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  1. I know queens is the biggest mystery when it comes to cutoff, but I am hoping some people out there who have gotten in with similar scores or know of people who have could let me know. Thanks for any help you can offer!
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking for your real and honest advice here. I am in my fourth year of a b.sc undergad at mcmaster and will be graduating in the spring. I did not apply to med this past cycle because I had no confidence in my application and thought that perhaps doing a masters would be a better alternative in the meantime. While I have been offered acceptance to these programs the thought of letting med go without every trying makes me sick. I want to go to medical school so badly but I am so afraid that it will never happen for me and scared to face that reality. Here are my stats please tell me your thoughts: Year 1 3.3888 (took 9 courses) Year 2 3.73 (took 10 courses) Year 3 3.78 (took 11 courses but 1 is p/f so only 10 in gpa calculation) - fall gpa 3.6, winter gpa 3.96 (not counted at some schools) Year 4 3.96 (took 10 courses) I calculate my cgpa to be 3.723. My best two years without winter 2020 would be year 2 and 4 = 3.845 (Western) My most recent two years without winter 2020 would be = 3.84 (Queens) - not that this matters now but had I not taken ochem as an elective in the fall of my third year my fall gpa would have been a 3.925 (3.925+3.96/2 = 3.945 best two year without winter 2020 - so this sucks) I would have to write an academic explanations essay to get uoft wgpa since I took only 9 courses in my first year but otherwise it would have been = 3.747 I have done the calculations for a couple of other schools but I don't want to make this post messier than it is. If you think there is a school I could potentially have a chance at then I will definitely add that number in. I am willing to go to literally any school in Canada, will do US MD. If neither of those I have been thinking about DO, Carib, Ireland and Australia. What are your thoughts on that? I have also thought about taking courses after I graduate (i know western allows these to be counted as a special year) If i got a hypothetic 4.0 in year 5 my cgpa would be 3.779 (not much dif. for mac) but my best 2 year/ most recent 2 year gpa would be 3.96+4/2 = 3.98 which would be my Queens and Western score. ECS: 2 full years research under department chair and now completing senior thesis (possibly of publishing), intro psych ta, 2 mcmaster clubs, free volunteer tutoring, 300+ hours volunteer at cardiology clinic (taking bp, recording medical information etc), summer volunteer at sunnybrook veteran centre, volunteered for 2 months with a arthritis research assistant at mount sinai, has worked as a red cross swim instructor (1 year) and as an inclusion instructor (2 years) with special needs Want to write MCAT again in early July to apply to some US schools, the first time I wrote I knew I didn't feel ready and hardly studied toward the end, I know I can do significantly better. (Keep in mind I have 2 gen chem with lab, 2 bio with lab, 1 physics with lab, 2 orgo with lab, 1 calc, 1 english, many psych) I know I am missing biochem, phys 2 and eng 2 for some schools in Canada/ US. I am so sorry this is so long I just need someone's advice. Should I give it a try what are my chances realistically?
  3. Hi there! I'm entering the application cycle for another round (3rd time: 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021 cycles) Could you let me know your thoughts on my stats and likelihood for Canadian schools (Queens, Mac, UofT and Ottawa), McGill, UBC, Dal and Memorial I'm currently in my MSc (year 2) cGPA (undergrad): 3.94 (Year 1: 3.82, Year 2: 4.0, Year 3: 4.0 – finished my 4-year Hons BSc degree at the University of Toronto in 3 years: Double Major Biology and Gender Studies) MCAT (2nd attempt): 510 (127/127/126/130 – 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 cycles) (1st attempt: 506 – 2018-2019 cycle) ECs: 3 manuscripts, oral and poster presentations, founded a club, President of 3 clubs, started a non-profit, note-taker for accessibility centre, food centre volunteer, invigilator, TA Assistant, hospital observership, clinic volunteer, university graduating award (humanities), etc I would really appreciate any feedback! Thank you so much!
