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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, I'm a first year biology sciences student at UdeM. I entered the program in order to get the best grades possible to switch to Medicine since I didn't perform as well during Cegep (I finished with a Cote R of 31,2) and I was wondering if anyone who went through this whole process would have any major tips that would help me during this baccalaureate. Thank you!
  2. Bonjour! J’ai vu des sujets semblables mais qui datent un peu et je sais que les conditions d’admission ont évolué un peu. Pour vous mettre en contexte, je me sentais assez en confiance jusqu’à ce que je me mette à lire ce forum haha !Je termine mon bac en bio à l’udem prochaine session mais je ne compte pas comme un bac connexe car je suis dans l’option biodiversité et écologie. Je commence donc à me demander à quel point selon vous j’ai de chances d’être convoquée aux entrevues? J’ai une GPA de 4.27/4.3 et lors de la rédaction de mon workbook à McGill on m’estimait une GPA de 4/4. Je crois que mon casper n’a pas été mauvais mais pas phénoménal non plus parce que je tape à -12 km/h à l’ordi haha ! Selon ce forum bio semble avoir bien peu de valeur aux yeux des facultés de médecine alors selon vous quelles sont mes chances de me rendre en entrevue ? À noter que j’ai appliqué aux 4 facultés (McGill, UdeM, ULaval, UdeS) Merci d’avance et bonne chance à tout le monde !
  3. alright so im making notes/flashcards for the nicoles notes chapters on crusher. when it comes to taking the tests on the site, should i for ex study ch1 and take the according compilation test for ch 1? (study cell and molecular bio then take the cell and molecular bio test under compilation) how did yall go about studying bio?? thanks
  4. Selling: Examkrackers Mcat Complete Study Package (6 books)- 9th Edition (Used-great condition) $170 Examkrackers MCAT 101 Passages: CARS $65 (Used- like new) Examkrackers MCAT 101 Passages: Biology 1 $65 (Used- like new) Examkrackers MCAT 101 Passages: Biology 2 $65 (Used-like new) Examkrackers MCAT 101 Passages: Physics 1- SOLD Location: Downtown Vancouver https://imgur.com/a/ZeqToZ5
  5. Is there any major advantage to taking an undergraduate degree in biology or medical sciences for applying to med school? Because they say they want all-rounded students but would taking a medical related undergraduate help for the MCAT? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I will join York university in the winter(Biology). I really need help in course selection. I have some questions:1.Will I encounter a problem later on while applying to med schools because I have started in winter because it won’t be considered a full time year? It may be a silly question but I want to doublecheck. 2.If I took for example BIO 1000, then should I take also BIO 1001 later because each of those has 3 credits? Do med schools want more credits in biology? Same for CHEM 1000/1001and other courses as well. 3.Will I be able to take Computer starting from winter or is it a full year course? Thanks in advance, Help would really be appreciated -I am totally lost because I am a transfer student from a university outside Canada,so I am not familiar with universities here and med school requirements.
  7. I am preparing for my upcoming MCAT test date this summer on August 25, 2018. I have taken all pre-requisite courses (biochemistry, general physics, general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, psychology) except sociology. I also am graduating with a bachelors of science majoring in the biological sciences. I was wondering, would the 10th edition of ExamKrackers be sufficient for content review? Or will certain books need supplement? I have heard possibly that the biochemistry and psychology and sociology books are lacking (but only for the 9th) not much on the 10th edition. I was thinking of supplementing with Kaplan biochemistry and Khan Academy psychology and sociology 100pg document. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi, I have some quick questions : Can you practice medicine after getting your MDCM degree ? What is the equivalent of the Med-P program at McGill in other universities? I was also wondering if it was better for example to do a Bachelor's degree in chemistry at McGill then transfer to UofT (or any other university) for med school, instead of doing Med-P at McGill and residency in another school. Also do you have to take.the MCAT at one point in the Med-P program? It's just that I don't understand the use of not doing it ; if you transfer to any other university, they will want the MCAT score so.. I don't know if the Med-P program prepares you well for the MCAT. Sorry if this isn't making sense. I can't seem to grasp the concept of a Med-P program. It's preparatory for what ? What can you do with a MDCM degree? Is med P med school or undergraduate? Please lighten me up, thank you. P.-S.: I have read everything on the internet about the program and I still don't understand it.. sigh.
