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  1. Salut! Comme j'ai vu qu'il y avait de l'intérêt pour un groupe francophone de préparation pour les MEM de McGill, j'ai pris l'initiative d'ouvrir ce topic pour qu'on puisse s'arranger entre francophones. ^^ Personnes intéressées: Groupe A @cestlahess (Med-P) @Imen (MDCM) @Kibo(Med-P) Libre Groupe B @LGMed2021 (MDCM) @cc11 (MDCM) Amie de cc11 (MDCM) @FHKIN(MDCM) Groupe C @Médecine1(MDCM) Médicomage (MDCM) @Nicolas(MDCM) @Holamola(MDCM) Groupe D @Aurora (MDCM) @Ing_222(MDCM) Libr
  2. As stated by the Mcgill website: Minimum of 60 consecutive graded credits complete at the time of application. Performance in courses not yet completed at the time of application must be comparable to the level of performance seen in the academic records submitted at the time of application. A marked decline in academic performance in the final term(s) may lead to withdrawal of an offer of admission. How do they assess GPA regarding our primary undergrad degree? Do we only submit our 60 most recently finished graded credits? Furthermore then what is our degGPA with regards to my que
  3. Hello everyone, Let us present ourselves: we are student ambassadors of McGill Medicine. Not too long ago, we were in the applicant seats and we sympathize with the anxiety that comes along with that role. In fact, some of us roamed the pages here at premed101 and asked questions of our own in the hope of elucidating some of our worries about the application process and student life at McGill Medicine. We are glad to tell you that we are happy with our choice and this has brought us to pilot this Q&A initiative, where we hope to give back some of the good advice we have received alon
  4. Bonjour! Je viens de terminer ma première session d'université en kinésiologie cet automne dernier à UdeM. Je termine avec un GPA de 3.88/4.33 . Je me demandais si quelqu'un saurait cela équivalait environ à combien en CRU dans ce programme et quelle est la CRU minimale approximative qu'il faut pour ergothérapide à udem. Je sais qu'UdeM regarde seulement mes notes de la session d'automne passé et celles de cégep, mais je voulais m'essayer aussi à McGill... Je crois qu'ils prendront en compte mes notes de cette session d'hiver aussi si je ne me trompes pas. Je voulais savoir si McGill acce
  5. Hi, I was wondering if any current Mcgill MD student is willing to help with MMI prep. I will pay for your time. Send me a message if interested.
  6. Salut! Je suis présentement étudiante de 2e année et je me demandais s'il y a une possibilité que je soit acceptée en p-med, sachant que ma cote R est de 34.5 (première session). Je sais que pour les notes de la 2e session, mon cégep n'a pas opté pour la politique de pass or fail (apparemment les unis ont accès à nos moyennes?). Mes notes pour cette session étaient toutes légèrement au-dessus de la moyenne des autres étudiants (environ 5%, tournant autour des 88-92%). Cependant, je m'inquiète un peu pour ma cote R de 3e session, puisque j'ai eu beaucoup plus de difficulté avec mon ap
  7. Hi everyone, Can anyone else who applied to either one of these two programs confirm whether or not they are still able to login into UApply and access either one of their applications and upload documents? I was under the impression that applications would be locked after the February 10th deadline, but for whatever reason I still seem able to access and upload documents to my applications? Thanks!
  8. Salut!! La date du premier TAED approche bientôt donc j'ai pensé commencer une discussion sur l'admission en DMD pour l'automne 2021 si jamais vous avez des questions sur quoi que ce soit! Heeyy! The first DAT exam is coming up soon so I thought of starting a discussion for the fall 2021 dentistry admissions in case you had any questions!
  9. Forum for anyone applying to McGill Dentistry 2021 :)
  10. Salut! Je suis en en premier cycle en bac de kinésiologie à Udem. Je voulais initialement aller en ergothérapie ou physiothérapie à UdeM ou McGill, mais ma cote r était trop faible. Présentement, elle est de 30,655. Je me suis mise en kiné pour tenter d'augmenter mes notes. J'ai lu plusieurs posts disant que kiné n'était plus un autant bon programme tremplin qu'auparavant , mais c'était plus dirigé à ceux qui voulait aller en médecine. Je comprend aussi que l'IFG n'est pas très fort. Je vois que celui a Ulaval est de 2.644 (https://www.ulaval.ca/sites/default/files/admission/table-des-etalons.
  11. Hi guys, this is my first time posting on this forum but I was hoping to get some help with choosing my undergrad. To give some insight on my educational background, I'm graduating from Cegep this semester but my R-score isnt too great(30.4), so I have to do my undergrad before applying to med school. This has been my childhood dream but unfortunately I went through a really rough patch in Cegep however Im willing to put the effort it takes to do well with my undergrad and try my chance for med school. I applied to Concordia university for winter 2021 in Cell and Molecular biology(specializati
  12. Hi all! Is anyone having issues with login into Minerva for the first time? I entered my ID and my PIN (YYMMDD), but it doesn't let me login... Thank you! EDIT: Got it !
