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  1. Hey guys Not sure if there was a forum already created, but I wanted to get this started. Congratulations to everyone who got in and for us who got waitlisted, there's still hope! Any comments, questions, or updates about waitlist movement are all greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi, I was wondering if this course degree would be compatible in regards towards getting towards a PT school by any chance? Unfortunately I wasn't able to get into Athletic therapy in MRU or kines in u o f c. Cheers.
  3. Hi all, I was hoping to apply to a PT or OT grad school in the future and I'm currently enrolled in an anatomy course that I ended up failing the midterm for and now it's likely I won't do as well in the course or even pass the course. I have the chance to withdraw from my course right now with the W but would this option be better to take right now than a bad grade? How would a W (especially in an intensive anatomy course), look for grad school admissions to PT/OT?
  4. Hi! I was wondering if anybody had any wisdom regarding the PT wait list that they would like to share. my RScore was 34.5 and my Casper was meh. They unfortunately don’t tell you what place you are on the waiting list but could anyone tell me if they think I have a shot at getting in?
  5. Hey OT/PT hopefuls, I am anxiously awaiting to hear back about interview invitations from various PT Schools across Canada. I study in a small town so there are not many other prospective PT/OT students around to do mock interviews, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in making a facebook group (or similar) where we do video chats with Mock MMI/Answer Feedback? I've read about the importance of actually practicing answering questions and think this could be very helpful for students in a similar situation! *given that most if not all in-person interviews are cancelled I did not make a group, but may be a great idea for next year!*
  6. Good morning After the release of Ontario admissions yesterday, I'm sure a lot of you (myself included) are on the fence about what program to choose if you received multiple offers. Especially with the pandemic restrictions complicating things, a lot of us are looking for more program information to help make our decisions. While it's easy to start weighing the pro's and con's of each universities curriculum, tuition, catchment area, geographical location, commute, etc., its hard to get an idea of what the experience of each program is like. I'd love to invite current students to reply to this thread and share some of their experiences. Simply, where you attend and what program (PT/OT), something you love about the program (could be a professor, a teaching style, a research highlight, anything), and one thing you don't (i.e. commute, class size, difficult placements, whatever). Hopefully sharing some of these stories can help give us prospective students some more insight to help with our decision making.
  7. Hey everyone! I'd love some insight on this. I may be selecting u of t and I live in Barrie Ontario. It's about an hour to 1.5 hour commute depending on traffic. Does anyone have insight to the schedule to suggest if this is a horrible idea??? Many students say they do less traditional studying than undergrad, and I think I could make it work. I'd love input from current students or those applying and maybe commuting!
  8. Hi there! I'm looking for courses to upgrade my GPA in case I don't get off a PT waitlist this year. 1. My undergrad university doesn't have the best selection of late summer courses, so I'd like to hear about Athabasca courses you'd recommend or that at least weren't a terrible experience! There's a bunch that interest me but I've heard mixed reviews about Athabasca in general, like just having to study a whole textbook on your own, lack of academic support from your tutor, etc. 2. Does it really matter what courses I take to upgrade? I know some PT schools want your upgrading courses to be 3000-4000 level, but if ORPAS does the calculation, will each PT school even see what courses you took? (Although we do have to send a transcript to each university, so...) 3. Can you take courses on Athabasca that you essentially already took at your undergrad uni? For example, taking undergrad stats at your uni and then taking Athabasca stats - because you already know the content. If you're allowed to retake courses, I don't see why you couldn't do this...I just don't know if that'd be seen as trying to be sneaky. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey guys! J'ai une question concernant mon choix de programme pour l'uni. Je veux entrer en ergo ou physio et comme je veux les faire en pont pour entrer plus tard dans un autre programme, je me demande si c'est mieux de faire ces programme à McGill ou à Udem.
  10. I thought it would be nice to continue the tradition of having this thread for applicants! Copy and pasted from the previous years thread. Here's how it goes (use this format): Applied + (PT or OT?): Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: (cum and sub if you applied to any University using them both) Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Good luck everyone!
  11. Hey all! I was curious if anyone currently enrolled in the PT program at Queen's University might be willing to share their personal experience as a student there, specifically including how/if the Probationary Accreditation status of the program has affected your experience? I'm currently finishing my undergrad at Dal and hoping to begin a PT program next fall (Western and Dal being my top choices, Queen's holding up the third spot). I have several close friends who have completed degrees at Queen's and have heard nothing but good things about the school and city, however the accreditation status at Queen's seems to be a red flag. It seems like the school is very transparent about it, which I take to be a good sign, but I'd be interested to hear how the students themselves view the whole thing. All the best
  12. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone accepted their offer to the MSC Physiotherapy program at the University of Brighton for this year (2019)? If so, I was thinking of creating a Facebook group so we can look for roommates, ask questions about the transitioning process, and just simple banter (or complaints of our future program lol)
  13. Hi All, So I've been accepted into physio at Ottawa U. However I was wondering if there were any anglophone Physio students out there who could sort of give me an idea of how hard the french is. I have a working knowledge of french and can speak well enough, however I am just really unsure about the course content and style of teaching and if I would be able to keep up with it all. I have never taken a university level course in french and have not been in a french class in 4 years. Just looking for some advice! Thanks
  14. Hey everyone! We are three physiotherapy students from McMaster University who have created both an instagram page and podcast to connect with students, physiotherapists and other health professionals!Our page serves as a place to update you all on our lives as we progress through our program, placements, and practice. We highlight many aspects of our daily student life while trying to give people advice on making it through the program! Check us out at: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therabaes_physio/ Itunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/therabaes/id1451321143 Don't be shy! Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions about PT, McMaster, student life, etc.
