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Found 17 results

  1. Je suis en Kinesiologie à l'UdeM et il me reste 1 an pour terminer mon Bac. J'ai une cote R de 32 et donc j'aimerai l'augmenter. est-ce preferable de changer de programme en Chimie? Quelle est l'indice de force de ce programme? J'aimerai rentré en DmD ou Pharmacie merci
  2. So I’m currently a grade 12 bc student with offers for both ubc and uofc for kinesiology. I am wondering if moving to Calgary for undergrad is worth the albertan in province status in the future. but tbh I would prefer going to ubc much more because I already know a lot of older friends in the program that could give me advice and guide me through the program. Would it still be worth moving? Another thing that I could possibly do is transfer to Calgary after my 2nd year. any thoughts on what I should do would be very helpful. im also not dead set on medicine, I would also consider doing dentistry or physio
  3. Currently a grade 12 student in Vancouver BC. I’ve applied to Calgary, Toronto and UBC for kin. I’ve been accepted to both Calgary and Toronto but am still waiting for UBC. But at this point I feel like my chances of getting into UBC are pretty slim even though it’s my first choice as admissions is ending soon. My goal is to get into med school one day and I’m hoping for some advice as to which program would give me a better chance to achieve my goal.
  4. Hi guys! I was wondering if kinesiology would be a good premed undergraduate program? I am fairly interested in it and I heard it is not too hard, but it doesn't seem like a valuable degree to have. What are your guys's thoughts?
  5. Salut, j'ai été accepté en kiné et en génie logiciel à Udem et à Poly respectivement, mais je me demande lequel choisir. Les deux m'intéressent autant (mis à par que je kiff moins la physique). Je sais que génie logiciel serait de loins le meilleurs choix au niveau du plan B (meilleur salaire, très bon classement, beaucoup de possibilités de carrières, etc.), mais j'ai entendu dire que si tu veux continuer en médecine c'est plus facile d'avoir un bon GPA en kiné qu'en génie. Quel choix devrait-je faire ? Disons que c'est pas bon comme pre med, est-ce que ce serait un bon tremplin pour entrer en médecine dentaire ?
  6. Hello, I am finishing my first semester of university in a kinesiology program. I like it, it's okay, but I don't love it like some of my peers are loving their programs and schools. This bothers me because it is so expensive, a lot of effort, time and stress. I know I want to stay in a program like kin, but I have also had nursing bothering me in the back of my mind since applying to schools in grade 12. Some of the things I really like here are: the campus and surrounding areas, the vegetarian-friendly community, my volunteer placement and the content of most of my courses. However, compared to other schools I find this school to be boring & somewhat disorganized. Not many clubs, campus becomes a graveyard on weekends, not a good party scene. I just feel like I am not having a good time and all I do is school work. I don't know if this is me adjusting, or something else, but I just know this university is not as great as I thought it would be, and it is kind of upsetting. I want more out of this experience. Should I look in to other schools/programs? Should I wait another semester or two to see if this is where I want to stay? How do you know if you should transfer/consider transferring? Is it WORTH it to transfer?
  7. Hey guys, I was looking into applying to the B. Sc. Kin at Mcgill. People who have done this program, how is the course load, how is it compared to other science programs and what was your cegep r-score that got you in? Thanks
  8. Hi I was just wondering how easy it is to get in to a Bsc Kin at Mcgill. Would you be able to get in with a 25 r-score?
  9. Hi all, So a lot of the 1st year students who were originally in biomed at York are switching to kinesiology for second year so they can get a higher GPA for med school. Is this the right choice? I really need some suggestions. Some info about me: - in biomed going into 2nd year -my first year GPA was 7.6/9 (not that great) Knowing that second year is going to be tough, I decided to take a lot of the difficult/time consuming courses during first year summer (currently), including: - english (prereq for US med) -organic chem 2020 and 2021 -biol2070 + volunteering at old age home and at a lab so that leaves genetics, cell bio, biochem, and stats for 2nd year major courses, and the rest are electives (i have no idea what electives to choose as gpa boosters, the ones I wanted are already full - some suggestions on this would also be greatly appreciated) I will also be doing a research practicum and 2nd year summer for mcat prep If I switch to kin, I'd have to do first year kin courses, plus I read in another forum that very little kin students were accepted to med school (although I have to check on this) Any suggestions on whether I should switch to kin or continue in biomed?
  10. Hello, I recently got accepted in kinesiology at moncton university in new brunswick and I did not get in to exercise sciece at concordia so I am down to my second choice which is behavioural neuroscience. I have trouble deciding where to go and i am scared to make the wrong decision and then be stuck not being able to go to med school. Please help me decide between going to moncton in kinesiology for a year and then apply to a university in montreal in kinesiology or just going to behavioural neuroscience. I am going to apply to med school after regardless but I want to know which one I should take. Thank you for helping me!
