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  1. Hi im a cégep student trying to salvage a shit cote-r. I definitely won't get into medicine directly after cegep due to my weak grades. I didn't really care/ try hard enough before. Recently ive worked really hard to increase my cote-r. I think ill end up with a 29-31 (it was 24 at the end of my first semester ), what programme do you guys think would increase my chances of getting admitted after a successfully complete a bachelors degree (hopefully)? the programs I was considering are : Baccalauréat en biochimie et médecine moléculaire (UDEM) Baccalauréat en sciences biopharmaceutiques (UDEM) Baccalauréat en microbiologie et immunologie (UDEM) what scares me is getting a 4,1-4,33 GPA in the programs and not even get admitted thank you for your time
  2. I would like advices and guidance on the career I'd like to pursue; which is becoming a Pediatrician. These are decisions I've made so far: 1. I've completed my BSc Honours degree in Microbiology. 2. I've applied for my Master's degree in medical Microbiology and Immunology and also Master of Public Health. Now, where I am a bit confused, is the turn of events till I enroll into pediatrics. I initially thought that enrolling into a medical Master's course was going to be a prerequisite to enroll into pediatrics, but I researched, and it doesn't look like it is going to be as smooth as I think, how silly of me. What do you recommend? What are the steps I should embark on, inorder to reach my goal to become a Pediatrician? Any advice is quite welcome.
  3. Armed or Alarmed? Share your thoughts on alert management, and how you manage EUFMD alerts as a pharma manufacturer by completing this survey https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdnnS_8WpI0zZ70b1Wgu7QBsF2Veq0ktd4gF9dvQndyLiIfyQ/viewform In this survey, we seek to understand more about the different experience our clients and peers are having with processing and managing alerts. We would be most grateful for a few short minutes of your time in completing this. Your answers will be entirely anonymous, but will help us to build a better picture of the key challenges facing our industry.
  4. Hello! The new residency/med school term is starting soon and this unit is perfectly situated in a convenient downtown location! We are looking for a 12 month lease, and the unit is available immediately. Price and terms are negotiable (please DM me). I have a 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom condo for lease in a very convenient location in downtown Toronto. It is located right across the street from Toronto General Hospital, as well as several other downtown hospitals and clinics. The unit itself is unfurnished, and quite spacious, approximately 600ft with a balcony. It has en suite washer and dryer which are brand new, as well as a dishwasher and microwave. The unit includes utilities, aside from cable/internet, as well as 1 locker. Parking is available in the underground garage, although it has to be arranged through building management. Typically it is $100/or so, much cheaper than most parking garages and outdoor parking. The building itself has great amenities, including a fitness centre, game and party room, indoor pool and sauna. There is 24 hour security on site, as well as a superintendent on site. I myself lived here during residency, and it is a very safe building, and very conveniently located to all of the downtown hospitals, and close to TTC lines, grocery and shopping centres. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions!
  5. Je suis en Kinesiologie à l'UdeM et il me reste 1 an pour terminer mon Bac. J'ai une cote R de 32 et donc j'aimerai l'augmenter. est-ce preferable de changer de programme en Chimie? Quelle est l'indice de force de ce programme? J'aimerai rentré en DmD ou Pharmacie merci
  6. Salluutt ! Puisque la COVID nous inquiète bcp et semble vraiment avoir impacté nos chances d'admission (du moins, pour plusieurs d'entre nous) je pensais qu'on pouvait partager nos stats pré-entrevues, juste pour avoir une idée du portrait des appliquants cette année! Voici le format que je propose, libre de modifier à votre guise Catégorie : (collégien vs uni) COTE R/ GPA pré-covid : COTE R / GPA post-covid ( si applicable) : Programme : (SN, profil..., SLA, pharma, etc....) CASPER impressions (si fait) : Commentaires : ?