  4. Hi there. Just trying to get a better understanding of my chances at Ontario med schools - I've really lost perspective on if I'm good enough over the last year and just want some opinions. Please be brutally honest. I'm currently in my 3rd year of undergrad at UofT. GPA listed is OMSAS GPA predicting what I'll have at the end of this year (as a medium case scenario). cGPA: 3.87 UofT wGPA: 3.92 MCAT: Haven't written yet. Took the NS full length without studying last summer and got 506 (126/126/127/127) if that means anything. Other info: very involved since my high school days, a few awards, Dean's list every year so far, leadership heavy, mentoring focused as well as women's empowerment, mental health advocacy, NSERC recipient, 2 poster presentations, 1 oral presentation, paper currently in review (just contributed supplemental material though so one of the last authors), long term sports involvement and captaining role too, working at a community center with refugee youth population, DON'T HAVE ANY CLINICAL EXPERIENCE/HOSPITAL VOLUNTEERING Honestly, I'm really worried about my GPA mainly. I had a rough first semester this year because of mental health issues (ironic because of my ECs smh) but not completely awful as I didn't get anything below 80, but I got mostly 3.7s which brought down my cGPA a bit so idk if that warrants an academic explanations essay.
  5. Hi premeds, med students, etc! Sorry in advance for the length of this post! I know it's a lot to read for a stranger, and I would be extremely, extremely grateful for some honest feedback on what my chances might be this year. I am unsure if I am a non-trad or trad applicant - probably somewhere in between! I'm hoping for an objective look into what my chances might be! To be honest, I'm a few years older than most people applying to med school, so I'm really stressing out as I don't really want to waste any more years before starting. Thanks in advance for any feedback, help, advice, or input that you can offer. 24/M, first-time applying. Ontario resident (GTA, so non-SWOMEN), non-Indigenous, non-Francophone, non-rural. Applied across Ontario (except NOSM), Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and McGill Education: interdisciplinary Arts and Science degree from McMaster, MSc in Global Health from McMaster (one year course-based degree, so I don't qualify for the graduate degree GPA boosts unfortunately) GPA: This is what really works against me. My GPA is 3.84 - for the record, I'm not trying to say that it terrible or anything; it's just that we all know how high Canadian stats have to be (especially in Ontario). What makes it way worse is that I am not eligible for wGPA calculations at Ottawa or UofT because my last two years were part time due to serious health issues. In my first and second years year, I had a GPA of 3.95. Then I had a psychotic break and a concussion, which meant that my third and fourth year GPAs were pretty shit by med school standards (3.6-3.7ish). I also had to take a reduced course load these two years. I wrote an academic explanation essay for UofT and Western, but Western only uses it to mitigate poor MCAT scores, not a poor GPA, so it doesn't help much. I'm not really sure if I can overcome my GPA in my last two years. MCAT: 524 (130/131/131/132). This is definitely the strongest part of my application, especially my 132 CARS. However, unfortunately a lot of Canadian schools (like UofT) only use a cutoff system, so they wouldn't view a 514 and a 524 any differently. Hopefully it helps at other schools, though, but I'm not sure if it will outweigh my 3rd/4th year GPAs. Research: 4 research assistant positions (two in chemistry, two in health policy, none in anything directly medical related like microbiology.). No real publications. I did list two publications, but they're in a non-peer reviewed paper (it was a student journal), so I doubt that will count for much. Extra-curriculars: lots of budget solo travel/backpacking/hitchhiking, lots of intramural sports, competed in powerlifting, wrote a novel, acted in a play Volunteering: honestly, not much. Tutored for a couple years in undergrad, and volunteered at a hospital and nursing home (both in high school). Debated including my animal rights (i.e. vegan) activism, but decided against it as it might have been too controversial Work: worked as a tour guide, pharmacy assistant, and receptionist in uni. Worked in Greece for an NGO for a summer during grad school (working with refugee communities in the realm of sexual health). Have worked a dead-end admin job at a hospital (registering patients) for 4 years now. In short, my MCAT is stellar, my ECs/volunteering/work is average, my research is slightly under par, and my GPA (which is arguably the most important thing) is well below what it needs to be. I'm hoping everything else can make up for that, but I really want to hear honest feedback! Thank you SO much if you took the time to read this all! Good luck, everyone!!! I hope to meet some of you next September!