  11. i wanted to do a second degree in the bachelor of science in kinesiology, but after seeing what classes I have left to complete after all of the transferred credit it seems daunting. I really can't mess up my GPA in the next 2 years and have to keep it as close to perfect as I can. These are the classes i have left below. Any input would be appreciated as I'm really stressed about this decision.. Mostly I'm concerned about how I have to take them crammed into 2 years. For all of you who have done the kinesiology degree or are currently in it and have done these courses, how are they? Will it be difficult to balance these classes? Any input from other kinesiology programs not at the U of A would help me out so much! Year 1 1. PEDS 100 2. PEDS 101 3. PEDS 103 4. PERLS 104 5. PERLS 105 1. HE ED 220 2. HE ED 221 3. PEDS 200 4. PEDS 203 5. PEDS 209 Year 2 1. PEDS 240 2. PERLS 207x 3. PEDS 303 or HE ED 321 4. PEDS 306 5. PEDS 311 1. PEDS 334 2. PEDS 335 3. PEDS 401 4. 9/15 Professional Practicum
  12. I'm trying to decide between these two types of programs. I am fascinated by the human body and that is why I am interested in Kinesiology, however I am not interested on the sports/coaching aspect of it. Life science would give me a better science background, but I heard it generally looks at biological things from a molecular level.
  13. Anyone know much about Queen's Kinesiology program?
  14. Hello! Here's the thing, as a fellow pre-med I share the same ambitions as many of you, but am completely lost as to which degree I should pursue. In terms of the schools alone, both are appealing in terms of their campuses, environment, student life, etc. I'm just unsure of which to pick. The main concern with me picking is my 'dilemma' with biology. I understand biology is 'the study of life' but I am far more interested when the study is applied directly to the human body. Medical Sciences offers interesting modules related to this in their third and fourth year, yet their first two years require a lot of 'general biology'. In comparison, Kinesiology offers you this from the get go. However, a lot more people from Medical Sciences, just statistically get into med school. I am willing to put in the work no matter where I go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again. EDIT: A concern I had with Kinesiology is that I have no interests in sports at all, I picked Mac because they focus primarily on the scientific approach to Kinesiology.
  15. First post here! I am finishing a bachelor of science in Kinesiology, BUT, the degree is within the faculty of education. Logically, I thought that Kinesiology courses would be science, but its not in the faculty of science. This is also a completely different degree to recreation and health education, which is also at our school, where students would take a bunch of sport courses like "Badminton" and they receive a bachelor of arts. In Kinesiology, we take cellular physiology, systemic physiology, exercise physiology, motor learning, motor control, functional anatomy, etc. In addition, it is a requirement to get into the Kinesiology program through completion of a year of chemistry, year of biology, and half a year of physics. So, if I were to get LORs from professors in Kinesiology, would this count towards the science letters since it is obviously science-intensive and is a bachelor of science, despite being in the faculty of education?
  16. Hey fellows, I'm a student in high-school grade 12 and I got the results for this semester and I've got 90+%. That basically means I'm eligible to apply to any science program I wish to apply to and I have to make a decision, and quick before the deadline of early admission. I want to do either CMMB(general not honors) or Kinesiology(general). I liked CMMB after I checked out the CMMB course outlines about immunology, virology, human genetics and stuff like that and it really intrigues me. Maybe because I really loved genetics in grade 12. But looking at the kinesiology major, It's equally fun because, common, it's all about the human anatomy and physiology! Bottom line: In matters of interest, I love both equally. This is my second problem, Since my main aim is to go for med school, I'd choose an 'Easier course' for a higher potential GPA and more time for ECs, but I don't have anyone's views on these programs at University of Calgary. It would be really really really really helpful if you would share your experiences/views! You know, in terms of the nature of professors, course difficulty, etc. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Hey fellow pre-meds! So i'm stuck here in the fork road to chose between kinesiology(general) and biological sciences(general) as my Major. Could anyone give me a comparison between the two? So here's the thing, biological sciences really intrigues me but recently I found out about kine in which you just study about the human body! Doing that would be really fun but what do you think about kine? I really need to take care that the major I choose ensures I'll get a good GPA, i.e I want to take the easier course where getting A's has a better chance. So anyone with kinesiology or biology major would you please help me? Also a few more questions to the kine and bio majors, What subjects do you study in your first and second year? Are there any common subjects with the Bsc and Bkin degrees? What was your GPA and how hard did you have to work on it? Would you recommend me taking me your major? Please share your thoughts! Even your tinniest answers would be really helpful for me! Thanks in Advanced.
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