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Found 16 results

  1. MedsHousing.com Listing # 2833 Newly renovated modernly furnished 4 bedroom home has a huge driveway to fit at least 6 cars, garage and expansive backyard. Relax upstairs or downstairs in the living rooms with Tvs equipped with Netflix and other streaming apps. Bedrooms have locks for that extra level of privacy and warm duvets and blankets. Laundry use is free and basic toiletries are provided. Relax and feel at home with everything you need for a comfortable stay! Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Furnished Short term $7,500.00 CAD / Month $1,500.00 CAD / Week $200.00 CAD / Day Contact Landlord Here
  2. MedsHousing.com Listing #2773 Conveniently located 8 minutes by car from Huntsville Hospital and 10 minutes from the riverfront downtown shops and boardwalks, our second-storey bachelor apartment is situated in a quiet neighbourhood just outside of town. Scenic hiking trails at Arrowhead Provincial Park are just a 6 minute drive away. A wooded walking trail is accessible by foot from our space. Enjoy dining on the private deck that overlooks our backyard surrounded by trees. Our brand new bachelor-style apartment is cozy and bright with all kitchen amenities, including a toaster oven, a coffee maker and a single convection countertop burner. Enjoy a/c, speedy wifi and heated floors in the bathroom! South Muskoka Memorial Hospital in Bracebridge is a 30 minute drive and Algonquin Park, 40 minutes. Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Furnished Short term $1,000.00 CAD / Month $300.00 CAD / Week $90.00 CAD / Day Contact Landlord here
  3. MedsHousing.com Listing #2824 House with two bedrooms each with own bathrooms. Also two private bunkies with private accommodations for one person or a couple. 2o minutes to West Parry Sound Health Centre by car Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Furnished Short term $1,500.00 CAD / Month Medical Community Landlord Contact Landlord Here
  4. MedsHousing.com listing # 2707 Huntsville ONT Furnished Renovated and Professional House minutes away from the hospitals Sun-soaked house just minutes away from the hospitals. Comes with a large backyard that frequents deer at sunset and sunrise. It's a clean and newly renovated building. Just blocks away from the downtown core and yet very private, with a well treed-acre lot. It has a deck overlooking the backyard as well as a deck in the front to sit out and enjoy your morning coffee! It's fully furnished, with a fully outfitted kitchen, super fast wifi, and a smart TV. I t also has a deep soaker tub and a fully renovated bathroom and kitchen. All this is a 10 min walk from shops & restaurants in downtown Huntsville and not far to Algonquin Park Fully furnished 10 drive to the Huntsville hospital. 30-minute drive to Bracebridge hospital 45-minute drive to Gravenhurst hospital 60-minute drive to Orillia Hospital 15-minute walk to downtown Huntsville. Bus stop right outside your front door Grocery store, gyms, and restaurants are all within a 5-10 minute drive Waterfront is a 15-minute walk Internet and utilities are included for short-term renters, long-term will require to the tenant to pay. Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Furnished Short term Long term $2,795.00 CAD / Month $1,000.00 CAD / Week Contact landlord here
  5. MedsHousing.com Listing #2583 Are you a student or working professional coming to Parry Sound Ontario to work or study temporarily? Lots of privacy in a gorgeous location! Shared accommodations, rent by the week. Two premium Room(s) for rent in our home. (1) King bed (2) Queen bed for working professionals or students coming to town. Keyed door locks .Newly built home on 25 acres yet only 5 minutes to West Parry Sound Health Center, Lakeland, Belvedere, Canadore College, local beaches and walking trails. 2400 sq ft home on 2 levels. Lots of privacy for everyone! We are a mature working couple looking to share our home. You will hear the noise of the town and the trains but you will also enjoy the birds and wild life as you enjoy the property. Shared common areas such as a Lower level kitchenette for light cooking/warming of food. Fridge/freezer shared by lower level room mates. Includes Microwave, hot air fryer, Keurig and toaster and bbq . Beautiful soaking tub and large walk in shower. Equal shelf /drawer space for each room mate. Family room has a wood burning stove and a 55" smart TV. Main floor has a well equipped beautiful kitchen / dining room you are welcome to use. Also a second living room , bathroom and bbq located here. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Furnished Short term $315.00 CAD / Week Contact Landlord here
