science? Life science is at the Mac campus and Biomed is at the downtown campus. Life science is easier to get into but does it have the same qualities as Biomed? Does a life science student have a chance of getting into medicine? Which program will give me the best GPA Thank you so much who those who are able to advice me
  11. Hi, what is the best undergrad program between Life science, nutrition and anatomy and cell bio at McGill to pursue graduate studies in medicine? Please rank 1st,2nd,3rd and if you have attended one of the programs, what was it like?
  12. Hello! I’m an incoming pre-med student and I’ve been accepted to both McGill’s Anatomy and Cell Biology program, and Queen’s Health Science program. I’ve been having difficulties choosing between the two because I love the Queen’s program, but I really dislike the idea of being in Kingston, ON and the general student body atmosphere. However, I still like the program at McGill, but I’m not as informed on it. As well, I deeply love Montreal and the people there. Any opinions/advice is welcome, what would you recommend as a pre-med student?
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew when McGill is planning on releasing OT/PT admission offers for the bachelor's program. Thanks
  14. Salut!! La date du premier TAED approche bientôt donc j'ai pensé commencer une discussion sur l'admission en DMD pour l'automne 2021 si jamais vous avez des questions sur quoi que ce soit! Heeyy! The first DAT exam is coming up soon so I thought of starting a discussion for the fall 2021 dentistry admissions in case you had any questions!
  15. Hello everyone I have applied into nursing programs in Montreal (at UdeM, uSherbrooke (campus Longueuil) and McGill). I am very interested in working in health care and a nursing career is an option if I don’t get into med school. I was simply wondering what are the best nursing programs in Montreal? I’ve heard some bad reviews for UdeM, saying that they easily kick out their students and that they have a different approach (apprentissage par problème). Is it the same for the other universities? I simply want to take the best decision regarding my nursing education. If there’
  16. Okay so I find myself in a bit of a tough situation. Basically my r-score from my first session wasn't too great but I worked extremely hard last session to increase it. My problem is that due to the pandemic and the weird standard dev. in groups I have zero idea of whether or not my r-score improved(or decreased) since my first session. I go to Maisonneuve College and apparently there's some kind of issue going on right now so they can't distribute our r-scores???? I was waiting to receive mine to figure out my third choice at Udem (my r score is lower than last year's last admitted in optome
  17. Salut! Comme j'ai vu qu'il y avait de l'intérêt pour un groupe francophone de préparation pour les MEM de McGill, j'ai pris l'initiative d'ouvrir ce topic pour qu'on puisse s'arranger entre francophones. ^^ Personnes intéressées: Groupe A @cestlahess (Med-P) @Imen (MDCM) @Kibo(Med-P) Libre Groupe B @LGMed2021 (MDCM) @cc11 (MDCM) Amie de cc11 (MDCM) @FHKIN(MDCM) Groupe C @Médecine1(MDCM) Médicomage (MDCM) @Nicolas(MDCM) @Holamola(MDCM) Groupe D @Aurora (MDCM) @Ing_222(MDCM) Libr
  18. Bonjour! Je viens de terminer ma première session d'université en kinésiologie cet automne dernier à UdeM. Je termine avec un GPA de 3.88/4.33 . Je me demandais si quelqu'un saurait cela équivalait environ à combien en CRU dans ce programme et quelle est la CRU minimale approximative qu'il faut pour ergothérapide à udem. Je sais qu'UdeM regarde seulement mes notes de la session d'automne passé et celles de cégep, mais je voulais m'essayer aussi à McGill... Je crois qu'ils prendront en compte mes notes de cette session d'hiver aussi si je ne me trompes pas. Je voulais savoir si McGill acce
  19. Hello Everyone/Salut tout le monde! I am a Quebec university student who is graduating from undergrad this semester. I’m planning on applying to a DESS (Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées) program at Université de Montréal before applying to Medicine and Pharmacy next application cycle. Let's cut to the chase: I’m wondering if being part of a DESS program will significantly hurt my chances of being accepted to the Quebec Medical schools, compared to a full-on Masters degree. Pros to the DESS (in my opinion): DESS programs are only 1 year of full time study, and many of th
  20. As stated by the Mcgill website: Minimum of 60 consecutive graded credits complete at the time of application. Performance in courses not yet completed at the time of application must be comparable to the level of performance seen in the academic records submitted at the time of application. A marked decline in academic performance in the final term(s) may lead to withdrawal of an offer of admission. How do they assess GPA regarding our primary undergrad degree? Do we only submit our 60 most recently finished graded credits? Furthermore then what is our degGPA with regards to my que
  21. Hi, I was wondering if any current Mcgill MD student is willing to help with MMI prep. I will pay for your time. Send me a message if interested.
  22. Salut! Je suis présentement étudiante de 2e année et je me demandais s'il y a une possibilité que je soit acceptée en p-med, sachant que ma cote R est de 34.5 (première session). Je sais que pour les notes de la 2e session, mon cégep n'a pas opté pour la politique de pass or fail (apparemment les unis ont accès à nos moyennes?). Mes notes pour cette session étaient toutes légèrement au-dessus de la moyenne des autres étudiants (environ 5%, tournant autour des 88-92%). Cependant, je m'inquiète un peu pour ma cote R de 3e session, puisque j'ai eu beaucoup plus de difficulté avec mon ap
  23. Hi everyone, Can anyone else who applied to either one of these two programs confirm whether or not they are still able to login into UApply and access either one of their applications and upload documents? I was under the impression that applications would be locked after the February 10th deadline, but for whatever reason I still seem able to access and upload documents to my applications? Thanks!
  24. Forum for anyone applying to McGill Dentistry 2021 :)
  25. Salut! Je suis en en premier cycle en bac de kinésiologie à Udem. Je voulais initialement aller en ergothérapie ou physiothérapie à UdeM ou McGill, mais ma cote r était trop faible. Présentement, elle est de 30,655. Je me suis mise en kiné pour tenter d'augmenter mes notes. J'ai lu plusieurs posts disant que kiné n'était plus un autant bon programme tremplin qu'auparavant , mais c'était plus dirigé à ceux qui voulait aller en médecine. Je comprend aussi que l'IFG n'est pas très fort. Je vois que celui a Ulaval est de 2.644 (https://www.ulaval.ca/sites/default/files/admission/table-des-etalons.
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