  9. Hi everyone, I just graduated from CEGEP and I got refused to the pharmacy program in Universite de Montreal. My alternative options are Biology in UdeM or Exercise Science in Concordi. I have smart studying partners in both programs but Concordia's program is relatively easier and getting a 4.0 GPA isnt too hard compared to Bo in UdeM., especially because I have all the tests from Concordia. Now since I eventually want to get into pharmacy, which route would be better? Appreciate a lot the help!
  10. Hey guys, So i was accepted into the u of calgary's biological sciences program and i was wondering what option i should take. I wanted to take psycology but i'm already taking a math, bio, chem, and physics class so I fear psycology will be to much. How hard is the class?(psyc) I'm atrocious at english so I also fear any class where I have to write an essay. I know I will have to write one at some point but hey, ignorance is bliss. Any advice anyone? Thanks a lot Mike
  11. Hello! I am a high school student and I have an interest to pursue medical school. (Its not an absolute must for me, but something I do want to consider). I'm having difficulty with chemistry (although, it may just be my teacher, my class had 22 students, and now theres only 6), and I've grown to sadly have a dislike for the subject. I had this same teacher for gr 11 chemistry too, (also gr 10, and gr 9, yay me!!). I don't want to rule out chemistry completely, because I've only had this one teacher for all of high school, but I feel like its been enough to put me off completely. With that being said, are there any biology fields with minimal chemistry? I've only completed gr 11 biology so far, and as far as I remember, it wasn't chemistry extensive. However, it may not be a good representation of relevant biology fields, because gr 11 was mostly evolution, and animal diversity. I did enjoy studying about viruses, and I think genetics is also something I may be interested; although grade 11 was mostly just punnet squares and mendelian genetics, so I'm not sure what more advanced genetics are like. Please let me know your thoughts! BTW I specifically hated the calculation aspects in thermochemistry and equilibrium, which is unfortunate, because i would assume alot of that would be relevant in biological systems and processes. one last thing: I am also applying to university, your thoughts on Uoft life science?? Thanks everyone!
  12. Hey everyone, can anyone please share their any information about the global health undergrad program at York U ? My aim is to get into medical school and the courses seem really interesting in this program but I feel that it will have a lot of essays and I dont think I can get a 3.6+ gpa in that program. Will a biology program be a better choice ? Thank you in advance for your time and guidance in this matter Cheers !
  13. Hi everybody, Could anybody provide me on any feedback on 3rd and 4th year biology courses at York? How difficult are they? Thanks in advance!
  14. For those who have studied or are studying science at Queen's, can you share your experiences about your program?
  15. Hi everyone! I understand that Km is the substrate concentration at which the velocity of the reaction is at half its maximum (vmax/2). However, I'm just confused in biochemistry, when a passage states that a substrate has a Ka (for example) of a certain value for a specific material. Am I right in assuming that a low value K would mean a decreased binding affinity (and a high K would be increased binding affinity?) Thank you!
  16. I often get confused about where these are used and what they are made of (tubulin, actin...etc.). Is there any good ways of remembering important things about them? Thanks!
  17. I am currently looking at my options for completing my sciences. I was looking at taking Bio, Physics, and Chem at Concordia or if i have to, online with Athabasca. I know there is an issue with not being able to take a 2 lab credits for Biology at Concordia and was wondering if anyone knew an alternate route to completing another half or possibly doing it through Athabasca. Any help would be great!
  18. Salut, alors voici ma situation! J'ai toujours voulu aller en pharmacie et je viens tout juste de terminer 28 crédits en sciences biologiques à l'université de Montréal avec une GPA de 3,95/4,3. Je ne sais pas vraiment ça équivaut à combien de cote R à l'UdeM. En fait, ce que je veux savoir c'est si c'est une note qui m'assure une convocation au test psychométrique, car je ne saurais quoi faire sinon n'ayant aucun plan B et ne voulant pas rester en biologie. Merci beaucoup
  19. Hey fellow pre-meds! So i'm stuck here in the fork road to chose between kinesiology(general) and biological sciences(general) as my Major. Could anyone give me a comparison between the two? So here's the thing, biological sciences really intrigues me but recently I found out about kine in which you just study about the human body! Doing that would be really fun but what do you think about kine? I really need to take care that the major I choose ensures I'll get a good GPA, i.e I want to take the easier course where getting A's has a better chance. So anyone with kinesiology or biology major would you please help me? Also a few more questions to the kine and bio majors, What subjects do you study in your first and second year? Are there any common subjects with the Bsc and Bkin degrees? What was your GPA and how hard did you have to work on it? Would you recommend me taking me your major? Please share your thoughts! Even your tinniest answers would be really helpful for me! Thanks in Advanced.
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