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  1. Hi there!!! I'm on course to finish a research-based MSc (2-year program) at UTSG in early 2022. My life sci undergrad at U of T (4 years, full course load every year) really screwed me over and the effects still haunt me now through my GPA which is far from competitive (3.3 exactly). Things were going well until my 4th year when my family started going through some hard times financially and I struggled to balance work/school. As a result, my fourth year marks were relatively poor and dropped my cGPA. I did my MCAT between my 3rd/4th year, and meet the cut-offs (126/125/127/126). I don't mind rewriting the MCAT if necessary. I did a MSc hoping that it would offset my low undergrad grades, but I'm still having major doubts about whether or not this was the right call. The good thing is, I'm realizing I actually enjoy doing research, so I wouldn't mind dedicating time to a PhD. I still want to get an MD. Here's what I'm considering - any insight or advice would be appreciated! It would mean the world Which option makes the most sense??? Should I just apply for a MD/PhD? Do I even stand a chance or is my application getting tossed out? Should I apply for a PhD and complete that, then apply to an MD program afterwards - would that improve my chances? Should I do a second undergrad degree (really my last resort)? Is there any other option here that I'm missing? I'm so lost and worried. Please Premed101 help me out!!!
  2. I started university straight out of high school. I did 2.5 years before being kicked out. My poor academic performance was due to a variety of reasons including trauma and mental illness. I took some time off and I went back to school in the 2020/2021 academic year. I'm currently doing well academically and personally. I'm halfway through my degree. I calculated my gpa using the OMSAS scale: Year 1 - 2.60 (30 credits) Year 2 - 2.05 (22 credits) Year 3 - 0.7 (12 credits) 2020/2021 - 3.96 (30 credits) I've never taken the MCAT but I've done some basic science courses. I know that medical school admissions are extremely competitive in Canada and my GPA is low. Is there a realistic chance that I could get accepted into a Canadian med school? I know that Queens and Western could be options for me due to their 2 year gpa policies. Are there other medical schools with similar GPA policies? I am not from Ontario and med school in my home province is not an option due to my marks. I know that some schools allow applicants to provide an explanation for poor academic performance. Are there any med schools which are known to give this a lot of weight? I do have compelling reasons to explain my poor academic performance but I don't know if they would be enough to make up for 2.5 years of bad marks. I am also worried that disclosing my trauma and mental illness could backfire. Is there a realistic chance that I could get into a US MD or DO med school with a decent MCAT score? For reference, I'm a Canadian citizen. I have some work experience and some volunteering but my extracurriculars are nothing special. I don't have any clinical experience. Does anyone have suggestions for extracurriculars I could do to improve my application? Thanks.
  3. Hello! I have BSc and a Master’s major in Biology. Science heavy but my WES undergrad GPA 2.4 and they deleted my whole first year (according to Canadian grading system so they deleted my first year UG) I actually thought my 1st year was high cos I was one of those top students, and then family problems and my grades went downhill. Anyway, my grad school was science-heavy as well and with thesis - 3.9 GPA and best thesis. WES Evaluation is I have 3 year Bachelor's and Master's degree. I think my EC’s are quite good. Any advice on how to boost my GPA? Should I do Special Master's Program? I'm mostly interested to Canadian Med School. Thank you, I appreciate your input.
  4. Hi, I'm a pharmacist working in Ontario and wish to apply for medicine (it was always the goal -- long story). I've been able to pay off loans and whatnot and now am ready to apply. My stats are: UofT undergrad: 2.68 Pharmacy undergrad (completed in the UK): 3.36 MCAT: 506 (125/127/127/127) Quite extensive EC (sports, arts, dance, community work both within lower-income and new immigrants) No publications/research completed as of yet My gameplan is to do another UG and redo the MCAT. The next UG degree is actually something I'm interested in and was going to do if I didn't get into the pharmacy program in the UK. Anyways, I don't mind the long road (being financially stable and relatively young helps), and am interested to do a masters as well to strengthen my application. There will be research and a publication I will be participating in over the summer of 2017. As for work, I'm working part-time/relief so I can devote all my time to my studies. Just looking for any feedback, guidance, critiques, or suggestions for things that I may have overlooked. Thanks for taking the time to read through this.