  15. This question is for all current physio students- I have applied to quite a few physio programs this year and wanted to know how possible it is to qualify for a scholarship set aside for PT students? I have gone through a couple of websites and the number of scholarships available is pretty good when looking at the class-size. But I feel like current students would have a better idea of what it actually looks like. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks
  16. Hi Everyone, This question is mainly for physio students currently studying at Western. How are you finding the program in regards to teaching techniques and classroom environment? Do you feel like you have a wide variety of placement opportunities in a wide range of settings? I have heard that Western helps students placed outside of London by giving them $600 per placement. Is this true? Are there other opportunities for scholarships etc. I have seen quite a bit on the website but would like to hear others personal experiences as well. Also, how is the living situation in London? Is there a way to find other PT students to rent with, hopefully closer to campus? What about extra-curricular experiences? Also, I have heard that some PT programs are on a pass/fail basis, giving greater emphasis on collaboration and team-work. Would you describe Western's program to be like that? Thank you all. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  17. Hi All, I was looking into Queen's PT program and saw that their accreditation status is probationary. Can anyone clarify what this means and how it will affect newly admitted students this year? Also, I'd love to hear what your experience at Queen's was like. What is their teaching method like? How's the faculty and housing? What about placements- do you feel you gained a wide variety of experiences or was it mostly in a clinical setting? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!!
  18. Hi All, I am planning to go on exchange if possible for the fall 2019 semester. I have considered universities in Australia, Singapore, UK, and USA (through NSE). However, I am also planning on applying to physiotherapy programs during that cycle. Does anyone have any experience with the process of getting transcripts and inputting grades to ORPAS and the schools themselves? I am just worried that the transcripts won't come in on time. Thanks!!!
  19. Have any PT/OT students out there written Casper for the Professional Health Sciences? I think Dal students have had to in the past. Any recommendations on how to prepare, what to expect, resources? I'm looking to apply to Western's PT program which now requires Casper.
  20. Hey guys! I was just wondering if any previous or current students or those who generally know a lot about the two universities could give me some pros and cons of the program, student life, placements etc.? Thanks
  21. So, I did my undergrad in Kinesiology at Queen's, and took all of my prerequisites for Queens PT (I.e. Anatomy, Psych, Stats, Physiology) in my first 1-2 years. However, I didn't do so well, and so I will be re-taking all of my prerequisites, except at Athabasca U since I no longer live in Kingston. Is this allowed/standard practice? Can I simply take the Athabasca equivalents for the Queen's prerequisites (As listed on the Queen's site) and choose to submit my prerequisites from the Athabasca courses instead of my old Queen's courses? If it makes a difference, the Queen's courses will not be a part of my sGPA, as they were taken early on in my undergrad. Thank you to anyone who has either done this or knows enough to chime in!
  22. Hi Everyone, I'm a 1st year OT student at Queens, and I will be looking for 3 people to join my house beginning in September. Its a two unit, and I live in the basement unit with another 1st year OT, but the upstairs I will be looking for 3 people. I figured I would create a platform where people searching for housing can also look for a roommate, as I think it would be great to have a house of OT/PT students. Once you get your acceptances there will be a facebook group created, and that also works as one excellent platform, so I highly recommend you join that as well. If you have any housing questions, or general questions about the OT program at Queens shoot me a message, I'd be happy to help Looking forward to meeting the class of 2020! Kind regards, Vanessa
  23. Wondering if anyone has gotten accepted to a PT program and then couldn't attend do to illness, injury etc then was successfully reaccepted years later? I was accepted to Queens and Western 2 years ago and wasn't able to attend. I'm applying this coming year again and hoping for the best! I now also have a masters degree but my undergrad and experience are stronger. I'm worried that it will now be 3 years later!
  24. Hello everyone! Just decided to start up another thread as I'm sure a few of you have some decisions to make over the next few weeks. If you've got any questions regarding the program that we've got here at Western, student life in London, or absolutely anything else, fire away and I'll do my best to answer them! We also have a facebook group that's getting started up by our PT student council, once that's up you guys can also post some question there!
  25. I'm just finishing my Masters degree now and will be 25 when applying next year to physiotherapy programs. I was accepted in the past to a few programs but was unable to attend do to some health issues. I was just wondering how old you guys are that are applying or average age upon starting the program? I'm aware most people are in their early 20's but I was wondering how many of you started a little later.... I'm feeling a little behind now when applying. Also does anyone know if PT schools count your masters program gpa in the calculation... My undergrad is way higher! Thanks Hoping to get in again! Thanks
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