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  1. Hi everyone! I am a first-time applicant and have completed my ABS. I know this is last minute but I was wondering if any med students who have gone through this application process would be willing to look over my ABS section? I would really appreciate any help :))
  2. We are currently two fourth-year resident physicians with extensive experience in MMI interviews, MMI question development and MMI coaching. We remember how stressful applying to medical school and CARMS interviews can be, so we created a coaching service that can help you excel in your interview and maximize your chances of being accepted to medical school! During our coaching sessions, you will be provided with unique questions based on current events and actual experiences we have encountered as doctors, rather than just using the pre-existing question other services use. We allow for sessions to be recorded by you to be reviewed later, and provide typed and verbal feedback, as well as the option of a ranking using a standardized MMI Ranking Form. Furthermore, we provide insight on what you can add or change about your answer to achieve the top percentile of scores (10/10). As resident physicians, we can offer insight on how a physician would approach a difficult patient situation or the current issues affecting our healthcare system. Over the past few years as resident mentors for undergraduate medical students, we have assisted numerous people in achieving their goal of medical school acceptance and matching to their desired residency program! Here are a few testimonials from previous students: "My experience with MMI coaching was overwhelmingly positive. Most of you reading this likely want me to be candid, so yes I received an acceptance offer the first time I interviewed and I credit this in large part to my MMI coaching. Our sessions were professional, on time, flexible, and focused. I also found the feedback to be incredibly helpful and experienced continuous improvement with the practice questions and reading materials. The cost was very reasonable and honestly going into my MMI feeling confident that I could competently answer any question that I was presented with is more than I could have hoped for. I am absolutely going to reach out in preparation for my CARMS when the time comes." -A accepted to U of C “Working with my interview coach was a wonderfully positive MMI prep experience. She enabled me to build self-confidence for acting stations through mock scenarios while helping me become more articulate in responding to personal questions. She also provided me with extensive reading materials that helped grow my awareness and knowledge of current events while developing a more critical thought process around complex social issues. I only applied to one school this year that uses the MMI, but with her help, I'm happy to share I received an offer of admission and will be attending medical school in the fall! She was flexible, approachable, and super knowledgeable about medicine and the MMI process, so if you have an upcoming MMI, I would strongly recommend getting in touch with her.” -R, Accepted to McGill, Ottawa "Thank you so much for helping me prepare for interviews. Your feedback and guidance allowed me to perform well and truly showcase myself as a worthy candidate. I interviewed at University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and University of Toronto. I have received offers of admissions from all 3 schools! I will likely be staying at the U of A! Thank you so much for all your support throughout this challenging process, and I cannot wait to start medical school in August!" -R accepted to U of A, U of C and U of T “I had a FANTASTIC experience with my coach as a non-traditional applicant who finally had their first pair of interviews. The interviews that I was preparing for were very different in their time and content structure, but I felt confident for both sets of interviews after only a few sessions with her. I appreciated her constant focus and positive attitude during our 1+ hour virtual meetings, even amidst her busy clinical schedule. I felt very honoured to have her time and attention as an experienced clinician who was able to provide very specific and constructive feedback during all of our sessions. I think that her preparation significantly out-performed a much more expensive and popular interview prep company that I also trained with in my interview preparations -- my sessions with her were much more informative and tailored to my needs and the medical schools where I was going to be interviewed. I felt very lucky to have come across this interview prep on the PreMed101 forum and I have all of my fingers crossed that my coach's help will help me finally achieve admission into medical school! Regardless of the result, I can once again say that my experience with her was fantastic! Thanks very much! :)” -K "I've been accepted to Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador's medicine class starting in August. OMG!!!! The interview went amazing, and it was all because of your teachings. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything that you've done for me over the summer/fall in preparation for the interviews. Without you, I can say with 100% certainty that I wouldn't have been able to make my dream of medical school a reality. I was also waitlisted at Dalhousie, with an excellent interview score. My interview this year was my strength, unlike other years where it was my weakness. I am so excited to start this new chapter of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!" -A accepted at Memorial "The coaching I received taught me not to just be intelligent, but to be distinctive and to bring intention into all of my actions and interactions. Your coaching helped me to identify my unique combination of strengths and how to bring them to the forefront. Interview coaching is an investment that will hold good for your entire career and lifetime." - N accepted to Psychiatry at uOttawa, IMG stream Description: Offering customized, private, one-on-one interview coaching via Zoom or your preferred online platform. Goal setting prior to your first session. Access to 100 unique MMI scenarios via sessions. MMI Interview Preparation Presentation provided to all clients outlining MMI theory, an organized approach for the 6 different types of MMI questions you will encounter including picture and acting stations, a crash course in medical ethics and links to high yield articles and information on current events, COVID, aboriginal health, homelessness, racism, sexism, technology and medicine, the Canadian Health Care System, mental health, transgender health, physician burnout, vaccine hesitancy and many more HIGH YIELD topics that you should review to be prepared for the MMI. Offering full-length mock MMI simulations with detailed feedback and scoring. Optional MMI scoring on a scale from 1-10 with each session. Rate: $95/hour Availability: Limited availability on evenings and weekends due to the demands of residency, coaching will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Disclaimers: We have signed a confidentiality agreement when we were MMI interviewers, and cannot disclose specific details regarding question content, but can provide insight on the interview process and what distinguishes excellent candidates from average ones. We will not be interviewing for the 2023 MMI as this prohibits you from assisting any potential candidates. Please email MDinterviewprep1@gmail.com if you are interested. Coaching will be offered on a first come first serve basis. Best of luck in the 2023 interviews to all candidates!
  3. Im an enginneer (graduated from polymtl) ans i have been working in a pharmaceutical company for 3 years in development of new drugs. I have also been promoted recently to a supervisor position and have gotten my title recently (yeay!). I have graduated with a very poor gpa like many engineers (2.75/4). I know its very bad. My 2 first years were bad and my 2 last were amazing (3-4/4) but they were done for some sessions part and some full time. My problem is I have always dreamt of being a doctor. I do not mind pursuing multiple studies to be able (one day!) to become a doctor. I would like to know what would you suggest me doing and what would be the fastest way to get me there? i would still like to keep a full time job while pursuing the needed studies (i know a lot are offered part time/evenings/weekends/online) but would quit if im admitted into medicine. also I live in laval so i would like a university (if it's not online) that is accessible without me moving. (Would not mind moving elsewhere tho if im admitted into medicine) thanks for your help
  4. I'm planning on choosing BSc Forensics as my premed in Canada. Do you think there's any scope for it there in case I don't get into med school? Will a Masters in Forensics help me land a stable job with a stable income?
  5. Je pense aller aux résidences étudiantes de Bois de Boulogne cet automne. Est-ce une bonne idée? quelque aurait déjà vécu l’expérience? J’habite à 1h du Cégep donc j’ai pas trop envie de me déplacer chaque jour… Ça vaut tu le coût? Merci d’avance ;)
  6. I'm currently a first-year student at Concordia University in Montreal, and am looking to satisfy the Biology II w/ Lab during my second year. (Just finished BIOLOGY 1) However, at Concordia, there is no General Biology 2 course w/ Lab, instead, there are 2 separate lecture courses (BIOL 225 and BIOL 226 without labs) that are mandatory prerequisites for a full-on Lab Course (BIOL 227). Essentially, I have to take 9 Credits worth of courses (3 separate classes) to satisfy 1 year of Biology w/lab requirement of Med school. Would it be possible to take Biology 2 w/ Lab in Cegep and have it satisfy my pre requisite for Med School admissions? Also, would courses completed in Cegep be valid for applications outside of Canada? If I were to apply to some American M.D schools for instance, could I show my transcript for a Biology 2 course taken in a CEGEP and have it count? Another alternative I know of is to take BIOLOGY 2 while at Mcgill using the Quebec-University transfer class system, but BIOL 112 (Biology 2 w/lab ) at Mcgill appears to cover some topics that I've already been tested on in BIOL 201 at Concordia. Sorry if this post seems convoluted, any advice/insight on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hello! I'm currently an M2 offering interview prep and feedback for both Panel and MPI style interviews. Please reach out to me on this forum or PM me if you're interested. Sessions will be run over Zoom and will consist of several interview questions with detailed feedback and tips for success. I offered the same service to many successful applicants last cycle and would like to help out as many of the awesome premeds in the forum as I can!
