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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all, I am currently completing a grad degree and wanted to take orgo (this January) to meet the Ottawa prerequisite. However, there are a few details I'm not sure about. If I applied next cycle... How would schools view this course? Although I'm taking this course outside of my completed undergraduate degree, would it affect my fulltime/part-time status to be eligible for wGPA calculations? Do you know if any schools would factor this course into GPA calculations at all? Any advice you could offer regarding this would be really appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Hey guys, just a quick question. I've noticed a lot of medical schools require 1 or 2 years of full time study (5 courses per semester) and also something to the extent of three of five full course equivalents at or above a given year level. How does this apply to transfer students? I'll be moving to another university for a different program for my "second year" but since not all my credits have transferred over I'll need to re-take some courses and will technically be in the "first year" of that program and will be graduating in another 4 years (basically retaking first year at the new scho
  3. Hi all, I am planning out my fall semester and was thinking about taking 3 or 4 online courses to increase my GPA for applications in December. Do you have any recommendations for online courses that are worth considering particularly in the 3rd year or higher? I heard good things about Athabasca courses but cannot find any specific threads. All the best
  4. I was hoping that a current or previous U of A OT student could tell me more about the student selected modules for course 543. I am trying to determine whether this is component of the program at U of A that appeals to me. What topics have you had to choose from?
  5. Hi everyone! My question is a little bit tricky but please bear with me! I have completed my undergraduate degree this past May 2017. I am choosing to take additional undergraduate level courses in order to improve both my cumulative GPA and weighted GPA for Queen's University. However, I understand that for Queen's wGPA requirement, they look at your 2 most recent years of study in which you completed a full-time course load, which is defined by them to be a minimum of 3 courses each semester between the months of September - April (the academic year). My final year of undergraduate stud
  6. I just read this under Undergraduate Applicants on the Utoronto MD site: "It is recognized that at times, students take courses in lower years for various reasons, such as a change in program or to complete subjects of interest or prerequisites that did not fit the academic schedule previously. If you have information about your academics that you feel is important for the Admissions Committee to know, please use the Academic Explanations Essay within the OMSAS application." http://www.md.utoronto.ca/academic-requirements Since I applied as a Grad student, I didn't read what was
  7. Hi, I know all schools and programs are different, but I'm pretty sure one course in neurology/motor control and one course in biomechanics is pretty standard everywhere. Which one of those courses did you found the most interesting? What was the workload like? How useful was previous knowledge in physics/physiology/anatomy/psychology? (please specify the school and program)
  8. I have just completed my MBBS, thinking to take a route of becoming a GP or a Family Practitioner. I was wondering if it is worth doing a postgraduate diploma now or wait a bit after gaining some experience? There some good courses on the market, some are almost entirely online, for example Postgraduate diplomas from Rila Institute of Health Sciences and Plymouth University, London (gpcourses.co). They offer courses from Cardiology, Diabetes, Dermatology to even Minor Surgery. Any one has any suggestions?
  9. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could provide some info on Western's psych program; specifically, in terms of it's difficulty. Or, if anyone has taken psych courses at western, how did you find them? Thank you in advance, any feedback would be highly appreciated!
  10. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could provide some info on Western's psych program; specifically, in terms of it's difficulty. Or, if anyone has taken psych courses at western, how did you find them? Thank you in advance, any feedback would be highly appreciated!