  6. Hello, I am a long time lurker, and this is my first post. I was wondering if my fellow Canadian comrades could post some statistics on their GPA/MCAT/ECs and what US MD schools they're currently attending so I have an idea of the level of competition. Just confirming I am a Canadian CITIZEN. Also, I have the following stats, I would really appreciate some feedback and perhaps recommendations on certain schools that fit my experiences/scores: 516 on the MCAT (129/128/130/129) 3.8 GPA (Perfect GPA last 2 years, how significantly do they care about trends??) ECs: Lots of volunteering at a hospital in patient care (300+ hours) 2 publications with a neurosurgeon Spent the majority of my undergrad playing a varsity sport for my school, The remaining time was spent teaching special needs students with a company in my community and coaching. Did a few outreach clubs and have exec positions here and there, but nothing too serious outside of teaching, sports, and research. Lots of random awards by the university and province for sports, high class standing awards, and a bunch of smaller things. I have NO SHADOWING experience, given it isn't emphasized in Canada but please recommend whether it is very important to the states. I know it's a lot of questions but would REALLY appreciate it, thank you
  7. I'm building a website that tells you what your chances are based purely on your GPA and MCAT score for each school. I thought of this after talking to a friend who had difficulty making sense of all the data out there on medical school admissions. Is this something that would provide value to you? Thanks for your time.
  8. Hello everyone, As title says I wanted to know what are my chances with a 3.83 WGPA and 25 AA 24 RC and 24 PA. to get an interview. I have finished fifth year Undergrad. Thanks a lot for your responses.
  9. I am almost done my BSc in Biology however, I have an extremely low GPA around 2.33. Yes, I know that's terrible. I keep telling myself maybe I should choose a different path, but I just can't. I have been volunteering at the hospital for a few years now. I am not athletic and I have not been leading anything in particular. But I still want to be a doctor and now I am more mentally prepared then I was when I began initially. What can I do to increase my chances as an applicant?
  10. Just a little bit about me: Ontario resident WAS planning on applying to UofT and Western... now idk what to do first year gpa: 2.91/4.0 with 5 credits *hard facepalm* (gpa sucks) second year gpa: 3.41/4.0 with 4 credits *less hard facepalm* (but still pretty hard because of having only 4 credits and needing 5 for Western and my gpa not being where it needs to be) going into my third year of studies and planning on writing DAT this November what should I do?! side note: what are some good extracurriculars I can take?
  11. What are my chances of getting into a Canadian dental school?
  12. Dear peers, Hope everyone is doing fine. I was wondering if you were in a position to either have a W on your transcript or a C+ which would you choose? Knowing that W would have your cGPA to be 3.85 over 3.81 with a C+. Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers
  13. For a university such as UofT which prefers its MD applicants to have research experience, do you think having publications can "make up" for a lower wGPA such as 3.88? I'm worried that I will not be invited for interviews due to my low marks but I have a lot of experience in research and in my opinion, good ECs. Thanks in advance!
  14. hi guys, was wondering what my chances are of getting into any dental schools in the states with my current gpa and what schools i should apply to.So i graduated from a Canadian university with an average of ~70% (i know it's low ): ). I am currently finishing a dental hygiene program and was wondering if that would help me with my dental application (would dental schools look at that??). I am also doing two extra fourth year level undergrad science courses (getting an 80+ right now). I have some dental experiences and I will be doing my DAT by the end of the year. What are my chances of getting admitted to any american or even australian dental schools? thanks guys! (would help a lot if you can list some schools)
  15. I know it’s a long shot but I was wondering if anyone could comment on my chances at getting NSERC at uottawa. I don’t go to uottawa so I’m not exactly sure how my grades would be converted but I have a ~3.8 OMSAS GPA and have worked in a lab at uottawa the past two summers. Thanks!
  16. I'm finishing up my Master's (thesis) and I wasn't originally going to apply to UofT since my GPA with the lowest year dropped is 3.78 but I'm in that phase of "there's no harm putting in an application anyway", considering the deadline is nearing. Can someone give me an honest reply at my chance? I'm not sure if I'm wasting money by filling the app out. Thanks!
  17. So, my father has a close friend whos husband happens to be one of the most well known and best ophthalmologists in all of Canada. I'm sure once it comes time I may be able to shadow him as well as get a letter of recommendation from him. How much will this actually impact my application? Will they view this as just another doctor? If you're wondering, I just started Uni this past September. Thanks!