  8. Hello everyone I need help choosing a university that will offer me better opportunities for grad schools. I'm hearing so much different things from everywhere, so I thought i'd ask here. I was wondering which program/university of these would be better for med school in terms of networking, opportunities (research/volunteer/clubs), gpa? They both seem to have their pros and cons, but I am stuck between them. Thank you so much, in advance! ---- Both will cost the same for me in the long run and I'm going to have to get some part-time jobs near the universities to help me pay for tuition and bus fees. General: do researchers care about which university you go to when you apply to do research with them? (i.e. is prestige worth something?) ----- uOttawa: -health science seems to be helpful in terms of the gpa aspect -biomed seems to fill more prerequisites -i need to know more because not many people talk about it—why? UofT life sciences: -utsc: smaller class sizes but smaller campus and not all courses would be here, but seems to be better for high gpa than utsg -utsg: more opportunities than utsc -overall hard (but aren’t all universities hard? So how does this difficulty compare to mcmaster for example? Are the profs purposefully making tests harder, do they not teach well so the self learn is getting to people, is curving down a thing?)
  9. Basically what the title says. First Year GPA: 1.88 (I know... but my grandpa passed away during first semester exams and the registrar wouldn't let me withdraw) Second Year= 3.72 -----> Not including summer classes = 3.45 Third Year: 3.9x (did not take summer classes) Fourth year: TBD (assuming I can get another 3.9x) My MCAT Score is a 515 and ECs are pretty decent. I know UBCs policy will help me get 30 credits off my first year (+ bonus for being IP) and queens takes your best two years. So, those are my top two schools to get into. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Getting a masters is not in my plan...
  10. Annual Bulletin! 2016 highlights: 2016 Canadian statistics - 64 matriculants, 263 applicants. Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan update provincial policy - US DOs now have full unrestricted practice rights in all of Canada! CaRMs 2016 update - British Columbia follows Ontario - US DOs lose CMG status in these two provinces, now match as IMGs starting 2016 onwards. WES and translation required for French Quebec Universities / French transcripts. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is Osteopathic medicine? Osteopathic medicine is the best kept secret in medicine! There are TWO types of complete physicians in the United States—DOs (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) and MDs (Doctor of Allopathic Medicine). To be an osteopathic physician, an individual must graduate from an American osteopathic medical school. The fact is that both DOs and MDs are fully qualified physicians licensed to prescribe medication and perform surgery. DOs have exactly the same practice rights as their MD counterparts in ALL SCOPES OF MEDICINE. http://www.osteopathic.org http://www.osteopathic.ca THE CANADIAN OSTEOPATHIC MEDICAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION (COMSA) http://www.studentdo.ca Since 2010, More than 20 percent of new U.S. medical students are studying at osteopathic medical colleges. Figure 1. The annual number of Canadian applicants and matriculants to US osteopathic medical schools. What makes a DO different from a MD? They have the same exact practice rights! DOs and MDs take exactly the same classes, except DO’s are taught an additional skill- Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) which stems from the idea that structure and function of the body are interrelated. Based on this theory, any misalignment of the spine or joints causing impingement on nerves or fascia can cause the body to function less than optimally. Osteopathic Manipulation is gentle, directed manipulation of the spine, limbs, and joints that aims to restore the body to its optimal structure so it can resume optimal function. Osteopathic physicians also learn manipulation involving high velocity and low amplitude, which is very different from the high amplitude manipulation used by chiropractors, as well as a variety of other techniques. OMM is applicable for a wide variety of other complaints. If you are interested in applying to a DO school, you should be familiar with OMM and the theory behind it, and be able to explain why it appeals to you. What’s the difference between an Osteopath and an Osteopathic Physician? Only in the United States of America are holders of the DO degree considered "medical