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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone! I posted on the "What are my chances.." thread but had not gotten any input or advice for my stats. I just wanted to post again and see if anyone had any opinions on whether I should re-write the DAT this November, I'm just having a difficult time figuring out what to do especially since a lot of folks have higher stats (scrolled through the DATCrusher FB group and was definitely in awe of all the scores posted). Last cycle (2020-2021) I got an interview for UWO and got wait-listed (I don't think the list will reach me). I also just finished up my 2 yr course-based masters in July. Here are my stats: DAT: 21 AA, 20 RC, 21 PAT GPA: ~87-88 for best 2 years, and 3.9 for undergrad + masters EC: many school clubs, non-profit volunteering, research, but minimal shadowing I was wondering if with these stats I'd have a chance at UofT or UWO? Any help would be appreciated! I am very desperate for a second opinion
  2. Hello, I'm new to this forum. I need advise on what to do. I have two courses left to finish for my program. I will be finishing those from september 2021-december 2021 and apply to graduate. My cGPA for now is a 3.0. I was about to do a fifth year hoping it will increase my GPA but it'll be a waste of time and money since its not going to increase as much. I know I have to do a second degree. My question is what do I do a second degree in? I searched up accelerated nursing and the courses they require, I mostly have. I added the pre-reqs courses in my schedule for now. So now my schedule has four courses (two courses for my program, two for the pre-reqs for nursing). My EC's are good. I was a research assistant in a lab for four months. Have two hospital volunteering for 1+ years each and have been doing religious volunteering for 4-5 years now. I am currently volunteering at a hospital for about 6 months now but I think I'll leave this and continue the other hospital ones. I haven't written my MCAT yet. These are rough estimates and I'm using OMSAS for this since my school is not on a 4.0 scale. These years include summer courses as well. year 1: 2.5 year 2: 2.4 (more than full course load; this is whats dragging me down because I had no guidance whatsoever) year 3: 3.0-3.3 year 4: 3.0-3.3 (I think its around 3.4; COVID year) I am retaking one class rn in the summer because I got a D+ last time. This time its an A. After this semester, my cGPA will most likely be close to 3.1 but nothing more than that. The first 2 years I did not have any guidance on what to do and how to make a schedule and didnt know how to study. Year 3 and 4 I did better and learned from my mistakes and what works for me. I would like to show this through a second undergrad degree. My question is: What are some other options to do a second degree in? (preferrably something that will get me a job in if med doesnt work out). I researched on some courses I can do to some a technician but those are all college diploma's not a degree which I know wont be good for med schools at all. Any advice would be appreciated!!
  3. 8 Years ago I went to university full time for a year, got pretty bad grades (including 1 failed class). Now I just finished my second year of undergrad a second time with a perfect 4.0 so far. Out of the Med Schools around me (Western, McMaster, uoft) how would they all look at this. Would they even require / know about this year? I know Western takes your best 2 years which would give me a shot, but how about the other two schools? Would they take those courses into the equation? Unfortunately even if I continue a perfect 4.0 throughout all 4 years I will be stuck with a 3.5 - 3.6 GPA which probably isn't good enough to get in from what I've seen.
