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  1. Hi, I did my Casper test not too long ago. During the 15 minute break they give while doing the exam, I started talking to my sister about the questions I had been asked so far and she was in the other room next to me. I think she was in the webcam frame during the break. Do you guys think that it could affect my score on the exam or that they might consider it cheating? Thank you! _____ Bonjour, J'ai fait mon examen Casper il n'y a pas très longtemps. Pendant la pause de 15 minutes à laquelle on a le droit durant l'examen, j'ai discuté avec ma soeur à propos des questions qui m'avaient été posées. Je pense aussi qu'on la voyait dans la webcam durant la pause. Pensez-vous que ça aura un impact sur ma note ou que ça soit considéré « tricher »? Merci!
  2. Hello! The new residency/med school term is starting soon and this unit is perfectly situated in a convenient downtown location! We are looking for a 12 month lease, and the unit is available immediately. Price and terms are negotiable (please DM me). I have a 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom condo for lease in a very convenient location in downtown Toronto. It is located right across the street from Toronto General Hospital, as well as several other downtown hospitals and clinics. The unit itself is unfurnished, and quite spacious, approximately 600ft with a balcony. It has en suite washer and dryer which are brand new, as well as a dishwasher and microwave. The unit includes utilities, aside from cable/internet, as well as 1 locker. Parking is available in the underground garage, although it has to be arranged through building management. Typically it is $100/or so, much cheaper than most parking garages and outdoor parking. The building itself has great amenities, including a fitness centre, game and party room, indoor pool and sauna. There is 24 hour security on site, as well as a superintendent on site. I myself lived here during residency, and it is a very safe building, and very conveniently located to all of the downtown hospitals, and close to TTC lines, grocery and shopping centres. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions!
  3. Hi guys, this is my first time posting on this forum but I was hoping to get some help with choosing my undergrad. To give some insight on my educational background, I'm graduating from Cegep this semester but my R-score isnt too great(30.4), so I have to do my undergrad before applying to med school. This has been my childhood dream but unfortunately I went through a really rough patch in Cegep however Im willing to put the effort it takes to do well with my undergrad and try my chance for med school. I applied to Concordia university for winter 2021 in Cell and Molecular biology(specialization) with a minor in Multidisciplinary Studies in Science. I wanted to ideally pursue my education at McGill but unfortunately they dont accept admissions for the winter semester. 1. Do you think my program of choice and minor would give me a shot at med school? 2. Would it be better for me to apply to Mcgill for fall 2021 and transfer from Concordia? I wanna start uni now so I dont fall back on my courses but I could always apply to McGill for fall 2021 and transfer if it would be to my advantage. 3. I know Mcgill's med school doesnt really care about your undergrad program and they only pay attention to your gpa but since apparently the difficulty of the degree matters for french med schools once they want to calculate your CRU, would it better for me to apply to a "harder" degree at McGill for fall 2021 when I request a transfer? I'd appreciate any tips you guys might have for me thank you!!!
  4. About me: I am 30 years old, have Masters(thesis based) in engineering from India. I had been working for the past 5 years as a Web Developer. I recently moved to Canada (Toronto) as a permanent resident. TL;DR: If I want to apply to med school, how can I go about it? I do not have the pre-reqs (as I did my undergrad and graduation in engineering) or any extra-curricular. I have always loved biology and now want to pursue my interest in that field. It has been 10 years on-off since I have been thinking of switching my field but always got lost in the current situations of education, work and life. Possible path: I am considering doing an undergrad in the field of biology, as I am not too sure about med school at this point. I do not want to make another career switch without being completely sure about it. I am partially eligible to apply to med school right now since I have a Masters, provided I do the pre-reqs 'somehow'. I want to keep my options open in case I want to do something in the field of Biology other than med school (or in case I do not get through med school). I am have done research only with regards to University of Toronto and University of British Columbia's criteria for MD program as of now. I would appreciate anyone who can provide me with inputs. My main concerns at this point is: I plan to align my courses for the first year (undergrad) in such a manner that I complete the pre-reqs for med school in first year, in case I become sure of going to a med school at the end of first year. If I plan to discontinue the undergrad program, will the courses completed count towards my pre-reqs? Does university give credits for the courses completed if a student drops/withdraws from the program? Can I drop the undergraduate program and go to a med school (if accepted) considering I did my pre-reqs in first year of undergrad, do medical schools consider this as valid pre-reqs? If not, would I have to drop college and do pre-reqs as post-bacc or non-degree studies for another year? I also found that some med schools do no have this requirement of pre-reqs, can you please tell me if targeting those would be a better choice? Is there significant difference in the quality of education compared to UofT or UBC? Thank you so much for reading it all I would appreciate any help or suggestions!
  5. Hi everyone! I am new to the website and just wondering traditionally how hard is it to get into medical school in ireland as a Canadian Citizen? I have a 3.8 and just graduated with a degree in biology with honors. Have a decent amount of research experience as well as some very good references. I just won't have enough time to study for the mCAT so I might not do great so I am considering my options! Thanks
  6. For premed and med school, do they value competencies in foreign languages like French?
  7. Hi everyone I was wondering if any third year students accepted into medical school may have any advice. I will have around a 3.85 GPA this year (I am in first year) and as third year applicants, I know that the lowest mark doesnt get removed. Is 3.85 okay for first year? Please let me know.