doctors" equivalent to practice rights as MDs. There are also Osteopathic Colleges in Canada, England, Scotland, etc. For example, you have the Canadian college of Osteopathy http://www.osteopathiecollege.com/ who also gives the "DO" degree. But graduates from these DO "Colleges" are only limited to Osteopathic manipulation (which is the cornerstone that makes Osteopathic medicine different from Allopathic medicine). These guys did NOT receive the FULL MEDICAL TRAINING THAT AMERICAN DOs do. These "Osteopaths", NOT "Osteopathic doctors", are NOT medical doctors, cannot register with the CPSO, or any medical specialty in Canada or the US. "Osteopaths" (NOT Osteopathic doctors) are in the same category as Naturopaths, chiropractors, whereas US trained DOs are full medical DOCTORS. About myself: I did my undergrad at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus. My stats were actually pretty competitive, except for the Verbal reasoning section of that MCAT. Overall, I had a 3.87 GPA on the AMCAS scale. My MCAT was 12BS, 10PS, 7VR, and T for my application to med school. I applied in mid November of 2008 (VERY late in the cycle) due to problems with the MCAT prometrics center. I was initially supposed to write the MCAT in mid June, but after a whole bunch of setbacks with their prometric's awful computer system, my results came out in mid-late October 2008. By that time, the deadline for most US MD schools were passed. So I never really properly applied to US MD schools as a result, and only managed to get the tail end of the application cycle for DO schools. Fortunately, I was waitlisted with a guaranteed seat for the DO class of 2014 Will my Canadian prereqs be accepted by DO schools? Canadian prerequisites are acceptable. Transcripts from English universities are acceptable without verification. However, transcripts from French universities in Quebec needs to be assessed by WES (or equivalent). Unfortunately, prerequisites completed at French universities are treated as foreign credits, and needs to be translated/ assessed for US equivalency. Help! I went to UofT but they don’t have a second half credit of general chemistry with lab!! As many of my fellow UofT premeds might know, UofT offers CHM138H1 with lab, but there’s no subsequent followup course for general chemistry that includes a lab. Most people take chm220H1, but that course does not include a lab component, and it is quite difficult. What I did to remedy the problem was I redid my general chemistry course work at Ryerson University right next door. I’ve had very good experience with Ryerson. I took their CONTINUING EDUCATION courses at night. I took a half credit general chemistry lecture course (pure lecture course) CKCH106 (there’s a follow up half credit course to CKCH106 that is also acceptable), followed by a half credit general chemistry lab course (pure labs) CKCH107. These 2 courses combined to give me 1 full credit of general chemistry, and they were acceptable to COMP. I might also add that while I was there, MANY UofT students were also there taking these 2 courses to fulfill their general chemistry credit requirement for US medical/dental/pharmacy schools. It was really quite something. Basically, a good fraction of those two chemistry classes at Ryerson were housed by UofT students. However, I can NOT guarantee if the MD/DO medical school in the US that YOU ARE applying to will accept these courses. I made sure these 2 credits were acceptable before taking them. So likewise, before partaking in them, I would strongly recommend that you get in contact with the admissions office of the MD/DO schools you applied to, and then confirm that CKCH106+ CKCH107 will be an acceptable choice. What is a credit hour/semester hour and what is the Canadian equivalent? For AACOM (or AAMC) application purposes, full credit courses (1.0 credit) with labs are considered to have 8 semester hours. Full credit (1.0 credit) courses without lab are considered to have 6 hours. Half credit courses (0.5 credit) with lab are considered to have 4 credits, while half credit (0.5 credit) courses without lab are considered to have 3 credits . Basically, what this means is that Canadian schools do not give you 2 extra semester hours for labs in the courses. And yes, half credit courses (with OR without lab) are only "worth" 3 semester hours, while full credit courses (with or without lab) are only “worth” 6 hours. BUT the AACOM knows this Canadian difference, so they will adjust accordingly (and if not, your school will know of this difference so your school admission will adjust accordingly). On you AACOM application, you should write down the full name of the course followed