  5. Hi! I am a post doc who is hoping to apply to MD schools. What are my chances in Canada/US with my stats? Completed BSc, MSc and PhD, in 1st postdoc. GPA: Undergard GPA 3.2 (first year 3.4, summer of first year 1.8, Second year 2.5, terrible in first semester (1.7) and better in second semester (3.3), summer of second 3.5, third year 3.7, summer of third year 2.7, fourth year 3.8). MSc Gpa 4.0, PhD GPA 3.8. ECs: I have many ECs: clubs, conferences, lectures, speaker/panels, hospital volunteers, RA employment, non-profit, etc. Publications: 15 publications, 6 first author MCAT: I have been practicing for the MCAT and am at about 500, 127 in cars, hope to increase that to 505-510
  6. As a result of existential circumstances, poor study habits, and poor strategic course planning, my GPA is approximately a 3.4ish. I will be pursuing a research-based masters program this upcoming fall. I am pretty close to giving up my dream as a doctor due to my low GPA. However, what are my chances of making it into med school after my masters?
  7. hi, basically, i'm here to ask for advice on route options for getting into a medical school, based on my current situation School: first did practical nursing at an Ontario college (currently an RPN) and just graduated from an Ontario university with a bachelor of science in nursing (BScN) (nclex-rn to be taken shortly) - university gpa: 2.3 - mcat: haven’t taken it yet and no prep started yet - medically related experience: nursing school clinicals/ working as an RPN - extracurriculars: barely any volunteer experience (at least not recently), didn’t join any clubs in university, not particularly part of any groups outside of school other than rec sports - No other parts of application started yet: personal statement, letters of recommendation, etc. an individual told me about a 'post bacc' school in toronto called medical education programs (MEP) (https://www.medschoolimg.com/) ... apparently you can take courses at this school to improve your gpa/mcat prep and subsequently apply to the school's partner medical schools (schools that accept their courses/credits). **I would 100% like to get into a US med school vs. going to the Caribbean and would also like to start in the next 1 to 2 years. Obviously my gpa is beyond rough so that doesn’t give me leeway to have a choice but just stating this so readers are aware** plan (current ideas): - Caribbean: looking at particularly Ross university or SGU (or any of the big 4)…. take pre-req courses at MEP to increase my GPA/MCAT prep with self MCAT prep/prep course and apply to both schools for September 2019 or January 2020 start. *Note*: Ross utilizes a program called medical education readiness program (MERP) in which if admissions thinks you could benefit from the 15 week MERP to prep for med school success by learning better learning strategies and more prep in science coursework then your conditional Ross acceptance will be granted to you upon your completion of MERP (which may be a possibility for me if I can I boost my GPA with the MEP courses??) - Canada: I understand Ontario schools currently out of the question for me… unless I do another undergrad and kill it, which I don’t want to do at this point. not sure about any other options for me in Canada nor did I do further research on this - USA: explained my situation to an admissions advisor and she said even if I excel in the MEP course and kill the MCAT, I would possibly have to do another 2 years at uni to up my GPA to be able to be even slightly competitive to apply to US schools. Please give your thoughts/ideas on routes for me to get into US schools - UK/ Australia/ Ireland/ Israel/ elsewhere: ?
  8. What are my chances of getting into a Canadian dental school?
  9. Hello, I have recently finished my 3rd year in university majoring in microbiology/immunology. I have recently found my passion towards being a doctor, and I am worried if I am too late. So here are the details: 1st Year GPA: ~3.7, 2nd Year GPA: ~3.1 (yeah, it sucks), 3rd Year GPA: ~3.7-3.8 MCAT: 509 ECs: ~400 hours in one lab, ~600 hours in another lab with non-zero chance of being able to publish some data as idk, 6th author?, ~100 hours in hospital as volunteer, and few executive positions in student societies. I am afraid if it is too late. I know UBC takes the worst year out in the calculation for GPA (I am BC resident), but I don't think any of my GPA, my MCAT scores, or my ECs are competitive enough. I am thinking of doing a Master's before I apply, to buy some time for ECs. Any advices?