  4. Hi everyone, I want to ask your opinion on my following program selections. I am fortunate enough to be accepted to the programs of my choosing, and I now have to decide where I should attend. Queen's new Health Science (On-Campus) program has been created to "compete" with the previously established McMaster Health Science. I have heard this from both Queen's/Mac students/faculty members. This year, Queen's has a target enrolment of 170 students (last year they over accepted and had around 250+ students), out of close to 6000 applicants (up by 2,000 applicants from the previous year). In contrast, McMaster has a target enrolment of around 240 out of 7000 applicants. After talking to Queen's Health Science students, and seeing their official transcripts, and comparing that to what McMaster Health Science students tend to get (no official class averages from Mac), it becomes extremely apparent that the class averages of Queen's Health Science is way higher than those of Mac Health Science. While McMaster hosts a high average of 80%+, the Queen's Health Science courses consistently had a 90%+ average (for both first and second-year core classes). This means that many students at Queen's (many of which I know) have averages of 4.0 on the OMSAS scale, whereas not that many Mac Health Science students have 4.0 averages (albeit 3.9+ averages are common). The only issue is that Queen's Health Science will not have a graduating class until 2023, whereas McMaster already has a history of sending students to medical school from their program. But at the same time, I also know that your program doesn't matter and that as long as you have a good GPA, EC's, MCAT, Interview, etc., you will have a shot. My concern is that I may be turning down Queen's, a program that may help me become more competitive when it comes to applying to medical school. Also, I'm not sure how graduate programs will react to the sudden influx of Queen's Health Science students applying to their program, with most of them having extremely high averages (3.9/4.0). Some questions I wanted to ask are: Should the lack of a graduating class be something I take into consideration? What would you do in my position? Let's assume financial, community life and fun, etc. are not factors. Purely looking at it from a program point of view. P.S. Here are some screenshots of what Queen's University students provided me. I was told these are the official documents provided to them by their program.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot, but I'm currently entering my third year at Western and have only now realized I really want to pursue medicine. That said, my first two years were pretty bad, and I'm not sure what to do or how to improve my chances. I have pretty solid extracurriculars and work experience, so my main concern is having a GPA that's competitive enough for an interview, because I was uninformed and didn't realize that GPA was king and I focused so heavily on bolstering my non-academics. My first semester of first year wasn't bad (I had a 3.9)– it was my second semester that tanked because of a 56 in physics 2. Then, the summer after first year, I decided to try and fast-track but due to personal reasons, I also tanked those courses, obtaining a 56 and 64 in the two 0.5 credit classes I took. Upon entering second year, I retook one of the summer courses and physics 2, getting a new grade of 76 in the summer course (it was orgo so definitely not my strong suit), and getting a 92 when I took physics 2 again. I've been super confused with how each different med school in Canada calculates their respective adjusted GPAs (if applicable), but so far my first year GPA including the 56 in physics is a 3.44 on the 4.0 OMSAS scale (would be a 3.71 without physics). Those two second year courses I took in the summer after first year have also tanked my GPA, but I'm not sure if they'd be considered part of my first year or second year GPA (if someone could help me out with this I would appreciate it). I took a full 5.0 courses in first year, and in second year, I took 5.0 courses as well (but repeated 2 half courses). I'll give a summary/breakdown here: Year 1 GPA: 3.44 (with physics), 3.71 (without) Year 1 SUMMER GPA: 1.65 (not sure if this is separate or gets tacked on to the GPA of a full year) Year 2 GPA: 3.53 (did pretty bad first semester due to personal issues that continued from the summer, but I had managed to 3.9 second semester after working on tackling my personal issues) What's clear here is that my current grades and GPA are not by any means competitive for medical school, or even close to many cutoff requirements. However, given that I started university with the necessary grades and made improvements after getting hit with personal issues, I know I have the capability of obtaining 3.85 to 4.0 in each of the next three years (I am planning on doing a fifth year to raise my cGPA). I've learned that many medical schools are not so forgiving of hiccups like mine, and my main worry is that the 3 terrible courses I've mentioned might really ruin my chances at med, because a majority of my other courses were 80s and 90s with few high 70s. I know I still have a shot at Western med, but I'm not too sure about other med schools. I'm also willing to take 1.5 courses for each of the next two summers if necessary to raise my GPA and/or overload during the year. At this point I've considered a sixth year or a second undergrad, because I know I want med and I know I can get the grades in the NEXT three years, but I really messed up the first two. I have not written the MCAT yet (currently studying for it), but my main concern is meeting GPA cutoffs with my first two years dragging me down. If anyone has insight on what to do in this situation, or strategies to get my GPA up to a competitive level (ex: second undergrad or master's), or info on schools I might be eligible for, please let me know.
  6. Hey guys, i just wanted some advice on what i should do to increase my gpa. So i did abysmal my first two years in Uni with a 2.81 and 2.71. However, i switched my major into something i enjoy (bio science to Psych) and managed to pull my grades up this year drastically (on par to end the year with 3.7-3.74). Since i am entering my final year of my undergrad, would it be wise to take 2 required courses and 3 random courses to postpone graduation ( graduating after a fifth year) or should i just graduate then pursue a second undergrad. Only thing I'm concerned about is if there are an special requirements on applying after pursuing a second degree, any clarification would also be helpful. Thank you
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