by whether this course has a lab or not (e.g. BIO150Y1Y - Organisms in their environment (with lab)), vs. (ANT203Y1Y - Human Evolution (no lab)). The vast majority of problems can be avoided by doing this. Can I practice as a US trained DO in Canada? As of 2016, all US trained DOs have full practice rights in all provinces and territories in Canada. The last two provinces to change their policy were Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island. Their policy was updated in 2016! Do you know of any Canadian DOs who returned recently? These are known USDOs who matched through CaRMS: 2010 - OBGYN (1) 2012 - Family medicine (2) 2014 - Family medicine (2) 2015 - Family medicine (1), Psychiatry (1), Internal medicine (1) 2016 - via IMG stream Family medicine (1) Many others also returned after ACGME residency training in the US, and are now employed by Canadian hospitals across the provinces. Can elective rotations can be done in Canada? Electives definitely can be done in Canada. The Canadian DO student must contact the medical school in Canada that they wish to do their elective rotations in, apply to that program, and then coordinate with their home school (as Canadian electives usually counts as “international rotations”). The details will vary with each school, so it is better to look at your school international rotations policy. Canadian DO students have successfully applied and done elective rotations at the University of Toronto, UBC, McMaster, University of Western Ontario, and Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Members of COMSA are actively trying to increase awareness in these medical schools, and to increase the number of Canadian medical schools that will allow USDO elective rotations. However, at the present time, COMSA and I strongly encourage Canadians at US DO schools to forego Canadian elective rotations and focus their efforts in the US. What exam do I need to remain in the US? Osteopathic medical schools have their own set of board exams. These are the COMLEX exams. There are 3 COMLEX exams, parts 1,2,3. Taking the COMLEX series allow you to apply for AOA (American Osteopathic Association) residency spots. COMLEX exams are required by Osteopathic medical schools. However, if you want to return to Canada, you MUST match in ACGME (MD) residencies. In order to match for ACGME residencies, you MUST take the USMLEs (steps 1,2,3). Alternatively, there are dual accredited AOA/ACGME residencies, they take either the complete COMLEX or the complete USMLEs. At the present time, COMSA and the COA strongly encourage Canadians to write both the COMLEX and USMLEs. This is because COMLEX is required for graduation from a DO medical school. USMLEs are required (the vast majority of the time) in order to apply for ACGME residencies. Lastly, Canada only recognizes ACGME residencies - so it is crucial for the Canadian trained DO to take the USMLEs. Lastly, DOs can apply to BOTH ACGME and AOA accredited residencies, while MDs can only apply to ACGME residencies, and are barred from AOA residencies. What Canadian exams do I need to attempt the Canadian match? The MCCEE and the NAC OSCE are required for DOs if they plan to participate in CaRMS. The MCCEE is also a prerequisite for the the MCCQE part 1. However, if a US DO competed an US ACGME residency, and then wishes to return to Canada - they can apply for a MCCEE exemption. It appears starting in 2018-2019, the MCCEE will no longer be a prerequisite for the MCCQE Part 1, thereby hopefully making the MCCEE exemption easier for US DOs. Can US DOs return to Canada and find employment in Canadian hospitals? In Canada, there are board certified USDOs in the fields of internal medicine, anesthesiology, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency medicine and family medicine. Besides family medicine, the rest of the fields require hospital privilege, and one can see that hospitals will not discriminate based on one’s medical degree, especially if there are provincial legislature that states the USDO degree being equivalent to the MD degree. As long as the USDO is able to obtain provincial licensure (which includes board certification either through the CFPC or the Royal College), all medical career paths are open to you in Canada. The path to licensure in Canada as a DO is the same as that for a US trained MD. The only difference is the additional board exams we have to take - i.e., COMLEX series, and the MCCEE (in addition to the USMLEs, and MCCQEs). Canadian friendly schools: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=921888&page=2 - Here's a link for pictures taken of some of these schools - many of them are absolutely beautiful