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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I would really appreciate your help and advice. As the title suggests, I am having trouble ranking psych vs FM programs. So far my thoughts are: Psych: Pros: I really enjoy studying Psych and was fascinated during the few psych cases I saw on my primary care rotations. Love taking long detailed histories and having long interactions with patients. Can see myself loving Child and Adolescent psych. Cons: Because of COVID my placements were all virtual/ phone-based, so I did not get a realistic feel and committing to a 5-year program is scary. I am an IMG so I will need to do 5 years of residency PLUS 5 years ROS. Again as I am an IMG, had no exposure to psych in electives. FM: Pros: I found that though FM is very general, you still see a good amount of stable patients with mental health issues. 2 years is amazing! ROS will be shorter - year for year so I'll be done both my residency and ROS in 4 years. Cons: don't like the huge variety of cases, If I were to go into FM I want to mainly see patients with psych issues, idk how achievable that is.. Did an observership with 2 family physicians in Canada, they complained so much about unfair compensation from the government, paperwork, not having as much time with patients because of the paperwork, getting no respect from specialists, nurse practitioners etc. I am already considering things like location and program highlights/ electives. Are there any other factors I should think about before deciding how to rank them? Any advice will be appreciated! My understanding is that money wise both FM and Psych are very similar. Any insight on enhanced skills in Addictions/ or a fellowship in child and adolescent, on how they would affect lifestyle, salary, etc. would be appreciated.
  2. I'm a newly minted FM PGY1 trying to explore what career options are available in primary/preventive care and recently discovered aerospace medicine. Sounds like a cool field but I know very little about it and how to even pursue it as a Canadian resident. There are a few residency/fellowship programs in the States but there doesn't seem to be a clear training path within Canada. I'm not even sure how to find a job in this field in Canada. Curious if anyone happens to know more about aerospace med and how to pursue it, or know someone currently working in the field?
  3. A lot of people talk about "rural medicine", but what really defines rural when it comes to medicine? <100k popultion? <50k? <10k? The practical definition of rural I have in mind is the point at which a community starts to have family medicine doctors do more and more things that would be exclusive or almost exclusive to specialists in major metro areas (OBGYN, emerg, hospitalist, etc). So I guess I am really wondering at what size of community this starts to happen in Canada.
  4. So, it appears that as of this year(?), family medicine programs will be evaluating applicants based on structured LOR rubrics instead of traditional LORs. A few days ago, a sample rubric was posted on twitter. It was widely criticized for being discriminatory and/or otherwise problematic. In response to the backlash, CaRMS and the CCFP rushed to distance themselves from it. We still do not know exactly who was involved in drafting the rubric, but it appears to be the severely misguided brainchild of the AFMC and all 17(?) family medicine program directors, who have pledged to revise it in view of the feedback they've received from Canadian MedTwitter. If they still plan to roll these out for the 2021 match, the revisions presumably need to be completed by November 23 (the date that program descriptions for the R-1 match go live). This would not seem to leave enough time to fix the multiple issues identified with the sample rubric. Thoughts? Is the FM SLOR salvageable? Or should they just scrap it and start over from scratch for 2022?
  5. I'm currently a preclerk med student wanting to go into family medicine and looking for advice from upper years/residents on how they have found the FM programs at different schools across Canada for a comparison. Looking specifically to know how competitive, intense, innovative the programs are and what kinds of opportunities are offered. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi guys! Much gratitude in advance for the replies/advice/insight! I'm an M3 in Montreal, Med-P background, and only have eyes from Family Medicine. I just wonder too often whether, at this point, I'm strong enough of an applicant? I have no research experience, but do have years worth of community involvement (mostly from before Med-P, about 1 years worth during) and my own health literacy initiative. Apart from this, so far, my clerkship evaluations are good. I plan on pursuing electives that could help me refine skills that would make me a better Fam Doc. I am "well-rounded" with respect to my extracurriculars. However, that is about it. What can I do to make myself a stronger candidate? To match here in Montreal would be a dream, but I certainly will be applying broadly. To summarize, here are some questions I would hugely appreciate having answers too. 1) What makes a strong family medicine applicant? 2) Is research worth pursuing during M3/M4 given I have no previous experience? 3) Are some strong reference letters more valuable than others (i.e surgery vs psych vs fam med) 4) What do you recommend as far as electives for a Fam Med applicant? Thank you so much! Please excuse my anxious med-p energy (it's chronic).
  7. I am a McGill medical student interested in Family Medicine. Ideally I would like to stay in Montreal. I have some questions about the FM program at McGill (Montreal area) and I would appreciate it if a current resident or recent graduate can reach out to me via DM. Thanks
  8. I have read in several places on premed 101 (and heard from several other students) that multiple family medicine programs allow you to add applications to additional sites (within their program) after interviewing. I am having trouble finding reference to this within the carms program description pages. I am wondering if anyone knows: 1. Which FM programs you can add additional site applications to late? (Particularly interested in UBC, Dalhousie, NOSM, and Memorial.) 2. How to logistically do this---assuming within carms portal exactly as you applied for other programs? 3. If we decide BEFORE the interview (i.e. now) that we would like to add a site application if we can do that? Really appreciate the help!
  9. Schools that have released their interviews. If you've heard, please list. I know of: Calgary Saskatchewan McMaster NOSM McGill Queens University of Alberta
  10. Hello, I am a 3rd yr medical student in the US. Plan is to match back to Canada for FM. I was torn between FM and urology for some time but decided that what I liked about urology were the minimally invasive procedures (TURP, vasectomy, circumcisions...etc) as opposed to prostatectomies or cystectomies. Therefore I realized I would be happy being in FM with the ability to add a few minimally invasive procedures. I am in the US so I came across a link that showed the procedures US FM physicians can do with additional training: https://www.aafp.org/dam/AAFP/documents/events/nc/handouts/nc17-procedures.pdf I was wondering if that is the same in Canada regarding scope of practice? Also if a particular training is not offered in Canada, could one do additional training in the US and come back to practice in Canada? For example a subspecialty in possibly vaginal delivery/C-sections/hair transplant/liposuction/colonoscopies...etc, would be nice to add to FM practice. Also what difficulties and barriers do you all suspect would make this process more difficult? Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone has information with regards to differences in the downtown sites for FM at UofT? I am particularly curious about Mount Sinai, St. Mike's, Women's College and St. Joseph's and how the different sites compare with regards to hands-on experience and preparedness for real world community practice. In addition if anyone has information regarding the Scarborough site that'd be helpful. Thank you!
  12. I am really having a hard time ranking the family sites, I keep rearranging my top 10 esp with mac, Ufot, and Queen's sites! Would somebody be able to comment on their experiences at any particular sites for those schools such as - Queen's Oshawa and/or Peterborough site! The presentations were amazing, especially Oshawa! - Mac's peripheral sites like Niagra, Halton, Kitchener-waterloo etc. - UofT's newmarket and Barrie, and some GTA non-downtown sites If anybody has any insight or could speak to their experiences in terms of learning to service ratio, customizability, calls, the city/town etc. I would really appreciate some help with ranking (and probably others in this forum that are also in the same boat!) Thanks so much!
  13. I have just completed my MBBS, thinking to take a route of becoming a GP or a Family Practitioner. I was wondering if it is worth doing a postgraduate diploma now or wait a bit after gaining some experience? There some good courses on the market, some are almost entirely online, for example Postgraduate diplomas from Rila Institute of Health Sciences and Plymouth University, London (gpcourses.co). They offer courses from Cardiology, Diabetes, Dermatology to even Minor Surgery. Any one has any suggestions?
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