  18. Hello everyone. i hope you are all doing fine. i have a question regarding the hidden minimum gpa for successful applicant in the uOttawa french stream. i'am currently in my third year undergrad in biomedical sciences and i'am applying this year to uOttawa. my weighted gpa (using only full time sessions and dismissing summer courses while multiplying my second year x 2) is a 3.8222 gpa. i know that for gatineau residents the minimum for applying is a 3.7 and that is fine. but since there is no available information at all regarding the averages of each years successful applicants or interviewees. i can only speculate upon what my chances are to get an interview. i was told by one of my professors that my chances to get an interview is a 3.822 is 0. so i would like to have some input from anyone in the know, or who is currently in the french stream and knows the lowest gpa in their class or some kind of average. thank you all and sorry for my horrible english.
  19. Just wanted some input on my chances of getting into Queens, Toronto, Western and McMaster. I've had a hard time trying to gauge my GPA as I have gone to two different schools over my last 2 years, and both of them have different ways of calculating GPA, and one of them doesn't include a grade % in their transcripts, only letter grades. Here is a table of my last 20 classes with the suspected GPA correlating with the letter grade. School #1 A 3.9 A 3.9 B- 2.7 A- 3.7 A- 3.7 A- 3.7 B+ 3.3 A 3.9 B 3.0 A 3.9 B 3.0 A 3.9 GPA at school #1 = 3.55 School #2 92% A+ 4.0 72% B 3.0 79% B+ 3.3 92% A+ 4.0 91% A+ 4.0 93% A+ 4.0 76% B+ 3.3 81% A- 3.7 84.3% total =3.66 Average % at school #2 – 84.3% Total average GPA of the 2 schools using letter grades = 3.6 using whatsmygpa One question I have is using school #2 for calculating my GPA, I have an 84% which correlates to 3.66 using whatsmygpa, but when looking at ORPAS table, grade percentage of 84+ is >3.7gpa. Are there any other ways to determine what my GPA is over my last 20 courses? If I did add everything correctly, and my GPA is 3.6, are there any schools that would actually consider me? Thanks,
  20. What are your boi's chances?I am looking for some criticism of my school list. I am a Canadian applicant who doesn't have english (prevents me from applying to a lot of schools). I will also be applying this cycle in Canada but am looking to broaden my chances by tossing some apps to the states. s/cGPA = 3.91 (Year 1: 3.7, Year 2: 4.0, Year 3: 4.0) MCAT = 516: 128/126/131/131 Clinical EC's -73 hrs. volounteering in urgent care center - 895 hrs. Paid clinical research co-coordinator (My job was handling patient visits/direct clinical encounters) - 75 hrs. Physician shadowing variety of specialities (Anesthesiology, Gen Surg, EM, Dermatology, ENT, Fam Med) Research - Pubs/presentaiton: 3rd author review pub, Public research presentaiton, Local poster presentaion -Just started as student researcher in tumor immunology lab (project 184 hrs work by matriculation, possible pub) Non-clinical EC's -Pending patent on solar water pump for developing countries - 3 Service trips: 1 teaching in Jamacia, 1 building school, 1 mobile clinic (total work = 140 hrs) - 60 hrs. Orientation week leader - 151 hrs. VP of 3 different clubs at University (All focused on medical aid/health care improvement) -55 hrs. Social media coordinator for car wash company - 24 hrs. Delivery man for leftover food from University caf to local homless shelter Academic Accolades - Deans list -Deans list with distinction x 2 (given to top 3% of students) -University entrance scholarship - Lieutenant govenor of ontario award/Duke of Ed Gold Award - University scholarship given to 16 outstanding sophmore students Personal endavours - Co-captain/member of various intermural sports teams - Rigid personal fitness schedule 7hrs per week -Avid Traveller Schools Reach: Hopkins, Harvard, NYU, Yale Reach (iffy): Vanderbilt, WSLU Targets: Einstein, Duke, Sidney Kimmel, Geisel (Dartmouth), Georgetown, Oakland (William Baumont), Tulane , Hawaii, Chicago Rosalind Franklin, Loma Linda, Gorge Wash Targets (iffy): Mayo, CMU , Michigan State, Boston, Rush Medical College, UC Davis, Eastern Virgina, U Arizona