looking schools. MSU - VERY Canadian friendly LMUCOM - very Canadian friendly KCUMB - Canadian friendly UNECOM - Canadian friendly** - UNECOM was founded around the same year as COMP - 1977 or so. I didn’t bother applying to this school because they want you to have finished ALL of your prerequisites at latest the December before your commencing year. At the time, I was still working out my general chem prerequisite situation at Ryerson, so I was not able to apply to this school. NOVA - Fairly Canadian friendly** - NOVA is located in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, the other Sunshine state. They can be quite generous in their scholarship. However, I screwed up a step and handed in their secondary REALLY late. By the time my secondary was handed in, their class of 220 was full, and there were already 40 people on the waitlist.. The moral? – NOVA is a very popular school, so APPLY EARLY. CCOM - Canadian friendly** WesternU / COMP - very Canadian friendly. It's right outside Los Angeles. AZCOM - Very Canadian friendly, but beware of their 300k escrow account request. TouroCOM-NY - **Canadian friendly, also very minority friendly. Schools that occasionally accepted Canadians: LECOM - not Canadian friendly - They "officially" take in Canadians, but realistically, I have only heard of one or two Canadians getting into this school over the last several years. PCOM / PCOM-GA - not Canadian friendly** - The Philadelphia college of Osteopathic medicine is a very old school. I guess you can say it is a very “prestigious” DO school in the US. The school was founded (I think) either in the late 1800s, or the early 1900s, making it one of the oldest DO schools around. There’s around 6 or so MD schools in Philadelphia, and PCOM has been able to hold their own against these competitor MD schools for the last century or so. I guess that should be a testimony to PCOM. However, I personally did not have a pleasant experience interacting with PCOM. This being said, I only heard/know of ONE Canadian attending the Georgia (GA) campus. I've never heard of Canadians getting interviews in this school. KCOM - not Canadian friendly** - The Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine is the FOUNDING SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE. This is where it all started boys and girls. Andrew Taylor Still, the originator of Osteopathic medicine set up shop in the small town of Kirksville back in the 1800s. His original homestead is still there, and the very first school of Osteopathic medicine is now within a greater museum built by KCOM that commemorates Dr. Still. KCOM also has an unprecedented percentage of their graduates going into specialty residency programs. Unfortunately, KCOM is not very Canadian friendly. I only know of one Canadian who matriculated in this school over the past 7 years.
  11. Bonjour! Je suis à ma 4e session en Sciences nat et j'ai une cote r compétitive. Cependant, dépendemment du CASPer et des MMIs il y a des grandes chances que je sois refusée. C'est pourquoi je me demande à quel bac appliquer à l'université (en sachant que j'hésite entre neurosciences et microbiologie, mais je suis ouverte aux autres comme bsbp ou biomed). J'ai entendu parler d'un certain étalon des cotes à l'UdeM et personnellement je ne veux pas choisir un bac qui pourrait nuire à mon GPA à cause de la moyenne de la classe. Quels sont vos conseils? Merci!!
  12. Hey, Anyone in the Queens Health Sci program here? If yes, how do you like it? I heard it’s similar to McMaster’s Health Sci.
  13. Hi, I am currently a grade 12 student in high school. I have a very strong work ethic and currently have an average in the 90s. I am not too concerned with the major, as long as I am able to maintain a high GPA and have all the requirements necessary to go to medical school post-undergrad. If anyone goes to Guelph or Queens University and has a close to 4.0 GPA, or is currently in medical school and did your undergrad at either, would you recommend it there? If so: 1) What program were you in? 2) How were the professors there? Were any of them unfair? 3) Did you live on res? - if yes, was it too noisy to concentrate on your work? Any help/advice would be very appreciated!!
  14. Like the title says, will psych research be preferable on a med app if I'm genuinely interested in it as opposed to biomedical research that I would otherwise be doing to check a box? Thank you in advance!
  15. Hi guys! I was wondering if kinesiology would be a good premed undergraduate program? I am fairly interested in it and I heard it is not too hard, but it doesn't seem like a valuable degree to have. What are your guys's thoughts?