  13. I was looking to apply to McGill this cycle and wanted an idea of how competitive I'd look pre-interview. I'm a Quebec resident (though I did post secondary in Ontario) and I have a CGPA of 3.83, I'm finishing up my Masters and my GPA for that is 3.93. I also just got my MCAT score back and got a 517 (130 in everything except CARS which was 127!). I know McGill this cycle is no longer looking at prerequisite GPA specifically and the average GPA for IP students admitted last year was 3.87. I'm just wondering how I'd fare this year as I feel my undergrad CGPA may be too low (considering thi
  14. Hey, I was just wondering what you guys think will happen with the interviews this year. The pandemic still has a massive impact on our lives and I've started thinking about wether or not we'd have MMI's this year. Do you think that the MMI will be replaced by the CASPER like last year? Or will the Universities be able to organize the MMI's and respect physical distancing measures?... Maybe it's still too early to ask this sort of question but it's been on my mind since the interviews were cancelled for the 2020 admission cycle. (I'm a CEGEP student Btw)
  15. Hi everyone, I was wondering if knows whether you have the option to choose between MD and MD-PhD if you get into both for Mcgill. In the application you can only select one and they mention that even you don't get into MD-PhD you could still get into the MDCM program, however I'm just wondering if you could decided between the two if you got your MD-PhD acceptance or you have take MD-PhD
  16. Bonjour, si quelqu’un est intéressé à se préparer au Casper, si vous voulez envoyer moi un PM! Je sais qu’on ne peut pas trop se préparer à ce genre de truc, mais on peut se poser des questions fabriquées par nous-mêmes juste pour se donner une petite idée. {Je ne vends rien} merci!
  17. IP / OOP / International Result: Invite / Reject / Waitlist for Interview cGPA: sGPA: DAT (PAT and MDT): ECs: Year: UG (what year), Masters, PhD
  18. Bonjour, je me demandais si c’est possible de passer le CASPer deux fois, une fois en anglais et l’autre en français. La raison pour laquelle ça m’intéresse c’est pcq Mcgill et Udem acceptent en Anglais et les deux autres uniquement en français. Je me sens plus à l’aise avec celui en français, donc c’est pour cela que je me posait la question. merci!
  19. Hi everyone, I'm planning to apply to bunch of school this year, many of which require casper. For Dalhousie, the latest date you could right the test is Aug 28 but for the others one the last date is much later in the year. I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to right the test twice, one for dalhousie and another for others. I know on their website it says limit of 1 test per year but website itself allows you to book a later date so I'm not sure if you actually cannot write it twice.
  20. Hello, on the McGill site it states that you can be admitted on the basis of your second degree GPA if you have completed 45 credits by the Nov 1 deadline. Say I start a 2 year after degree this September. How would I be able to meet the 45 credits by Nov of next year? (nov 2021?) Thanks Policy: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements/requirements-edu/degree-requirements
  21. Bonjour, j'ai fini le cégep récemment et j'ai été accepté en Nutrition à McGill et en kinésiologie à Udem. J'attends encore la réponse pour kinésiologie à McGill. Je voudrais savoir si kinésiologie est un bon programme pour ensuite aller en pharmacie (après 1 ans environ). J'ai parlé à un pharmacien et c'est ce qu'il a fait. Aussi, est-ce que le programme de kinésiologie est plus facile et permet de bien augmenter la cote r à McGill ou à Udem?
  22. Hey guys, I was just wondering for those who got interviews at McGill: how competitive does ones CV have to be? I just finished my first year of Cegep and will be applying next cycle to Mcgill + Francophone schools. Academically R score in 38-39 range at the moment, but a lot will depend on next semester (over 50% of it because second semester won’t count due to COVID-19). My biggest worry is that my CV won’t be competitive. Unfortunately, I was planning on working and volunteering this summer but everything has been cancelled since COVID-19. Will the fact that most of my commitments ended in
  23. Bonjour, Je n'ai pas appliqué en médecine cette année parce que je savais que je n'avais pas de chance d'être admis en médecine avec une Cote R de 31.8 en science de la nature. Pour l"automne 2020, je vais aller en droit à l'Université de Montréal. Par contre, j'ai toujours le désir d'aller en médecine malgré le fait que j'aime aussi le droit. Je voudrais savoir quand je pourrais rappliquer en médecine à ULaval, Sherbrooke, Udem et McGill. Effectivement, je ne sais pas si je dois compléter mes études en droit pour ensuite rappliquer en médecine ou bien je peux rappliquer après
  24. New Listing for a roommate Montreal, QC-Roommate with M3-Room in 2-Bedroom Apartment near McGill University 3455 rue Durocher, Montreal, QC H2X 2C9 www.MedsHousing.com Montreal McGill Contact Landlord: I am a current med-3 student looking for a roommate for a private room in a lovely two-bedroom apartment right outside of McGill’s campus for only $545/month (including all utilities, not including Internet $25/mo)! The rent is negotiable depending on the duration of your intended stay. Available starting June 2020, until De
  25. Hi! Anyone else on the Med-P waitlist 2020? I'm between 15-20 on the waitlist... Don't want to get too discouraged! Does anyone know how much it moved last year?
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