  10. I don't expect anyone will know the answers. But if you have time, I could use some advice and perspective on this manner. I'm in Canada. Dreamed as a Canadian born Filipino background to become a Flight Surgeon in the last week after failing by 1% to qualify for my pilot's license during the summer time just after my birthday at 16 y/o. MD & unfortunate events Now I'm 21. That dream is unrealistic after being abused by my boss who provided me a CHEM tutor job, 2 top volunteer awards, Scopolamine, and high marks in organic chemistry of 97 and 95 since my 2nd year till graduation. Now discarded. Don't worry I got counselling for healing from that. Forced to graduate with no extra terms due to financial reasons with a ~77% average, ~3.18 GPA, MCAT I took 2 wks after wisdom tooth surgery (125, 120, 124, 122 = 491) An option that still lingers in my mind is to go into the Canadian AF for flight nursing right after my paid Research award from May-August 2018. Especially with a RC Air Cadet background and an award for the Best President of a club at Uni. I don't know how further nurse applications in the CAF works yet, but I already passed the intelligence test with the CAF with flying colours to do either Flight Nurse or Doctor if I ever get accepted. Grad school vs. Nursing school This same supervisor for the Research award does not have funding. I also want to go into grad studies to either continue the research exp I had in a lab since 1st year 2nd term till now and do something with a supervisor that I know is mentally healthy and within the topics of my interest like my research award in tissue engineering or go into chemical physics and do some spectroscopy of nanoparticles related to analyzing amino-acids in gas phase, nanoclusters, and gold particles under IR spectroscopy and differential mobility spectroscopy (DMS). However, the issue is the job market after a masters, let alone a BSc. So, I'm thinking my best bet is to go into the military as a Nurse Officer to get mah CHEQUE & full pension by 40 y/o and see if I want to do MD down the road there in the land of "the True North strong and Free" under staying silent of the abusive actions of the higher ranks. Sorry if this was too much. Just being real here to find my next steps. Thanks for anyone's time here.
  11. I'm sure I'm asking the same general questions that have been asked a million times, and I'm still a few years away from even thinking about applying to med school but I'm really starting to consider what my next steps should be. I'm in my last year of a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Psychology. It will have taken me approx. 5.5 years to complete my degree by the time I'm finished (I've had to work a LOT during my degree to support family members who were struggling). Due to a family loss, my first year GPA was awful (1.85 on a 4.3 scale, or something like that). However, I've had a strong upward trend and have had achieved 3.2-3.7 every semester since. I'm expecting to graduate with a cGPA of around 3.26. I attribute this to the fact that I gave up on the idea of medical school after my terrible first year, and aimlessly wandered through the rest of my degree. I did not enjoy psychology (which was my 'back up plan') and therefore did not feel motivated to continue pursuing it. That said, I've wanted to go to medical school for years, and I'm looking for a way to achieve that goal. For this reason, I'm thinking about pursuing a second degree. I want to make myself as competitive as possible to as many schools as possible, while realizing that realistically, a lot of schools won't overlook my less-than-stellar grades in my first degree. I've already got a few ideas of what I really want to major in (as in, subjects that would give me a viable backup plan if medical school doesn't work out), but I'm just having some troubles with the logistics of going forward. I have a few questions specifically: 1. Would it be acceptable to complete a two-year degree, provided I am able to get approx. half my credits from my first degree transferred to the second? I've read that it is usually fine, but I just want to check. 2. How can I get involved in extracurriculars that would improve my CV? I haven't done much over the course of this degree, except for work an extreme number of hours at an irrelevant job, but will be focusing solely on studies and extracurricular activities during my second degree. I don't really know where to start with getting involved. 3. Would it be advantageous to study for, and write, the MCAT early in my second degree so that I can get an idea of where I stand and rewrite if necessary? 4. I have a few withdrawals on my transcript... Most from my first year, but one from this current semester. I was going to re-take first year calculus due to a low grade but decided against it as I felt it would affect my other grades and I would not significantly improve my marks. How significant is this going forward? Thanks so much in advance!
  12. Completed a BA and finished with a 3.2 GPA (3.6-3.7 when weighted). I'm considering all possible paths to increase my chances of getting an II next year, including Nursing at either UdeM or McGill. Is it an easy program if you put in the work or is it nearly impossible to get an A+? Would you recommend this program as a second bachelor? If not, which program would you recommend?
  13. [deleted] Thank you for all those that commented. I appreciate all those that took the time to read it through.