  7. Calling all medical school applicants… This is a reminder that interview acceptances are coming soon… BUT, before complete terror sets in, we are pleased to announce the return of the annual uOttawa Med Prep Day. Overcome your fears by joining students from the class of 2023, as you learn how to tackle medical school interviews, strategize your way through ethics questions, and receive helpful tips for your interview day. This full day of activities includes small-group practice of interview questions with second year medical students as well as lectures on medical ethics and well-being. All proceeds from Med Prep Day go towards the MD2023 class charity, Roger Neilson House. By joining us, you will not only strengthen your interviewing skills, but also support an incredible organization. Med Prep Day is open to all students who have applied to medicine, regardless of your chosen school or interview invitation status. Presentations are in English, while small groups will also be available in French. Date: Saturday, February 6, 2021 Location: Virtual on Zoom Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Cost: $12 Capacity: 96 students (48 Anglophones et 48 Francophones) Link for registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/medprep-day-2021-virtual-tickets-136978334887 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Med Prep Day organizers Valérie and Ahmed, at admissionsmd2023@gmail.com. --------------------------------------------------- Appel à tous les candidats à l'école de médecine... Ceci est un rappel que les lettres d'invitations aux entrevues s'en viennent bientôt....mais avant que la terreur complète s'installe, nous avons l'honneur d'annoncer le retour de la Med Prep Day de l'UOttawa. Surmontez vos peurs en rejoignant les étudiants de la classe de 2023 en apprenant comment surmonter les MEM ainsi que les entrevues panel, explorez les questions d'éthique et recevez de judicieux conseils pour votre journée d'entrevue. Cette journée complète d'activités comprend la pratique en petits groupes de questions d'entrevues avec des étudiants en médecine de deuxième année ainsi que des conférences sur l'éthique médicale et le bien-être. Tous les fonds amassés iront à la charité choisie par la classe de MD2023, La Maison Roger Neilson. En nous rejoignant, vous allez non seulement augmenter vos techniques d'entrevue, mais aussi supporter une organisation incroyable! Med Prep Day est ouvert à tous les étudiants qui ont appliqué en médecine, peu importe l'école ou le statut de l'invitation d'entrevue. Les présentations seront en anglais, alors que les séances en petit groupe seront aussi disponibles en français. Date: Samedi 6 Février 2021 Endroit: Virtuel sur Zoom Heure: 9h00 à 16h00 Coût: 12$ Capacité: 96 étudiants (48 Anglophone et 48 Francophones) Lien pour inscription: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/medprep-day-2021-virtual-tickets-136978334887 Si vous avez des questions, sentez vous libre de contacter les organisateurs de la journée, Valérie et Ahmed au admissionsmd2023@gmail.com.
  8. Hi, I'm a pharmacist working in Ontario and wish to apply for medicine (it was always the goal -- long story). I've been able to pay off loans and whatnot and now am ready to apply. My stats are: UofT undergrad: 2.68 Pharmacy undergrad (completed in the UK): 3.36 MCAT: 506 (125/127/127/127) Quite extensive EC (sports, arts, dance, community work both within lower-income and new immigrants) No publications/research completed as of yet My gameplan is to do another UG and redo the MCAT. The next UG degree is actually something I'm interested in and was going to do if I didn't get into the pharmacy program in the UK. Anyways, I don't mind the long road (being financially stable and relatively young helps), and am interested to do a masters as well to strengthen my application. There will be research and a publication I will be participating in over the summer of 2017. As for work, I'm working part-time/relief so I can devote all my time to my studies. Just looking for any feedback, guidance, critiques, or suggestions for things that I may have overlooked. Thanks for taking the time to read through this.