  21. Hi everyone, Before I start, I would just like to say that I’m posting this question on behalf of my best friend. I told him to join this forum and ask it himself but he was too scared and embarrassed to do it so I’m doing it on his behalf and for his own sake. BEWARE: THIS IS A LONG POST! Sorry in advance, I feel the need to be specific with the details. So, my best friend recently told me that he would like to pursue medicine as a profession and I couldn’t be happier and proud of him. As a current premed myself, it’s nice to have someone to have along on this journey to medicine. He’s a very bright person, extremely hardworking and possibly the most optimistic person that I could have ever met. I really look up to him, respect him and I also consider him to be my friendly rival. We both went to the same high school and he was very active in school and in our community. He was also a straight A student in high school, I’m not sure how relevant that is but I thought that it’s something that I should share. However, he recently dropped a big bomb of news to me. He told me that he had the worst two years of his life as soon as college started. You see, we both just finished our 2nd year this year so we are still fairly new to college. But, he told me that he had been assessed by the counsellor at our school and the assessment proved that he was suffering from mild depression and anxiety for the past two years. This mild depression and anxiety has affected his academic performances during the first two years of college. I felt like such a terrible friend for not noticing his signs and symptoms and that he was suffering from depression and anxiety. He hid it from me so well, too well if you ask me! As I’ve mentioned before, he is a very optimistic person and he showed no sign of change when we were hanging out. He always had a great big smile and we would always work hard and study together. But, it was all a façade, he secluded himself from everyone around him didn’t tell a single soul what he was going through, not even his parents. I felt very hurt that he didn’t tell me, me of all people, his best friend who would do everything to help him out! But I also do understand that he didn’t want me to worry for him and he didn’t want other people to worry for him. Fast forward, I asked him for the truth on what he’s now doing about his depression and anxiety and he told me everything. According to him, he is now getting treatment and he regularly meets up with a counsellor to talk and further help improve his situation. He’s also a part of a group that helps deal with anxiety and he told me that it has been helping him greatly. I genuinely feel like he is now on the right tract of improvment. He’s still very persistent in wanting to go into medicine. Throughout the years that I’ve been friends with him, I’ve never seen him that dedicated on a single goal. Sure, he’s a hardworking student but this type of goal orientation feels very different. Okay, so here are his stats for the first two years of college: cGPA: 1.70 According to him, his academic performances has been very rough. He was only getting Cs, C+s, Bs and B+s from his classes. In addition, he failed 5 of his courses and he planned to retake all of them. MCAT: Hasn’t taken it yet so N/A. ECs: Volunteer in a hospital, holds a leadership position in a science club and volunteer in a lab I know that his stats are extremely low and you [the reader] may think that my best friend is crazy for even thinking about pursuing medicine with these stats but he’s really determined to reach his goal. He’s currently taking summer classes to retake his failed courses and he has been doing amazing in all of them. He just took his midterm and he received an A+ after studying really hard for it. As his best friend, I really want to help him out to the best of my ability but at the same time, I need a realistic opinion from all of you. Please try to avoid any hurtful comments about my friend since he would also be reading this thread. I really need everyone’s opinion and input on what his chances are! Lastly, I’m not sure how relevant this is but he told me that he would like to mainly focus on applying at the University of Manitoba school. We’re both from Manitoba so technically he would be an In Province applicant and I know that they do Adjusted GPA but I’m not really sure how far that can help him. Should he stay for a 5th year? Just give up on medicine? I’m really lost on what I should tell him! Thank you all in advance!
