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Found 23 results

  1. Hello! I've been researching about some doubts I have about the residency application / match in Canada and couldn't fully answer some of them due to the mixed info on the net. So, applying to multiple specialties will make it harder for me to get a match? Due to such practice being "ill seen", as the programs would not want an "undecided" candidate. What would be the best approach or strategy to increase the chance of a match? My best regards
  2. Hi, I would really appreciate your help and advice. As the title suggests, I am having trouble ranking psych vs FM programs. So far my thoughts are: Psych: Pros: I really enjoy studying Psych and was fascinated during the few psych cases I saw on my primary care rotations. Love taking long detailed histories and having long interactions with patients. Can see myself loving Child and Adolescent psych. Cons: Because of COVID my placements were all virtual/ phone-based, so I did not get a realistic feel and committing to a 5-year program is scary. I am an IMG so I will need to do 5 years of residency PLUS 5 years ROS. Again as I am an IMG, had no exposure to psych in electives. FM: Pros: I found that though FM is very general, you still see a good amount of stable patients with mental health issues. 2 years is amazing! ROS will be shorter - year for year so I'll be done both my residency and ROS in 4 years. Cons: don't like the huge variety of cases, If I were to go into FM I want to mainly see patients with psych issues, idk how achievable that is.. Did an observership with 2 family physicians in Canada, they complained so much about unfair compensation from the government, paperwork, not having as much time with patients because of the paperwork, getting no respect from specialists, nurse practitioners etc. I am already considering things like location and program highlights/ electives. Are there any other factors I should think about before deciding how to rank them? Any advice will be appreciated! My understanding is that money wise both FM and Psych are very similar. Any insight on enhanced skills in Addictions/ or a fellowship in child and adolescent, on how they would affect lifestyle, salary, etc. would be appreciated.
  3. Hey guys! I have recently found out that US med schools under the LCME can allow residency in Canada. If I were to do my undergrad in Canada and go to an LCME med school in the US, would it be easy to get residency in Canada or not? Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, I recently received my QE1 score back and was shocked to receive a score of 233 (30th percentile). I have lots of elective experience (Urban FM, Rural FM, Respiratory Sub-I, Outpatient Cardiology, Outpatient General Internal Medicine in high risk groups, virtual general surgery and virtual plastic surgery) despite covid, I am recent graduate from an Irish medical school (class standing okay but nothing impressive), my other Canadian Board (NAC OSCE) was a Pass with Superior Performance, and have multiple published research papers (none first author however). Ideally, I’d like to match into IM, but because of my score I’m not even sure if FM programs will look favourably at me. I was wondering what other Canadian IMG applicants or current residents thought honestly of my chances of matching to any program in the country. Any input or advice to improve my application would be so helpful, not only to me but maybe other IMGs in a similar position as me. Thank you
  5. I'm researching ePortfolio usage among surgical residents across the world (as part of a thesis project). And following are questions which some of you may have insight on.The topic is "Application of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) in Digital Portfolios"...But any insight on this narrow topic is highly appreciated (like if a question below is totally invalid!!): How much would you say the below mentioned points are pain-points for surgical eportfolio usage? What may be the cause of portfolios being viewed as ‘thick-box’ exercises rather than an educational tool? Manual, time-consuming & error-prone data entry Most evaluations in the form of simple text Hawthorne effect (observer effect) or inter/intra-rater reliability Complicated user experience with portfolio management system interfaces Variety of assessment tools that require supervisor time to go through, occasionally In countries like the US & UK, surgical cases are separately logged than CBME learning instances/milestones. How much of a friction do you think this is in wider acceptance of digital portfolios? (or Would you say that since it is a regulatory requirement, there is even no question of that...?) Do you think it's ever possible to innovate in surgical competency assessment considering country-specific needs, top-down controlled curriculums? How would you rate the chance of the following novelties in disrupting how surgeons are being evaluated: Addition of video analysis of recorded surgical operations into the portfolio Combined analysis of all data in current portfolios by AI algorithms, i.e. continuous evaluation of data collected in a portfolio rather than occasional supervisor review and feedback Combining progress data of peer residents to guide individual users Other? The original TAM says that Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Ease of Use are primary factors in how a new technology is accepted. Which of the two would be critical in the surgical training portfolio tool acceptance? thanks a lot!