  6. Hello, I am currently an x-ray technologist and I'm looking at applying to NOSM. NOSM has a Indigenous application track. I am Cree, but was adopted. I have my adoption paperwork stating that my birth family on my maternal side was Cree. Throught the adoption and no fault of my own I lost out on my connection to my people and culture. I am currently active in my local urban Indigenous community as an Indigenous Member of the Muskoka Indigenous Friendship Centre and volunteer with them. I am co-running my local chapter (get it up and running etc., all volunteer) under the Muskoka Indigenous Friendship Centre and am a member of the steering committee for that chapter as well (all members must be Indigenous). I plan programing for the local Indigenous community through the chapter and volunteer to run these programs and set them up. I am sure that the President of the Muskoka Indigenous Friendship Centre would write me a letter. I am also part of the Orange Shirt Day Organizing Committee for my home town. Should I apply through the Indigenous Admission Stream? My other question relates to the extenuating circumstances part of the application. I have two undergrad degrees. My first one I struggled, but didn't know why at the time (2.7 cGPA). Long story short, I had severe undiagnosed and untreated OCD which popped up during my last year of high school we believe. When I say severe OCD, I mean hours out of my day performing routines (yes I thought it was normal and my family didn't know I was struggling). During the beginning of my first year of my second degree I went to the doctor and was told I had the worse case of OCD they had ever seen. I was told it would take up to 6 months to see a psychiatrist, but they would push to get me in ASAP. I was in with the psych 3 days later. They diagnosed me formally with severe OCD and said that they normally wait 3-4 sessions minimum to medicate a patient, but I was told I would not be leaving without medication that first session. Between the psychiatrist and tweaking my medications, we found a working combo and my grades improved drastically. The cGPA for my second degree was 3.64 (vs. the 2.7 cGPA of my first degree). Is this worth filling out the extenuating circumstances aspect of the application for? Being diagnosed and treated seriously changed my life for the better. INFO Born and raised (33 years) in a community considered northern by NOSM (they have a Local NOSM group at the hospital I work at). Rurality Index for Ontario (RIO): 62 Undergrad 1: 2.7 cGPA Undergrad 2: 3.64 cGPA Mature Student Medical Work Experience as an X-ray Tech: Approximately 4 years (8720 hours documented) working directly with patients and an interprofessional team in the ER, OR, Endoscopy Suite, ICU, CT. Assisting radiologist with interventional procedures. Clinical Training Hours in Hospital with Patients for X-ray: 1347 hours. Worked directly with patients and an interprofessional team in the ER, OR (orthopedics), Endoscopy Suite, ICU, CT. Assisting radiologist with interventional procedures. 2.5 years as the Clinical Coordinator for X-ray Students at my current hospital with emphasis on retaining students to work at hospitals in our northern area. Working on developing our teaching program at the hospital from scratch. Educating students on how to perform all x-rays, working hands on with patients, performing cases in OR, Endo and fluoro. Working in a classroom setting each with x-ray students teaching them everything from image analysis, to image correction, studying for the licensing exam etc. Currently, I am trying to expand the program to our sister hospital so that we can have more students that can learn here and hopefully stay to practice in the north. Work with two other local northern hospitals (not including the two hospitals I currently work at) going above and beyond what is required of the college the students come from and letting the students experience rotations at other, bigger northern hospitals to spark interest in things such as orthopedics and interventional imaging and other possible work environments in the north. Helping students to apply for x-ray positions at northern hospitals as they come up, practicing mock interviews, going over cover letters and resumes to help retain students in our northern communities. Volunteer Work: Emergency First Responder with the University of Toronto Emergency First Response team for 2 years. Provided medical care to students and non-students on and around the UofT St. George Campus. Attended Bi-Weekly intensive medical aid training sessions (we carry an AED, oxygen etc. and needed to keep up on our knowledge). Volunteered with Toronto public school students for half a day on basic first aid techniques. Volunteered at a “Mock Refugee Camp” where various Toronto