  9. Hello Everyone/Salut tout le monde! I am a Quebec university student who is graduating from undergrad this semester. I’m planning on applying to a DESS (Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées) program at Université de Montréal before applying to Medicine and Pharmacy next application cycle. Let's cut to the chase: I’m wondering if being part of a DESS program will significantly hurt my chances of being accepted to the Quebec Medical schools, compared to a full-on Masters degree. Pros to the DESS (in my opinion): DESS programs are only 1 year of full time study, and many of them offer doing an additional year of directed study or a stage somewhere. Upon completing the additional year, I would graduate with a full Masters degree. Research isn’t really my favourite, and I would prefer to do a more application-based program, but not if it will hurt my chances, or not improve my chances, at getting into Med/Pharm . Cons to the DESS (possibly?): When I apply during the next application cycle, they will see that I have been working on a DESS instead of a Masters degree (not sure if this one counts as a Con or not, that's why I'm asking here!). I haven’t seen this discussed anywhere else, so if anyone has anecdotes or feedback of any kind to share about this situation, I would really appreciate them!
  10. Hi everyone!! What is the end date we should be putting down if the activity is still ongoing? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi guys I had a question for those who have been able to secure a two+ consecutive interviews at UOttawa. Assuming you were not successful with your interview the first time around, when you reapplied... 1) Did you guys change your application significantly or was it more or less the same 2) What do you think your chances are of securing an interview the following year? 3) Are there individuals who had an interview one year and was not able to get one the next year? Thank you guys very much for your help. If you guys know anyone who might not be on these forums but have been in a similar situation, feel free to share!! Thanks again
  12. Hello! I’m currently in the process of choosing a cegep, and I’m not quite sure how to rule out my options. I definitely would like to go into medicine, but don’t know which cegep is best for me to attend in order to do so. I know that Marianopolis gives out the best R-scores, but I’m worried that going there won’t make me achieve an above average R-score (when comparing it to the one of other students). Otherwise, if attending a public cegep, I don’t know if I will be able to achieve a high enough R-score there. Basically, I’m just confused about which cegep (public or private) I should attend in order to get the best possible R-score. Thank you
  13. Hello! I am a secondary 5 student at a private high school in Montreal. I am interested in going into medicine, and do not know which CEGEP to choose accordingly to that. I’m also not certain if the CEGEP I choose will, positively or negatively, affect my R score, or if going to a public CEGEP will prevent me from obtaining a high R-score. Would it be more of an advantage to attend a private one? (Not sure if this is relevant, but the language of the CEGEP doesn’t matter to me since I’m perfectly bilingual, but I have gone to school in French since elementary). I’m used to being in a competitive environment and absolutely don’t mind giving up my social life for school, so I do believe this matches more to the general ambiance certain private CEGEP’s. For public ones, I’m not too sure but I think Bois de Boulogne is a good school for getting into medicine, and for private obviously Marianopolis is the best regarding the R-score. I also don’t know if the proximity to my house should be an important factor when choosing. Thanks in advance
  14. Hello, I am looking to start an MMI prep group with 3-4 people. I am pretty flexible for how many times a week, when, etc), but would like to start meeting ASAP! Please message me if you are interested! I live in Saskatoon, so preference would be for individuals living in Saskatoon. Thank you!
  15. This is a project that myself (Christopher) and a classmate of mine (Ziad) started last September. We've had a lot of positive feedback from people who listen, so I wanted to share it with you here once more. It's a totally free resource and we have two episodes dedicated to the medical school interview; what you should be doing to prepare, what to expect on the day, etc. Please feel free to check us out on Facebook, or listen on any major platform (Apple Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts), and I'm happy to answer any specific questions too if you have them, just shoot me a message here. Here are links to the two episodes that are specific to interviewing (but be sure to check out all our other episodes too; we have episodes on CASPer, MCAT, extracirriculars, and more!): Pre-Interview Preparations: https://spoti.fi/2OpKGNj Day-of Interview: https://spoti.fi/399WdZ7 −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−− Also, if you haven't checked out my premed website, then here is the link - it also has a BUNCH of interview prep materials on it too, again all free to use! https://ultimatepremedpackage.ca/interviewing/ -Christopher
  16. Im doing biomedical sciences at York and I didn't do great during my first two years. Got a GPA of 2.7 in first year. Second year, first semester, I wasn't able to focus, sad all the time for no reason, i was lost and I withdrew from organic chemistry (also withdrew a course in first year), I'm doing bad in calculus (planning on dropping the course prior to the deadline and still attending classes so i can do better next time), I dropped two other courses; one by early september and the other by November. I plan on changing my second semester of 2nd year, i even looked at how to study effectively and i intend on working hard and doing well. Also, I have done extracurriculars, did coop in high school at a dental office, volunteered at my own school for events, at the recreation centre and at a senior's home for a few years and still am from time to time. (Does my volunteer experience need to include more clinical/hospital?) Overall, I would like to attend medical school (can be international as well) and I'm wondering if its still possible or should i do a master's degree in my program (offered at Guelph) which is only one year and apply?