  6. Hey fellow premed101 users, I’m currently a second year med student and have discovered my love for neurology! I love doing the neuro exam and working neuro patients up and the consultant work is always very interesting! I have my heart set on either an adult or Pediatric neurology residency, however I’m also very anxious about matching and unfortunately most provincial governments seem to be pushing family medicine and not specialty programs so it might be even harder to match by the time I go through Carms. I was wondering what I can do to increase my chances other then the run of the mill research/electives/good letters? Would a MSc be very beneficial (in neuro)? For reference, I’m bilingual so I was planning on applying broadly to all the adult neuro + child neuro programs (around 22 programs in total). Would this be sufficient or should I back up with another program in addition? I don’t really enjoy any other programs, other then maybe psych through which I could do neuropsych? But then again psych is quite competitive too… I was also wondering if there would be any way to be strategic with my electives to increase my chances. I’m flexible on location, so maybe I can focus on doing electives in areas/programs that in the past had leftover spots - since if I get ranked highly by them I have a great shot? I would also love to chat with à neuro resident/attending if any frequent premed101! -An anxious M2
  7. Hello! The new residency/med school term is starting soon and this unit is perfectly situated in a convenient downtown location! We are looking for a 12 month lease, and the unit is available immediately. Price and terms are negotiable (please DM me). I have a 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom condo for lease in a very convenient location in downtown Toronto. It is located right across the street from Toronto General Hospital, as well as several other downtown hospitals and clinics. The unit itself is unfurnished, and quite spacious, approximately 600ft with a balcony. It has en suite washer and dryer which are brand new, as well as a dishwasher and microwave. The unit includes utilities, aside from cable/internet, as well as 1 locker. Parking is available in the underground garage, although it has to be arranged through building management. Typically it is $100/or so, much cheaper than most parking garages and outdoor parking. The building itself has great amenities, including a fitness centre, game and party room, indoor pool and sauna. There is 24 hour security on site, as well as a superintendent on site. I myself lived here during residency, and it is a very safe building, and very conveniently located to all of the downtown hospitals, and close to TTC lines, grocery and shopping centres. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions!
  8. 3 questions about emergency med. 1. For the FRCPC program, how many allow moonlighting? Is it common? How much do residents make generally doing it? (and how many hours do they work, given other duties) 2. Where is it possible to practice full time emergency medicine without the +1 in em? (in Ontario specifically). Wondering about non-rural locations e.g. small cities / suburbs? 3. If an emerg doc gets burned out, what are possible avenues to a 9-5?
  9. So, it appears that as of this year(?), family medicine programs will be evaluating applicants based on structured LOR rubrics instead of traditional LORs. A few days ago, a sample rubric was posted on twitter. It was widely criticized for being discriminatory and/or otherwise problematic. In response to the backlash, CaRMS and the CCFP rushed to distance themselves from it. We still do not know exactly who was involved in drafting the rubric, but it appears to be the severely misguided brainchild of the AFMC and all 17(?) family medicine program directors, who have pledged to revise it in view of the feedback they've received from Canadian MedTwitter. If they still plan to roll these out for the 2021 match, the revisions presumably need to be completed by November 23 (the date that program descriptions for the R-1 match go live). This would not seem to leave enough time to fix the multiple issues identified with the sample rubric. Thoughts? Is the FM SLOR salvageable? Or should they just scrap it and start over from scratch for 2022?