public schools sent students to learn about refugee camps. In our tent, taught them basic first aid for things like a minor head wound, broken wrist etc. Archery Coach at UofT 1.5 years (2016-2018) Participated in running archery classes teaching new members about archery and how to properly and safely shoot. Helped members improve their ability to shoot. Set up and ran various fun archery events for the members. Responsible for opening the archery range and all ensuring safety of all members present while open. Hosted an archery event for at risk Indigenous High School students in downtown Toronto. Taught them about archery and how to shoot properly. Ensured a safe, fun and educational environment while providing one-on-one instruction. Volunteer Student Ambassador for the Union Station College Show (downtown Toronto) Represented the Michener Institute/University of Toronto’s Radiological Technology program from the student perspective. Answered questions regarding the program, outlook after graduating, life at Michener and the University of Toronto etc. to prospective students and their families. Michener Institute Campus Day (2015, 2016) Volunteer tour guide. The Michener Institute of Education at UHN Spring Fling (2016) Volunteer tour guide. The Michener Institute of Education at UHN Spring Fling (2017) Volunteered as a Radiological Technology Program Ambassador UofT Radiological Sciences Calling Campaign (2017) Called prospective students who had applied for the joint Michener Institute/University of Toronto Radiological Technology program. Answered any questions they had about the program, student life, my experience so far as a student of the program, residence, MMI style interviews etc. The representatives for the Michener Institute/University of Toronto Nuclear Medicine program did not show up, so I stayed later once finished with the phone calls for my program and also called prospective students of the Nuclear Medicine program and answer questions to the best of my ability about the program as well as the other aspects of student life listed above. Awards Dr. Jim Sieniewicz Radiological Technology Scholarship Must be nominated to be eligible to receive. Nomination submitted by teacher and Michener's Radiological Technology Program Chair Alex Gontar. This award is presented to one student who has made a significant contribution to the Radiological Technology program. The recipient of this award is selected by the Program Chair. Criteria 1: Maintained good academic standing. Criteria 2: Consistently made positive contributions to the program. Thank you for your time!
  7. MedsHousing.com Listing # 2331 190 E. Mary Street, Thunder Bay, ON, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada Thunder Bay ON Bright furnished 2+1 bedroom near coffee and shopping in Thunder Bay South. Northern Ontario School of Medicine Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Furnished Short term $1,950.00 CAD / Month $650.00 CAD / Week Contact Landlord Here
  8. Sudbury Ontario www.MedsHousing.com Listing # 2013 This property is a sultry escape in the centre of it all. Ramsey Lake Road. Benefit from this prime location and discover the endless attractions of Sudbury, including the nearby Science North, Bell Park, Ski trails, conservation area, Laurentian pool and gym. Conveniently located between Laurentian University and the hospital. Fully furnished, ALL INCLUSIVE, beautiful sunset and views of Ramsey lake. 1 Master bedroom with reading room, walking closet, master bathroom with double sink, walk out deck with private views- 1 bedroom, one office, Second bathroom with Airtub, Dining-room, Kitchen, Living-room, Foyer. Windows in all sides, making the space bright and open-concept. No Need for paying parking, you are walking distance to NOSM AND HSN. Contact Landlord here
  9. www.Medshousing.com listing# 2000 Beautiful and cozy 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment located in historical heritage home. This home is a triplex and other two units are occupied by professionals who are long term tenants. All entrances are separate and everyone has their own private patios. This lovingly furnished and outfitted suite is ground level, directly across from the park, in walking distance to everything and everything is supplied for you to make your stay as easy as possible: all linens, towels, all furniture, a full size and full stocked kitchen, beautifully furnished patio, 2 parking spots and all utilities as well as wifi are included. We welcome any questions you may have! The rate for July & August in high season is $4000 for the month. Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Furnished Short term $3,000.00 CAD / Month $1,600.00 CAD / Week $250.00 CAD / Day Contact Landlord here.