  11. Hi guys, I am a second year health studies student at the University of Waterloo. For my fall term I am taking three health courses (HLTH 201, HLTH 202, HLTH 204) and KIN 217, which are required. I took MATH 127 (calculus 1 for the sciences) as my elective. Although I consider myself to be good at math, do you think this is a good choice for an elective. I am not able to take CHEM 123, a prerequisite for organic chemistry 1 in the fall term because it is only offered online. Are there any other courses that you would recommend I take? Thanks
  12. I am going into my second year at Western and I decided to make a mock timetable for my third and fourth years of university. I am currently in medical science and I am planning to also pursue a minor or diploma in french as well. However, when making my mock timetable for fourth year I found that a mandatory course for the honours specialization I am interested in is only available at the same time as a mandatory french course which also only occurs at that one time. Obviously, this isn't an issue for me right now, but the class times tend to be consistent from year to year so this can be an
  13. Alright, this might be a long(ish) post so bear with me... I need some advice Stats: Rejected post-interview IP 2016/17 AGPA: 83.** with upward trend AQ: 20.** NAQ: 34.** MCAT: 510-512 Interview: Avg Non-traditional Completed BSc ECs: lots of various volunteering, music, athletics, leadership positions, publication, etc... a couple long-term commitments; have held many employment positions. Special note: I have never had a full courseload due to working obligations. I was rejected this cycle (WAHHHHH ) and now have to craft my plan-of-attack for the coming cycle as well as the
  14. Hi all, So a lot of the 1st year students who were originally in biomed at York are switching to kinesiology for second year so they can get a higher GPA for med school. Is this the right choice? I really need some suggestions. Some info about me: - in biomed going into 2nd year -my first year GPA was 7.6/9 (not that great) Knowing that second year is going to be tough, I decided to take a lot of the difficult/time consuming courses during first year summer (currently), including: - english (prereq for US med) -organic chem 2020 and 2021 -biol2070 + volunt
  15. Hey guys! I'm currently in the process of planning my courses for my first year at Queen's. Since I'm considering to major or specialize in life sciences later on, I already know that I'll be talking CHEM 112, BIOL 102/103, MATH 121, and PHYS 117. I have space for an elective. I'm thinking about PSYC 100, which I heard is a very popular choice, plus I really enjoy studying psychology. However, I would like to apply to medical schools in the future, so I don't know if it would be a better idea to take English during first year to fill that specific prerequisite and not have to worry a
  16. So I got into UTM for "Behaviour, Genetics and Neurobiology" and these are the courses I have to take for the program... Students in Behaviour, Genetics and Neurobiology take Biology, Calculus, Chemistry (BIO152H, BIO153H5, MAT134Y5, CHM140Y5).What other courses in first year do I have to take for pre requisites for med school? I did some research and it said "Prerequisite courses include two full courses in life sciences and one full course in social science or humanities or language. " for UofT Faculty of Medicine. In general, to be eligible to apply to UofT, McMaster, Western, etc. What c
  17. Hello, I'm french speaking so sorry if my english isn't always good. I'm currently studying psychology. I'm from Quebec so I went to cegep and was studying Social Sciences. I was in ''CST'' (weaker math) in high school so didn't do my chemistry and physics courses. If I want to start earning the necessary prerequisites for med school. Where do I start? Do I have to go back to cegep and start all again? Or can I do those classes at the university? Thank you.
  18. Hey Guys, I need some help with anyone who may know of this. I was wondering if any medical schools in Canada care about full course loads - 30 credits. I know that for a school like UofT, if you have always have a full course load for every year, they have a formula, but if you don't have a full course load for one year, they do not do the formula. What is it like for all of the other Canadian schools? Can I apply with 27 credits to other schools without problems? If I can apply, is there some sort of formula that I would be missing out on? Please help me, this is very urgent, Than
  19. Hello, I am a bit confused by the "Yearly Progress" portion of the application. Under number of courses, I'm wondering if year-long (6 credit) courses should be counted as 2 courses, because they count for more in average computation? I realize I'm probably overthinking this, but putting them as 1 course also downplays the number of courses taken in a year. Ideas? Thank you!
  20. Do you need to have 3.0 courses at the level corresponding to your current year of study? (ex: 3.0, third year courses, in your third year of study) If so, do they have to be courses from your module/ program or can they be outside your module/ program? Which GPA is used? Cumulative, or top 2 years, or most recent 2 years? And exactly how is it weighted/calculated?
  21. I'm entering 4th year HSP-IMS in Sept 2015 and I'm a little nervous about choosing courses because HSP-IMS requires 1.0 4th year medsci courses + 2.0 4th year modular courses. Taking 60% 4th year courses worries me because my 1st and 2nd year GPA aren't exactly the greatest (far below mediocre) and I was counting on my 3rd/4th year to balance them out. Does anyone know of any good 4th year science courses I can take, that aren't too bad to take in terms of workload and maintaining GPA? Any info on AnatCell, Physiology, or Medical Biophysics modular courses are appreciated!
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