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Found 18 results

  1. I'd like to be a resource for people. Something that I never had. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the application process, CBSE, 4 vs 6, interviews, grades, etc. I'm a mid-level resident at a 6 year program. NB
  2. Hello, are there any USA educated OTs who practice in Canada
  3. Hi everyone, I am a third year DO student in the states who is interested in IM and want to specialize in cardiology or nephrology. I understand IM residencies are competitive as an IMG in Canada so I'm planning to finish IM residency in the states. However, I would like to complete fellowship in Canada if possible because I'd like to come back home as early as I can and cardiology fellowship is harder to get as a visa holder. I'm wondering if I can apply for fellowship as an US IM resident. If not, is it possible to subspecialize after coming back to Canada? Any insight is greatly appreciated
  4. Hi Everyone, In brief, I am a PhD student studying medicine in Canada. My biggest hurdle as I apply to medical schools is most definitely my GPA. >undergrad GPA: 2.8 >graduate GPA: 3.9 (Though this is a thesis-based degree, I have taken a course (or two) every single semester over my 5 year PhD) [Based off of this year's entry statistics for almost all Canadian and US schools, my MCAT score is competitive. I have hundreds of hours of extracurricular activities ranging from volunteering, community service, student groups, leadership, etc. I have 100+ hours of shadowin
  5. Hello! I am a Canadian student with an interest in completing one elective in the USA but am struggling to obtain malpractice insurance that extends to the USA, has anyone on here completed a international elective and had to obtain their own insurance? Thanks!
  6. I know I will not make it into Canadian dental schools due to the rough first year I had (due to major illness). I am a music major currently in my second year. My first year GPA was 2.4 (like I said, I was very sick), but first semester of this year, it was 3.3, which bumped my CGPA up to 2.74. I am hoping to bump it up even further by taking intersession courses this summer and working really hard for the rest of my undergrad. I am looking at US schools as a plan B. I was wondering if anyone has any info on Canadian friendly schools that may be options for me. I am hoping that my diverse
  7. Hey guys, I'm at a cross-road for where to go if I want to continue the dream of getting into med school. I really goofed up my first couple years leading to an ~3.4 GPA after 6 years (5 years of BioSci and 1 year Psyc minor). The last 2-3 years were decent with a respective 3.6, 3.96, 3.8 GPA. Unfortunately I can't seem to get over the MCAT hump having written 3 times with a 500, 501, and 502 scores. The last one (502) had a 126 in CARS so I decided to apply to UofC and UofA being from Alberta (although definitely not holding my breath). I have very good ECs including fluency in 3 languages,
  8. Hello folks: I'll be starting M-1 this Fall at the UofA (Hooray). The faculty offers the option of doing a series of Summer electives in addition to the required elective courses. In this regard I would like to do some electives in Canada during the summer, but I have also been toying with the idea of doing a summer elective abroad, likely in the US or Europe. The process for signing up for Electives in-house, at least in the University of Alberta, seems fairly straight-forward but I'm kind of unsure how to try and snag electives in other locations in Canada or foreign electives in genera
  9. Hello everyone, I graduated from Western in 2012 and went onto Case Western (Cleveland, Ohio) in the US for dental school. I graduated in 2016 and have been working in Ohio as a dentist. I know that this forum has been really helpful to me, so I really wanted to give back. Please let me know if any of you has questions about US dental schools. I will do my best to reply in a timely manner.
  10. Salut! Longtime lurker, first time poster-- and I'm working on my written French, so I'll stick to English for clarity. After a lot of soul searching, I have realized that I cannot see myself as anything but a physician. However, I have a different situation that is leaving me confused at the application process for the QC schools. I went to a university in the States that technically doesn't calculate GPA. They give A, B, C or NC; with the option of taking a class P/F to explore your intellectual curiosity. With that, I'm unsure/ worried on how the French schools will convert
  11. This is a little different question: I am thinking to do complete a BDS as my undergrad instead of a science undergrad before applying for a DDS program in Canada/US. Is there any problems I would face in doing so? Will I have to go through extra license exams and processes? So it would be 5 years of a BDS and doing the DAT then 4 years of a DDS then licensing exam The reason I'm thinking to do a BDS undergrad instead of a science undergrad is because with a BDS degree I can still find employment with better pay outside of US/Canada compared to a job with my science degree any
  12. Hoping to answer any questions people may have regarding OMFS applications for Canadian citizens. Things to consider: "Canadian-friendly" programs CBSE materials/preparation/competitive scores CV & PS Navigating the PASS Application Externships Interviews The MATCH Good luck to those applying in the next cycle.
  13. I'm a Canadian studying in America. There's so much doom-and-gloom shit talk about primary care specialties here. "Don't do FM, because they work too hard for too little money" is the prevailing sentiment. Is this the case in Canada? Have recent billing changes (e.g. the incentive program in BC) made FM more desirable? Disclaimer: To the "are you only in it for the money?" Nazis: of course fucking not.
  14. I am a canadian student from the french province i did my health sciens in CEGEP schools and then i started university and i have a 3.61/4.3 GPA from my bachelor in Kinesiology 3 years bach. i did 2 extra years doing minor in psychology and a minor in arts in science i have a 4.15/4.3 gpa from 33 credits i tried every school in Quebec and nothing is working out this is my last year trying to apply mostly for podiatry, dental school and optometry what do you guys advice to do if i wanna apply to USA ? where do i have the better chances? no i do not have a recent DAT, nor an OAT nor
  15. Long story short, I do not have much hope in getting into a Canadian Medical school considering how there is only a handful of medical universities in Canada and would like an opinion on my chances of getting into a US medical school. I am finishing up my second year, and I am planning on taking the MACT next summer. Major: Kinesiology BSC GPA: 3.83 US GPA: 3.76 Course load: 4/5 (full time student, not full course load) Extra curricular: Own my own construction company since 2012 and have a multiple employees - the business is still running while I am studying, hence the reason for my co
  16. Hi I am completing my undergrad in Canada specifically York University. I would like to apply to American PA schools, but does anyone have any sort of list that accepts Canadians? Also, if there are Canadians in the US studying to become a PA, can you list ways you completed direct patient hours?
  17. Hey everyone, I've posted here before about whether I should apply this year or to retake my MCAT. I've decided to take the new MCAT, but considering the timing I was only able to schedule a late date (September 12th). Now I know that for american medical schools that we should apply earlier for a better chance, but I was wondering if you guys think I should give it a try anyways. Stats: aamc gpa: 3.97 Mcat: assuming atleast a 510 Application date: october 1st EC's: worked at brigham and women's hospital in boston doing research (one paper and another possibly, none first author) shadowed
  18. Hey Everyone! I've applied to Canadian Schools twice and American Medical Schools once and have never gotten any interviews. With my GPA and MCAT I think I am going to apply to apply to the Carribean if I dont get any interviews this cycle, but I wanted to maximize my chances, but am unsure of what schools would be the best suit for my stats. cGPA = sGPA = 3.91 MCAT: 1) 24 (10PS/6VR/8BS) 2) 28 (11PS/6VR/11BS) 3) 28 (11PS/8VR/9BS) 4) Awaiting marks, but I suspect around (125 PS/124CARS/124 BS/ 123 PSY) ECs: Long term hospital volunteering, volunteering with for homeless peo
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