  10. I posted this on the r.e.d.d.i.t medschool page and didn't even know this forum existed! A comment suggested I post here as there are many more Canadians! I'm a Canadian med student going into my final year. As my fellow Canadians may know, all our out-of-province electives have been cancelled for those of us doing 4th year in 2020/21. I'm interested in matching to General Surgery next CaRMS season but due to the lack of ability to head out of province for electives I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get a good feel for what each province's program is like aside from descriptions we can read on the CaRMS website (which I'm sure reflect on the program with 100% accuracy and no bias..). I plan on doing what I can with the online meet & greets etc. and contacting programs through the usual avenues but figured if anywhere was to give me an accurate feel from a student or resident perspective (outside meeting y'all in person) it would be where seemingly all of us come to smack talk our lovely med schools, r.e.d.d.i.t. baby. If you are a resident OR med student in Canada and have a decent idea what your school/province's gen surg program is like I would love to know anything and everything! What do you hate, what do you love? How much hands-on time do you guys get? How big of assholes are your attendings? What's the program culture like? Do any of you sleep? Thanks for any help you can provide! Edit: apparently this forum doesn't like the word r.e.d.d.i.t.
  11. Hello, I am a medical student in a Canadian school and was wondering if anyone knew anything about or could point me towards some resources on what would happen and what I should consider if instead of doing my residency in Canada I go to the UK to do so. I ask because I have family there that I might need to take care of and want to decide my best course of action. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  12. I was doing some research on how to build an strong application and stumbled upon some "red flags" posts. I have a general idea about it, but I was thinking if some of you could give me a few tips regarding this topic. I believe other med students can benefit from this discussion as well. The red flags I've seen more often are: 1. Low scores or previous failure (pretty straightforward) 2. Time since graduation > 5 years ("old candidates") 3. Interruptions in medical school (may be seen as inability to handle adversity) 4. Late or incomplete application (make the applicant seem unprepared or disorganized) 5. No clinical experience/letters of reccomendation (for IMGs, like myself. As some say "not obligatory, but important") (Those are not my opinions, they are a compilation of what I found in other discussions) Can anyone expand a little on this topic? Any other tips are welcome as well. My best regards!
  13. I am a third year medical student partway through their core clinical rotations. I entered this year having absolutely no clue what I might want to do with my career. I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed my psychiatry rotation. It has been the only rotation thus far where I felt I was able to connect with my patients and truly care for them. I think part of my positive experience had to do with the fact that my attending placed a lot of responsibilities on me and gave me a very high degree of independence (for a third year) in managing patients. Also the staff were generally all very happy. Overall, I think I want to do this for the rest of my life. So my question is what can I do in the upcoming months leading up to carms to make myself a reasonably strong candidate for a cdn psych residency? I have to be honest I’ve had a tough go at medical school. Didn’t do much extracurriculars wise (eg no publications or presentations). Had to take some time away from school. However, I am an average student if grades and clinical evals are anything to go off of. So what’s my shot? How do I become better? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch :)
  14. Hello all, Im an IMG interested in General Surgery and was wondering what the different pros and cons of each program are, and what respective residents think about their programs
  15. Just wondering what the general consensus is on the available general surgery programs in the country, which are considered “the best” and what are the pros and cons of each?
  16. Hello! I used to roam these forums when I was a pre-med student quite often. I remember not having a mentor to ask regarding medical school and the process of applying. The forum became my haven for knowledge and resources. I finished residency over a year ago now, currently practicing, and I feel I should extend the offer to help anyone needing guidance and mentoring regarding their application or just about medical school in general. I wish I knew more about the process of medical school and residency before I applied. I went to UBC for medical school, but was accepted to Alberta and Ottawa. I know the MCAT has changed since I applied, so don't ask me anything about that! XD I am happy to: chat/skype/help with interviews/etc please PM to connect
  17. Just need a little insight on this topic. Is residency matching locational depending on medical school? Lets say you want to match into Emerg and your currently in McMaster...is it possible to match into hospitals/rotations in Toronto or are you 100% going to have to match into something in Hamilton? Therefore U of T Med students get the hospitals in the Toronto area. Correct me if I'm wrong Cheers, Victor
  18. Hi All, I'm a student in 5th year of Med school studying here in Poland at WUM and I hold a Pakistani Passport. I am aware of the fact that you MUST be a PR holder or have a Canadian Citizenship to be eligible to practice there as there are steep chances for IMG's especially non Canadians. I will be getting engaged in a couple of months and my fiance is studying/working in Canada, He would get his PR soon hopefully. So here my question goes, can I just go to Canada after graduating which will be in 2 years and start preparing for Carms and get a PR in the meanwhile and then apply to residency (it would take 2 3 yeard after I graduate) ? What would be the best advice in this case or if there is some other pathway I should opt for?