  14. Which Canadian (or US, but Canada is preferred) med school has some kind of forgiveness in their application? I have a very poor GPA from 1 year of a previous unrelated degree and refuse to let it impact my (now) very strong application. I know University of Calgary can "ignore" (for lack of a better term) post-secondary from 10+ years ago. Does anyone else know of anything else similar but not as drastic? Ex. only calculating a cGPA from your best 3 years. Literally anything that doesn't make me wait 4 more years.No way am I going to omit those old transcripts from my application so please don't bother suggesting.Thanks in advance
  15. cGPA: 3.67 I took a few semesters with 3-4 courses. Last 2 semester GPA is about 3.9. ECs: Volunteer/research at labs, computer science instructor, hospital paediatrics volunteer, doctors without border head office volunteer, president/founder of school club In my 3rd year of undergrad at the University of Toronto. I have yet to write my MCAT, thinking of applying in the 2018/2019 cycle. Any advice on what I should do next? What can I do to become a better applicant? Should I focus on more ECs? What schools should I focus on and what schools should I not look at? I would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thank you so much!
  16. Hi everyone! Um for starters this is a tad embarrassing for me so please hold your judgement until reading all the way through. I am looking for an objective opinion on how medical schools would view and extreme upward trend and odd circumstantial stuff. I started university in 2014 and literally did not get one credit my first two years due to crippling health issues and seriously weird family stuff. I know it's absurd and such a waste, however I can surely say I was not in a sound mind at the time. Needless to say, I was released from my program. Fast forward to now, I'm a non-degree student on track to be admitted into a B.Sc by the end of the year. I received some medical treatment and honestly can say I don't even recognize my self - I'm pulling 80s and 90s in the courses I'm taking and am more organized and generally better at life than I have ever been. Here's the catch: Even though I'm going into another program, the first failed attempt will still be on my transcript. I'm going to be overloading and essentially completing a full degree in 2.5 years (grad fall 2019) as I don't want to be in my undergrad any longer than that lol. If med schools see this ridiculous overload and upward trend, do you think they'd be willing to accept me? Even with my awful first stab? I'm incredibly involved on campus and a very well known leader with school admin and students, and I've accomplished some awesome things in my extra-curriculars. Also - I tried going for an academic appeal (where the schools basically erases your bad marks bc of health) however it isn't being decided on by the committee until September, and the policy is that ALL course must be erased, so the fantastic marks I earned this semester would be erased, so not sure if I want to go through with it. Thank you for reading my long winded and weird situation, any input would be greatly appreciated! Happy Easter xo
  17. I had been working since high school (grade 11) to save up for the cost of a University education in a lab on campus. While I loved my job as a research assistant (and it is the reason I stumbled into/discovered university), I did my undergraduate degree in engineering, and the course load/curriculum seemed so difficult for me while balancing trying to have enough income to support myself, and contribute to my family (this required about 15 -30 hr/wk). Unfortunately, I graduated my engineering degree with only a 3.5/4.0 GPA. On the plus side, I did get a few second/third author publications (8, during undergrad while working) and 1 first author publication (during masters). I did a masters to attempt to better myself as an engineer and potential MD applicant, and ended up with a UBC average of 90% (GPA 3.9/4, from 6 courses + thesis work) and won a few awards (NSERC CGSM, and a few institutional awards). Right now I am working for a start up, and taking online University courses (under open studies) in biology, biochem, and physiology/anatomy. My parents are doing much better now so I no longer need to support them financially, and have more time to study even while working half (sometimes full) time, and am earning around 95%'s on my midterms. My concern is that I took so many courses during my undergrad in engineering (140 credits +), that the heavy nature of my undergrad has permanently soiled me as an applicant by drastically weighting my grades as low. I am looking to write my MCAT this upcoming summer and am wondering what score I should strive for given the low nature of my GPA and the fact my extracurricular activity seems a bit odd. Also, is taking the 4 courses and a good MCAT score enough, or should I consider not being open studies but rather do a second bachelors in sciences? Also, do you have any ideas on what schools I would have a marginal shot in applying to? (I am still on Alberta care). My volunteering probably isn't that great compared to other applicants because initially I was super education focused as opposed to care oriented: -WiSEST, Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science & Technology, direct supervisor/mentor (320 hrs) -volunteer self defence/fitness karate instructor (500+ hrs) -demonstration leader for engineering and science high school outreach (75 hr) -student secretary/chairs/committee member for various engineering student societies and groups (total 250+ hr) -needle exchange, drug harm reduction volunteer (50 hr), ongoing -radiology/hospital volunteer (50 hr), ongoing -one on one wellness visitor for elderly (20 hr), ongoing My recent volunteer work with vulnerable populations has really re-ignited my suppressed dream of becoming a doctor. If I could manage to get in... the idea of practising medicine from an engineering perspective really excites me. I realise that there are oceans of far more qualified people, and only a few spots, so I do sincerely appreciate your honest insight. Thank you.
