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  1. Hi everyone, Applications for many schools will be opening up in two months! I thought I'd get the ball rolling a little early! Applied + (PT or OT?):Accepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA:c-gpa and s-gpaPerceived strength of essays/interviews/references
  2. Hey guys Not sure if there was a forum already created, but I wanted to get this started. Congratulations to everyone who got in and for us who got waitlisted, there's still hope! Any comments, questions, or updates about waitlist movement are all greatly appreciated!
  3. Long story short, I am a Canadian in my late 20s that holds two undergrad degrees. I partied a bit too much during my first degree (BSc in biology) but smarten up during my second degree (BA in health sciences) which resulted in a steep upward GPA trend; started with a 2.3GPA in 2nd year and later achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA with full course load for 6 semesters straight. Currently, I am finishing up my Masters of Physiotherapy degree (MPT) with an cGPA of 3.7 (A-), I started the program strong but later struggled with constant migraine and diplopia (as confirmed by my neuro-ophthalmologist) which drastically impacted my grades near the end of my program. I now have my symptoms well managed with visual rehab and corrective lenses. However, I am hoping to apply into medical school as I realized my dream is to be a MD. During my physiotherapy placements at the hospital, I worked with multiple physicians (ie. physiatrists, orthopaedic surgeon, and family physicians) which further confirmed this passion. Will my relatively poor grad school GPA negatively impact my chances of Canadian med school admissions? I know some Ontario schools claim that they don't look at grad school GPA? ps: I am confident that I can ace my MCAT and am seasoned with the CASPer and MMI processes. Thank you!
  4. Allo tout le monde ! Il ne reste plus qu'un mois avant la réception des offres d'admission à l'université Laval pour physio à l'automne 2021 ! J'ai créé ce thread pour qu'on discute des admissions du programme. Si vous recevez votre réponse, n'hésitez pas à le partager ici ! Ça pourrait servir pour les futurs admis des prochaines années ! Réponse : offre/refus/ liste d'attente avec le rang Réponse de ULaval : ... Catégorie : collégien ou universitaire en cours de bac Cote : CRC/cote Laval Commentaires : ... Bonne chance pour vos admissions (en espérant vous voir dans le programme l'automne prochain)!
  5. Hi all, Last year I applied to the QY for PT at McGill. In March, I received the news that I did not get through the pre-review. At the time, I had a cGPA of 3,74/4 on the McGill scale, which was from my 3,78/4,3 I had from my kinesiology degree at my University. I don't know how McGill uses the CASPer, but it seems as they use it as a cutoff? It shows that they refuses the files below -1 Z score (See pic). This year, I am applying with a cGPA of 3,77/4 from my 3,84/4,3 I have. I am wondering if I have any chances this year. I am really wondering if McGill refused me only because of my CASPer. Could somebody that got admitted into the QY last year or previous years share their GPA? I am wondering what GPA they require. Thanks
  6. Hey Guys I thought I would start the post to continue the tradition of having this thread for applicants in 2021! Applied + (PT or OT?): Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Questions you may have regarding Physiotherapy or applications:
  7. Hey guys just starting this thread to see if anyone was planning or has accepted a place in a physiotherapy school in Australia for 2021. I just got offered a position in the Doctor of Physiotherapy program at Monash University and was wondering if anyone had heard anything or had any experience with physio school?
  8. Hello All, As we know (most of us), physiotherapists are getting more and more responsibilities in Canada (prescribing certain drugs, ordering radiography tests etc...). All of this might be, maybe, a stepping stone into turning physiotherapy from a masters degree level into a doctorate, just like in the USA. I am relatively a newbie into this thread, so I apologize if this topic has already been discussed in another section. I was wondering does anyone have any information about this? Do you think that this might eventually happen in the next 10-15 years, in Canada? This is for discussion purposes and everyone is welcome to express their opinions, obviously. Thanks !
  9. Salut! J'estimes avoir une CRU globale dans les environs de 34,0-34,2. Je voudrais savoir c'est autour de quel mois que je vais avoir une réponse? Début Mai, comme les programmes de doctorats ? merci
  10. Hi! I'm planning on going into OT. However, every OT I come across has done their schooling abroad. Has anyone done theirs in Canada and is willing to share the process? PT seems to have more descriptive and consistent requirements. What is the GPA cut off, do your EC's matter? And how many schools did you apply to and where was your undergrad done? Thanks in advance
  11. Hey guys! J'ai une question concernant mon choix de programme pour l'uni. Je veux entrer en ergo ou physio et comme je veux les faire en pont pour entrer plus tard dans un autre programme, je me demande si c'est mieux de faire ces programme à McGill ou à Udem.
  12. Hello! Est-ce que quelqu’un a déjà appliqué en médecine, pharmacie, physiothérapie, optométrie ou nutrition à l’UdeM après avoir obtenu un bac en droit de l’UdeM? Quelle était votre cote au BAC? Quelle était votre CRU? J’essaie d’avoir une idée de ce que pourrait être la CRU à l’udem avec 3.7/4.3 dans un bac en droit. Merci!