  16. Hi, I would have some questions for the admission in MD in the University of Ottawa. I am currently a university student in Quebec so I would like to apply in the French stream of the MD program next year. Our province was highly touched with Covid-19 so our universities gave us the right to apply to the Pass/Fail option in our winter 2020 classes. As mentioned in the admission criteria of UofOttawa, to be eligible, only one class Pass/Fail per semester is allowed. Is this rule still applicable with the circumstances of covid-19 for next year admissions? Also, I've changed programs in university and has been given the choice of crediting some of my classes. Considering the fact that I already have one class pass/fail in my current program and one class that I would like to credit from my old program ( credited as equivalent (EQV)), would I stil be eligible to apply ? Thank you in advance!:)
  17. Hi, I would have some questions for the admission in MD in the University of Ottawa. I am currently a university student in Quebec so I would like to apply in the French stream of the MD program next year. Our province was highly touched with Covid-19 so our universities gave us the right to apply to the Pass/Fail option in our winter 2020 classes. As mentioned in the admission criteria of UofOttawa, to be eligible, only one class Pass/Fail per semester is allowed. Is this rule still applicable with the circumstances of covid-19 for next year admissions? Also, I've changed programs in university and has been given the choice of crediting some of my classes. Considering the fact that I already have one class pass/fail in my current program and one class that I would like to credit from my old program ( credited as equivalent (EQV)), would I stil be eligible to apply ? Thank you in advance!:)
  18. Hi everyone ! Fellow premed here I was wondering if there are any youtube channels you have been watching for motivation/ what it is like in med school you enjoy watching!
  19. I'm finishing my BComm in marketing this academic year and am planning on taking all mcat/med school prereqs the following year. I am considering completing these courses at cegep level— reason being that my current university tends to split up the lab and theory component of a class to be taken in separate semesters plus the level of difficulty is likely greater at university level. I know a few med students who obtained bachelors in degrees outside of science, went back to cegep to complete their prereqs and ended up attending Montreal-based medical schools (i know McGill, University of Montreal and a few other Quebec med schools will accept cegep courses from an undergrad applicant) but I'm not sure if other Canadian medical schools and US medical schools would as well...I know I could call up each one individually and ask but...If anyone has a general idea of the answer to this question, that would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
  20. So I really want to get into medical school and I want to push through my last two years of biomedical science at York knowing i gave it my all. So if anyone who's obtained 3.9s/4.0 could share their study methods and tips, that would be much appreicated.
  21. Hi everyone ! Fellow premed here :) I was wondering if there are any youtube channels you have been watching for motivation/what its like in med school?
  22. Salut, j'ai été accepté en kiné et en génie logiciel à Udem et à Poly respectivement, mais je me demande lequel choisir. Les deux m'intéressent autant (mis à par que je kiff moins la physique). Je sais que génie logiciel serait de loins le meilleurs choix au niveau du plan B (meilleur salaire, très bon classement, beaucoup de possibilités de carrières, etc.), mais j'ai entendu dire que si tu veux continuer en médecine c'est plus facile d'avoir un bon GPA en kiné qu'en génie. Quel choix devrait-je faire ? Disons que c'est pas bon comme pre med, est-ce que ce serait un bon tremplin pour entrer en médecine dentaire ?
  23. I am looking to choose a program between these offers. My end goal is med school, but i want a university where it’ll be easy to achieve that goal and gpa without becoming depressed and drained from studying 24/7. I would also like a good atmosphere and one that is welcoming to diverse students as i am a POC. Which program is best suited for me?
  24. I am looking to choose a program between these offers. My end goal is med school, but i want a university where it’ll be easy to achieve that goal and gpa without becoming depressed and drained from studying 24/7. I would also like a good atmosphere and one that is welcoming to diverse students as i am a POC. Which program is best suited for me?
  25. I am I med sci and I don't know if I should take physics 1028 (with Poepping) or physics 1301 (with Wong). So, could someone help me? It would be greatly appreciated. BTW I haven't taken grade 12 physics.
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