  18. Let's say my low GPA for 1st and 2nd year average at 3.39 GPA and 80.2%. LOW GPA Year 1: (1A+1B)/2 = (3.35+3.33)/2 = 3.34 (5 labs total worth 1.25 credits) (1A+1B)/2 = (77.9+77.5)/2 = 77.7% Year 2: (2A+2B)/2 = (3.49+3.39)/2 = 3.44 (4 labs total worth 1.00 credits) (2A+2B)/2 = (84.3+ 81.3)/2 = 82.75 % Total LOW GPA = 3.39 (80.2%) I know with my work ethic, I can get above 90's in courses that are mathematical, courses that I have access to introvertedly learn on my own before the course, courses where watching videos at 3.6 speed to accomplish any material can help, and as long as no one is berating me or I'm not dealing with grief of potentially losing someone close to me. The only path to continue is that I have a good MCAT of 132 verbal and apply to Mac or Western or get 128 balanced or above for all sections and apply to any medical school in the Fall 2017 and Fall 2018 before I take a fifth year of more bird courses with more courses that can help me get a Masters. The question is If my scholarship only covers for the first four years of university and I don't have enough for a fifth, sixth or more year, or for a Masters and PHd, what do I do until I get in to medical school through the Canadian military that pays off medical school only?
  19. Hey there! I've been an avid lurker here lately but decided to seek opinions on my situation. I've wanted to go to med school since I was a wee little thing, wimped out due to lack of confidence in my capabilities with Uni sciences (before even taking the courses sigh... -.-), and have recently decided that since it is what I am really passionate about, that it is worth the work and time commitment to get there. However, my undergrad experience is slightly different: Major: Double Major in Psych. and English Lit. (Arts) at UBC (BC resident) Cumulative GPA (of my first 3 years - going into 4th and planning a 5th to take pre-req's): 3.3 on 4.0 scale GPA by year (1, 2, 3): 3.8, 3.3, 3.3 I hit some personal problems in my second year (mental health problems which I have managed to persevere and overcome, thankfully) leaving me with a very subpar GPA. I won't be done pre-req courses until I complete a 5th year and I refuse to take the MCAT before then. I've read too many horror stories of people thinking they'll be the ones to get a bomb looking score just by reviewing test prep - yeah, no thanks... saving myself the tears I'm hoping to bump my GPA up to a 3.7 minimum and am hoping that the double major, as well as the breadth of my studies, has an impact in terms of admissions. I have well rounded EC's (volunteering at an AIDS/HIV clinic in downtown Vancouver, teaching elementary school groups over reading break etc.) and am planning on doing some psych. research at UBC these next two years. I should also mention, I have always been a fulltime student, but took 3 + then 4 courses in each 1st year terms, 4 + 4 in my second and third years, and plan to take 5 each term in my last two years to have a full courseload. Will not having taken a full courseload each year negatively impact my application? Or will either the double major, having to work full time for financial reasons, or having my final two years as 30 credit sessions offset that? Any opinions on what my chances are? I'm wanting to stay in Canada, but will consider US schools. No overseas for me. Nope-ity nope. (Planning to apply in fall of 2018 for 2019 entry since I won't be taking the MCAT until mid 2018.)
  20. Hi! Just starting out exploring my options for medical school. Finished an undergrad in nursing (BScN) at Western University, graduated with a 3.43 GPA (due to very poor marks in 1st year; marks trended up from 2nd - 4th year). Have not completed the required pre-req's for most Canadian schools, and have not yet written the MCAT. Have a wide variety of EC's which may be my only advantage. Wonder if anyone advise's writing the MCAT without the science pre-reqs and just self studying/taking an MCAT course. I worry that if I take the science courses, there is potential for a poor mark to decrease my GPA even further. I am willing to travel/apply anywhere, just hoping to achieve the med school dream from an untraditional background! Any advice would be helpful!
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