  22. Hey guys! This is a bit of a long post but it's my first time posting here and I wanted to be thorough, really just looking for some honest feedback as I am new to the pre-med thing I have only recently made the decision to try for medicine, and I just registered for the MCAT. Having not done a science degree I am wondering whether it is even worth it for me to dedicate my whole summer if the rest of my application wouldn't stand a chance but makes me feel hopeful even in spite of my average GPA and lack of sciences...But I'm worried it may not even be that great compared to most applicants. My stats: GPA: 82% AGPA (without my first year): 83.8% Degree: BSc Major: Psychology, Minor:Political Science MCAT: tba EC's: Quite a few but I basically had no idea what i wanted to do in my undergrad so I got involved in everything... ~4 years (200) hours on-going volunteering at a Suicide/Crisis support online service for youth 13-30 -Summer intern full-time and then intermittent volunteer at a Psychiatric Residential Facility on the old Riverview psychiatric Hospital grounds in Coquitlam.. there I supported the clients in their everyday activities as well as facilitated programs and helped the OT, RT team with programs. -2 years as an RA/Community Leader, with one of those years as a Residence Education Leader in an international themed community -Elected and served as a Director-at-Large on my uni's Student Society's Board of Directors...Once elected I focused on my main platform promise of implementing a student led mental health initiative on campus, which included both raising awareness and making mental health literacy training such as MHFA and ASIS for students more affordable, which in turn would help students be more able to help their peers. We got a grant Capital Savings and then organized ASIST training to students at a fraction of the regular price. Other initiatives I led that year or helped lead involved the first mental health week with different stigma-busting/awareness/wellness initiatives each day. -As a student union board member was also an active member on several committees and campaigns (usually geared Affordable education and Campus Sexualized Violence Awareness ), as well as sat in on University Senate committees on Learning & Teaching, Advisory Committee on Academic Accommodation and Access for students with disabilities and Student Mental Health Implementation Committee. -Volunteer and member of Global Community Advisory committee for 2 years -Sent to Jack.org Summit in Toronto, yearly student national conference for mental health promotion in 2015. Then the next year in my 4th year I co-founded a chapter of Jack.org chapter at my university and we received another $2000 grant to run big event during midterms called "Built-to-bear Exams" where we set up a huge station and offered students a chance to build their own stress kits and provided booklets with coping/stress-busting resources...This club however was only active for the semester since I left for 7 months on exchange to Australia/travelling Asia the next semester and had too heavy of a courseload in my 5th year when I returned. -Work study position for a semester with Student Affairs where I helped organize the student performance in my Uni's annual Mental Health key speaker event, as well as researched college mental health initiatives across Canada and the U.S -Currently I am and have been volunteering for the past 6 months at the Victoria Brain Injury Society where I co-facilitate the creative arts program and also help with administrative duties Awards: ~4-year 16k$ Academic Excellence entrance scholarship out of HS ~$2000 grant from the University for the following year to offer students more subsidized mental health training, this time for Mental Health First Aid which occured the following year. ~700$ bursary from the Lorne Fraser Education Fund for those pursuing a career in Mental Health A little bit of background regarding my decision to try medicine...I started university studying Political Science, but through work / volunteer and personal experience developed a passion for the mental health field so I switched to Psychology. I was initially thinking of going into counseling/social work, but after spending a summer working at a psychiatric facility and having a family member hospitalized for recurring psychosis, I developed a deep interest the medical treatment of psychiatric illness and started thinking about psychiatry. Having said that, I have not done sciences in about 5-6 years at that point, having not done super well in them in HS...Thus in the middle of my 4th year I decided to stay an extra year and switch into the BSc Psychology stream to get some exposure to science courses. Having said that, I have not done sciences in about 5-6 years at that point, having not done as well well in them in HS. This year I ended up taking 6 courses each semester and upgraded my math 12, then took first year biology, chemistry and organic chemistry - it was a bit of a tough learning curve after 4 years of Arts courses , and i got a 74/76 in chem/ochem and 78/83 in bio.. which brought down my AGPA but 2%, but at least I knew I could tackle the sciences needed to write the MCAT. Plus, this year made me actually fall in love with science after getting fed up 7 years ago in HS and decided i wasn't smart enough for them. I guess my question at this point is.. should I do more course work in the sciences before applying and trying to do the mcat... for example, I haven't done physics since science 10 and was hoping to self-teach this summer..Should I just study what I can this summer and apply? I think my EC's are quite extensive, but is it what medical schools are looking for? Sorry for all the questions. If there is any other pertinent information that might be needed to assess my situation, please let me know! I really appreciate anyone reading this super long post .
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