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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Is the life science programs at McGill in the faculty of environmental science and agriculture equivalent to the Biomedical programs at the McGill in the Faculty of science? Life science is at the Mac campus and Biomed is at the downtown campus. Life science is easier to get into but does it have the same qualities as Biomed? Does a life science student have a chance of getting into medicine? Which program will give me the best GPA Thank you so much who those who are able to advice me
  2. Hello, I am applying to university soon and I would like to stay in Toronto as much as possible. For all my life, I have always been considering the traditional route of taking Life sciences to go to Med school, but my options have opened ever since I started to play the harp. I am graduating from the IB program and I want to avoid workload stress however, I do understand that taking music as a major will require a lot of my time, I heard, double the amount as normal undergrads do. Despite that, I also play music as a form of de-stressing and I go to it when I don't want to study. I also heard that there are a lot of advantages with being a music major, with it improving your likelihood in getting into university because of uniqueness, dexterity, reflectivity etc. I want to become a coroner so I definitely have to take Med school. I'm not actual sure how university works with all the majors, minors, specialists, degrees etc. So considering that I want to have the minimum amount of stress while still having the required courses for Med school, what would be the best options for me? Major in music and take bio courses during summer school? (yikes) Take Life sciences and somehow find a way to do music (um?) or are there any options? If I take music as a major, would I have to take a gap year before I get into med school? Thank you so much!
  3. Hello, So I am a prospective student who may soon accept my offer to McMaster's Life Sciences program! I'm looking for any information that you guys/gals can give, such as the competitiveness of the environment, opportunities for research, professor approachability and availability, quality of teaching, marking on curves, general difficulty, how you found Mac overall, and just your feelings about the program and your own personal experiences in striving towards professional programs such as medicine and dentistry. Do you feel as though Mac Life Sci adequately prepared you for post-graduate programs? Are there any other programs you recommend? Additionally, how many in your year in life science do you think/know went on to professional programs? If it helps, my high school average currently is 93.5%, and the major I am interested in is Honors Molecular Biology and Genetics! Thanks!
  4. I have been admitted to the following programs, and I'm trying to decide which program to enter: Western Medical Science McGill Life Science/Biomedical McMaster Life Science Queen's Science University of Guelph Biomedical Sciences York U Kin/Life Science I've looked at the courses of all the programs above, and I love them all. I wouldn't mind campus environment, scenery, and location. So I guess I'm just asking which program has the best student to professor ratio and is the easiest to achieve a high GPA. My end goal is med school (LOL, like everyone). Currently, I'm leaning towards Western's Medical Science, but I'm turned off by the extremely large class numbers and high student to professor ratios. I also applied to McMaster Health Science and iSci, but sadly got rejected from both So if there are alumni, current students, or anyone else who knows about the programs, please help me out. THANK YOU FOR HELPING A CONFUSED PRE-PREMED P.S: I understand that you can get into med school from any degree and school, but I would like a low student to professor ratio.
  5. Hello premed101, I am a student from McMaster University who has yet to declare a major. I have narrowed it down to two subjects, Physiology and Biochemistry, and of course, as with many other students, the goal is medicine. I love anatomy and all the physiological processes, but biochemistry is also high up there in my favourite subjects. I did well in my chemistry and biology courses in 1st year. I know both prepare you good for medical school, but would anyone like to offer any advice as to which major I should study? Thank you for your time.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm currently doing first year life sciences at UofT. I did pretty bad first semester due to personal/medical reasons (2.3 gpa) but I'm doing a lot better this semester (~3.8 so far) and I know I can pull my gpa up but It wouldn't be possible to get more than ~3.7 by the time I graduate (even if I took a 5th year) which is not very competitive for most med schools. I've been thinking of transferring to York just so I can start over again. I love my program right now and I wish there was a way to revert my gpa back, but I'd rather get my undergrad elsewhere if that meant I could get into a better grad school. On the other hand, I would be going into kinesiology or biomedical sciences at york, neither of which I love too much, although I'd probably have a better chance at getting research opportunities in kin than at uoft. And the med school acceptance rate for york grads is very low, which makes me even more reluctant. I can't make a decision so if anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks
  7. So I got into UTM for "Behaviour, Genetics and Neurobiology" and these are the courses I have to take for the program... Students in Behaviour, Genetics and Neurobiology take Biology, Calculus, Chemistry (BIO152H, BIO153H5, MAT134Y5, CHM140Y5).What other courses in first year do I have to take for pre requisites for med school? I did some research and it said "Prerequisite courses include two full courses in life sciences and one full course in social science or humanities or language. " for UofT Faculty of Medicine. In general, to be eligible to apply to UofT, McMaster, Western, etc. What courses should i take first year in addition to the required ones in my program. Thanks
  8. Hey Everyone! I'm currently trying to decide between Western University and Queen's for the Medical Science and Life Science programs. I'm stuck between the two schools as I know they are very similar so I'm hoping I can get some feedback from you all that can help make my decision a little easier. Western University: Pros: -The Medical Science program seems rather specialized compared to Queen's -I can graduate with my Bachelor's of Medical Science rather than just a B.Sc -The Medical Science program is ran by Schulich Medical School so I feel like I would be getting the best of the best in terms of academics -Better dorms -They seem to have A LOT of clubs and recreational groups to participate in -Western is ranked higher Cons: -I've heard Western is a huge party school and I think it would be harder to focus if everyone around you is going out all the time -I've been told that first year is very difficult -The campus isn't as close knit as Queen's -I've been told that Western is very much like a high school and can tend to be a little clique-y Queen's University Pros: -I've heard the people at Queen's are a little more academically focused -The more "conservative" school of the two -Kingston -The campus is close knit and so pretty! -Smaller class sizes -I've heard Queen's is fairly generous in terms of bursaries.. Not too sure of this though Cons: -I haven't heard as many things about the Life Science program itself in comparison to the MedSci program.. -Supposedly Queen's sends less people into Medicine than Western -I've heard the science programs can be very competitive My long term goal right now is to get into medicine after undergrad so I'm hoping to attend wherever will best prepare me for the MCAT and my future in general. Also, please correct me if some of my pros or cons are incorrect as a lot of my information was passed down onto me from others. All advice and input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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