  10. Hi all, I have been lurking on this forum for a while. It’s been really nice to see actual interactions by likeminded individuals wading through the daunting application process. I have applied to NOSM this cycle. It’s been a long term goal of mine for the last 6 years and I finally applied. I’m 30, 4 kids, born and raised in a small town in Northern Ontario. Left for three years in my early 20’s but moved back as soon as we could. My background is in social sciences and I’ve been a business counsellor for Indigenous women, traveling all around Northern Ontario, including fly-in communities. I currently work in research for an Indigenous organization as the Chief Research Officer. I have decent ECs but my GPA isn’t great. I started university at 17, and had a rough couple years after we moved down east (near Ottawa). According to OMSAS my cGPA is 3.38, however, I do have a Masters degree, which puts me up to 3.58– still not great. I’m currently working on a second undergrad via Athabasca University (Bachelor’s in Health Administration) while I “wait” to get into medical school. This is absolutely my dream. The perfect profession and I intend to work and serve Northern Ontario until I physically can’t anymore. But I’m feeling pretty hopeless. So many people have competitive GPAs and I just feel like to recover my grades, it’s going to be a long and expensive journey, but I’m willing and committed to doing that. Even though it’s been INTENSE to keep up with family life, courses, and working. I’m reaching out for a little bit of hope. Does anyone know of anyone that got into NOSM with a lower GPA? I would appreciate any insight, words or encouragement or blunt advice! Thanks in advance!
  11. Thunder Bay one Bedroom Feb 1, 2020 posted on www.MedsHousing.com Listing#42708 Fully furnished and inclusive (utilities, cable and WiFi) one bedroom apartment in quiet character home. The apartment is located on the second floor with amazing views on the Neebing River. You can canoe/kayak right out the door. Two car off street parking. Bonus sun room. Bus stop right outside the private entrance. Electric fireplace, convection oven, full size fridge, Keurig and queen size bed. Owners on main floor. Apartment available February 1, 2020 possibly a few days before. Check out the other listings on www.Medshousing.com *Short term, long term.Global*
  12. I have read in several places on premed 101 (and heard from several other students) that multiple family medicine programs allow you to add applications to additional sites (within their program) after interviewing. I am having trouble finding reference to this within the carms program description pages. I am wondering if anyone knows: 1. Which FM programs you can add additional site applications to late? (Particularly interested in UBC, Dalhousie, NOSM, and Memorial.) 2. How to logistically do this---assuming within carms portal exactly as you applied for other programs? 3. If we decide BEFORE the interview (i.e. now) that we would like to add a site application if we can do that? Really appreciate the help!
  13. Hi, I'm a 4th year biomed student at the university of Ottawa. My questions are: - Does NOSM use a weighted GPA system? Or is just my cGPA? - Is there a difference between the English and French applicants like there is at uOttawa? Thanks
  14. I'm about to go into my 4th in biomedical science at uOttawa and I'm in a French extended program. Here's my info: - 1st year GPA: 3.3 2nd year GPA: 3.9 3rd year GPA: 3.86 wGPA with OMSAS: 3.78 - Applying to the French stream at uOttawa and NOSM - EC's: French/English tutor, pianist at a church, choir, band, physiotherapy clerk, volunteered at a hospital, piano teacher at elementary school, private tutor (very brief), Sunday lesson teacher for kids, etc. - I live in Ottawa A lot of my EC's are centered around music and tutoring. I don't have 32+ entries like most people and honestly, I feel like my GPA is quite mediocre for med school. I am going to try my hardest to raise it in my 4th year and then write the MCAT (so I can apply to more schools if uOttawa doesn't work out). But, right now what are my chances of even getting an interview? Thanks a lot in advance!
  15. Hi , I was wondering if anyone knew if the geographic location in the sketch should be a postal code or a town/city name? I was thinking that they might be used in the NOSM context calculation. I can't seem to find anywhere, where it's specified though. Thanks for your help.
  16. Hey, Been reading up on NOSM and trying to look for admission stats and I found some but I'm not sure if it makes sense. I know NOSM has a bias towards applicants from rural settings, particularly northern ontario, but do they always reject applicants from urban areas? I don't see it written anywhere that only rural applicants are applied, but that seems to be what the admission stats I saw say. Has anyone gotten in from urban areas? thanks
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