  13. Salut! Je suis un candidat de physiothérapie à l'UdeM, cette année. Je voulais rassembler quelques informations sur la carrière de physio au niveau du lifestyle et de salaire. Je sais qu'il semble être un peu «tabou» de parler d'argent ou de style de vie pour les carrières en santé, mais pour être honnête, oui, je veux être physiothérapeute pour les bonnes raisons. Je souhaite aider les gens et j'aime les sciences. La combinaison de ces deux me donnerait la carrière idéale. Cependant, nous ne pouvons pas simplement garder les yeux fermés sur le salaire car c'est aussi une partie de l'importance quand on choisi une carrière. J'ai fait tous mes recherches sur la physiothérapie et j'aimes tout! De l'étude jusqu'à ce qu'ils font comme travail. Cependant, je souhaite être informé au niveau salariale afin de ne pas être surpris, plus tard. Est-ce que quelqu'un sait combien un physio gagne par an dès qu'il obtient son diplôme de M.Sc. , après quelques années, et/ou quand ils ont une clinique (moyenne) pour eux? Je ne fais pas trop confiance aux sites web qui montrent les salaires des différents emplois, parce qu'il y a normalement pas beaucoup de personnes qui dénoncent leurs salaires et la majorité qui le font sont jeunes (pas représentatif). Merci pour vos réponses! Désolé si je semble << greedy >> à vos yeux, je ne le suis vraiment pas. Je voulais juste m'informer.
  14. Just wondering if anyone is heading to GCU for OT/PT? Thought it would be a good idea to have a place to ask questions and discuss the process of moving from Canada to the UK!
  15. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone accepted their offer to the MSC Physiotherapy program at the University of Brighton for this year (2019)? If so, I was thinking of creating a Facebook group so we can look for roommates, ask questions about the transitioning process, and just simple banter (or complaints of our future program lol)
  16. Hi All, So I've been accepted into physio at Ottawa U. However I was wondering if there were any anglophone Physio students out there who could sort of give me an idea of how hard the french is. I have a working knowledge of french and can speak well enough, however I am just really unsure about the course content and style of teaching and if I would be able to keep up with it all. I have never taken a university level course in french and have not been in a french class in 4 years. Just looking for some advice! Thanks
  17. Hey everyone! We are three physiotherapy students from McMaster University who have created both an instagram page and podcast to connect with students, physiotherapists and other health professionals!Our page serves as a place to update you all on our lives as we progress through our program, placements, and practice. We highlight many aspects of our daily student life while trying to give people advice on making it through the program! Check us out at: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therabaes_physio/ Itunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/therabaes/id1451321143 Don't be shy! Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions about PT, McMaster, student life, etc.
  18. This question is for all current physio students- I have applied to quite a few physio programs this year and wanted to know how possible it is to qualify for a scholarship set aside for PT students? I have gone through a couple of websites and the number of scholarships available is pretty good when looking at the class-size. But I feel like current students would have a better idea of what it actually looks like. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks
  19. Hi Everyone, This question is mainly for physio students currently studying at Western. How are you finding the program in regards to teaching techniques and classroom environment? Do you feel like you have a wide variety of placement opportunities in a wide range of settings? I have heard that Western helps students placed outside of London by giving them $600 per placement. Is this true? Are there other opportunities for scholarships etc. I have seen quite a bit on the website but would like to hear others personal experiences as well. Also, how is the living situation in London? Is there a way to find other PT students to rent with, hopefully closer to campus? What about extra-curricular experiences? Also, I have heard that some PT programs are on a pass/fail basis, giving greater emphasis on collaboration and team-work. Would you describe Western's program to be like that? Thank you all. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  20. Hi All, I was looking into Queen's PT program and saw that their accreditation status is probationary. Can anyone clarify what this means and how it will affect newly admitted students this year? Also, I'd love to hear what your experience at Queen's was like. What is their teaching method like? How's the faculty and housing? What about placements- do you feel you gained a wide variety of experiences or was it mostly in a clinical setting? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!!
  21. Hi Everyone, As the MMI comes nearer I was wondering if people who have given it in the past or who are planning to give it can share what their experience was like and what kind of mindset helped them to approach it. Also what makes Alberta's program unique? Why have you applied there (Apart from convenience of location) Andddd... which location have you applied to and why? I look forward to hearing from and engaging with all of you <3 Thanks
  22. Hi, Congrats to everyone who received an invite to take part in the Kira online interview today! Can anyone recommend any programs/resources that I can use to prepare for this interview? Thanks so much!
  23. Hi everyone! Congrats on getting a spot for the interview! Just wanted to create a fourm to share sample questions with each other and practice If you've done the Kira interview already, could you also share how was the experience, did you feel ready enough from the practice questions, etc? I'm also curious, are they actual job-like interview interview questions or are they MMI/scenario-based questions? Thanks and good luck!
  24. I currently just completed an undergraduate degree in kinesiology at the University of Calgary and am now exploring physiotherapy program options. My GPA isn't as competitive as it should be for Canadian schools, so I decided to explore my options in the UK. Does anyone have any experience with applying and/or attending UK physiotherapy programs??
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