  19. Check out your housing options on www.MedsHousing.com There are over 900 listings in Canada and USA MedsHousing.com was founded by a 4 generation team of medical healthcare members in Canada and USA We have all experienced the housing stress while moving up the training food chain Search Listings for: short term electives interviews (CaRMS) furnished and unfurnished long term residency fellowship close to medical schools and hospitals www.MedsHousing.com be found in various medical school manuals and journals. Recognised by the CFMS. ?Questions? email us at: info@MedsHousing.com If you have a place to rent close to medical school or hospital suitable for the medical community or have a great landlord to refer, why not give us a try? **It is free to list during our beta launch**. *Why not rent out your place while out on electives *if permitted by landlord and condo bylaws* *Try hosting a fellow medical trainee doing an elective or interview in your area
  20. Hi everyone, I am a consultant/coordinator for a new medical company that is aiming to help residents that have completed or are close to completing their residency take their next steps. One of the things I would like to coordinate is free monthly dinner and learns for residents that would be hosted by guest speakers who work in the field that cover topics which would be most beneficial for residents. The topics I think would be great are: Finding placements after residency, Starting your own clinic, and Medical/legal pitfalls. I also think the dinner and learns would be a great way for residents to make lasting connections. As you are all residents, I am wondering if you could give me feedback on these topics. If you were to attend a free dinner and learn, would you find these topics useful? What other topics would you want to learn more about? Would you even be interested in attending a free dinner and learn? Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I look forward to reading your replies!
  21. Any students who have gone through the matching process...does the medical school you attend affect the hopsital/location where you are most likely placed for residency? For instance, if i'm planning on practicing in Vancouver after recieving my degree, would I have a higher chance of getting into lets say "vancouver general" for my surgical residency if i was attending UBC medical school compared to something else such as McGill or McMaster? Appreciate any advice. Cheers, Victor
  22. Hi all, The CaRMS province-specific eligibility criteria indicate that Canadian citizens who graduate from an LCME-accredited medical school (i.e a US allopathic medical school, which grants an MD degree) are eligible for CMG-designated residency spots. For instance, the Ontario eligibility criteria webpage says "A Canadian Medical Graduate or U.S. Medical Graduate (CMG/USMG) is an individual who received their medical degree from a medical school accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS) or the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). From here on in this will be referred to as a CMG." However, the R-1 Match report graphs seem to tell a different story, with match results for applicants from US schools not being as favorable as match results for applicants from Canadian schools. For instance, Table 2 shows that only 40 applicants from a US medical school matched into a residency spot in Canada. More troublingly, Table 7 lists the number of CMG participants by school of graduation, and no US medical schools are listed. The provincial eligility criteria webpages seem discordant with the R-1 Match reports. Given this, could anyone tell me: If Canadian citizens who graduate from a US allopathic medical school are eligible for CMG-designated residency spots (Assuming the answer to q1 is yes:) Are there any 'soft barriers' that hinder a Canadian citizen with a US MD degree from matching into a residency spot in Canada? For instance, lack of developing a professional network with Canadian doctors, or something along those lines? Ultimately what I'm interested in knowing is whether going to a US allopathic medical school would impede my chances at getting a residency spot in Canada. Thanks for any help!
  23. Hi, What is a pediatric residency like? Especially in Quebec? Hours? Lifestyle? Job market afterwards? How competitive is it considered?
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