  17. Just wondering what the general consensus is on the available general surgery programs in the country, which are considered “the best” and what are the pros and cons of each?
  18. I graduated with a pre med degree majoring in biology and minoring chemistry. i want to study in the UK for a couple of reasons: relatively cheaper than the US and I need a lifestyle change. But I do want to finish my residency in the US so I can work there easily. any recommendations? I have had a long gap" year" that I managed to earn a masters degree while I work but it is time to go to medical school now. I'm confused as to why there are two medical programs where one is undergrad and one is a graduate program! what is the difference? Any recommendations to schools that accept international student in the UK? looking forward to your input:)))
  19. Does anyone know what the minimum competitive GPA is to get into University of Montreal's Optometry school is? Their website only has the latest year's R-scores. I am a university student who will have more than 60 credits at time of application so my R-score won't count anymore, therefore I'd like an idea of what my GPA should range around! Thanks!
  20. I wanted some peoples opinions on a situation that I am in. I've applied to medical school twice in Canada and have never gotten an interview. I have a cGPA of 3.90, an MCAT score of 515, I am a Canadian citizen and I have recently finished my Bachelor's at McGill University. I have recently been accepted to a British MBBS program at Newcastle University Medicine (Malaysia). I wanted to ask people's opinions on whether it would be more beneficial for me me to get started with medicine in Malaysia now and eventually go through equivalencies and work in Canada or should I find a job or apply for a masters in Canada and re-apply to medicine here? My life is here in Canada, but I also want to be a physician. Staying here will not guarantee that I get a place in a Canadian Medical school later on, but going to Malaysia doesn't guarantee I'll be able to come back either. Any advice? Thank you in advance!
  21. Hello everyone, I just had a question about the medical schools in Quebec. I would like to know the differences* between the medical programs, especially the ones offered at UdeM and McGill. *Mostly about the admissions, the classrooms, the way of teaching and any other aspect in general... Thank you very much.
  22. Hello everyone, I just had a question about the medical schools in Quebec. I would like to know the differences* between the medical programs, especially the ones offered at UdeM and McGill. *Mostly about the admissions, the classrooms, the way of teaching and any other aspect in general... Thank you very much.
  23. I completed my pharmacy degree abroad (Egypt). My parents decided to leave Canada and move back to Egypt, and guess what? Had to leave with them. However, i decided to move back to Canada after completing pharmacy. Im currently a licensed Pharmacist in Ontario. I hold a bachelors degree and wish to apply to medical school. My average in pharmacy was around 86%. I still need to take my MCATs. I am also thinking about completing my PharmD, in hopes to strengthen my application. Im not sure where to start, and do i even have a chance? Will my international undergrad hold be back a little bit ? I am looking for an advice or any feedback Thanks for taking the time to read through this :)
  24. Hey guys, I'm thinking of applying to UOttawa med this year- I just wanted to know; what is the cut-off for the wGPA for anglophone applicants? On their site it says you can email and ask, but the lady won't be back till october 1st (how convenient). Did anyone manage to email this year? I don't wanna assume it's the same as previous years. Thanks!
  25. Good/regular/bad waitlisted by Western? Want to discuss chances/look for reassurance/rant/chat with other waitlisted applicants? This is the thread for you!
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