  8. Hey guys, I will join York university in the winter(Biology). I really need help in course selection. I have some questions:1.Will I encounter a problem later on while applying to med schools because I have started in winter because it won’t be considered a full time year? It may be a silly question but I want to doublecheck. 2.If I took for example BIO 1000, then should I take also BIO 1001 later because each of those has 3 credits? Do med schools want more credits in biology? Same for CHEM 1000/1001and other courses as well. 3.Will I be able to take Computer starting from winter or is it a full year course? Thanks in advance, Help would really be appreciated -I am totally lost because I am a transfer student from a university outside Canada,so I am not familiar with universities here and med school requirements.
  9. Hi All, I'm a student in 5th year of Med school studying here in Poland at WUM and I hold a Pakistani Passport. I am aware of the fact that you MUST be a PR holder or have a Canadian Citizenship to be eligible to practice there as there are steep chances for IMG's especially non Canadians. I will be getting engaged in a couple of months and my fiance is studying/working in Canada, He would get his PR soon hopefully. So here my question goes, can I just go to Canada after graduating which will be in 2 years and start preparing for Carms and get a PR in the meanwhile and then apply to residency (it would take 2 3 yeard after I graduate) ? What would be the best advice in this case or if there is some other pathway I should opt for?
  10. Hello all, Sorry if I'm at the wrong section of the website I'm quite new. So after researching through a bunch of medical and dental school requirements, I realized that some include summer courses in their GPA calculations while some don't. But my question is whether summer courses are actually accepted as credits? For example, even if a med school doesn't consider summer courses for GPA calculation, do they actually ACCEPT that course as a valid course taken or not? I'm considering taking a science course during the summer due to the nature of my undergrad program and that's why I really need the answer to this question.
  11. Hello Guys! I was wondering if someone could helped me regarding letters of recommendation. I volunteered for a doctor who is also a professor and a research at sick kids and he asked me to write a draft for my letter of recommendation which is something I have never done before. I was wondering if anyone here can help me out. Also, Do you guys think is it okay to use outside sources as letter of recommendation rather than asking professor. For instance, I used to be a writer for a newspaper (health section specifically) at my university. Can I use that? I don't want to beg professor. I volunteered at developmental neuroscience lab and pediatric research lab at my university and both professors expect to do summer research with them to get the letter. Also, I am into clinical research and I feel discussing my work as health editor and volunteered with a doc will allow me to elaborate more. Please let me know what you guys think. Thank you.
  12. Hello, I want to have advice from someone who is in medschool or heard about someone in medschool. I would like to know if it is realistic to have a job while going in first year of medical school. I got accepted and now I have to think about either keeping my job during academic year or not. It is a job where I work saturday and sunday (8 hours) on the weekend. Thank you
  13. Hi all! I have a question about the science prerequisites for McGill. I will be applying this coming year (for Fall 2019 admission) and I'm trying to get all the prerequisites completed. I will, however, only be able to take the second physics course next winter term (i.e. winter 2019) and I was wondering if that means I'm ineligible to apply? I know by then they will have sent invites for the interview. Since I will be enrolled in the course at the time, does that mean I can't even apply? Or is there a way they give conditional offers? Thank you!!
  14. Hi everyone! Last summer, I wrote the MCAT and scored 500, so I need to rewrite it for the schools I want to apply to. The thing is, last summer I was working full-time in a lab and really struggled to balance working and studying for the MCAT (cause I had signed up for one of those prep courses). This year, I was offered the same position in the lab and it would be full time. I really want to work for the experience and it strengthens my CV; however, I'm not really sure how to balance the working and studying? Any advice? This summer is my last chance to write the MCAT if I want to be able to apply during my 4th yr undergrad. Is it too risky to work and study knowing how bad I did on the first one. Is it worth giving up the research position to just study for the MCAT all 4 months? Any advice? Thanks!
  15. Hey premeds, I have been having this question for a couple of months but cannot seem to find anything about it. When given an ethical case sometimes you as a participant have the option of helping someone by risking your safety or spending your money (this is what i meant by self harm). Do you think this is frowned upon by the MMI markers or just something that can sometimes be when a life is in danger. 2 cases that come to my mind: 1) Your friend asks to use the residents only gym at your apartment complex. ^There are multiple things you can do one of which is to offer to pay for your friend's gym expenses elsewhere. 2) You knock on a door and hear footsteps and a thump (presumably the person has fallen on the floor). There might be fire or some other hazard. ^ Here, again you do the usual stuff of calling the emergency services and such, but is it okay to also say that "After looking for potential dangers and making sure that the environment is safe I would try to gain access into the house". As you can see both of these involve some risk to the participant (me) at the advantage of saving lives or making your friends happy. What do you say? Thanks in advance.
  16. Ok so I'm new to this stuff and this may sound stupid but do med schools drop your worst year or I've even heard they only count only your last two? Sorry for sounding kinda useless I'm just a first year still a baby trying to get used to uni any response is appreciated and good luck everyone!!
  17. National Mock MCAT Day Are you applying to Medical School? Come out and write a FREE Practice MCAT on Saturday, November 4th from 9:00am to 4:30pm! This FREE event will be at The University of Toronto in the Bahen Centre, room 1170. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for the MCAT and learn what you’re up against. After the test, you will get access to a detailed, interactive score report! Register for FREE at www.tinyurl.com/TPRmockmcat or by calling 1-800-273-8439 x.1207. Don't forget to invite your friends on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/484485285254470
  18. Hey guys, Me and my friend have booked their CASPER for the 25th of October. Anyone down to get at least a few mock sessions down before the actual doomsday? Best regards and good luck!
  19. what are the course requirements to get into university of Ottawa medical school exactly, I am a first year going into engineering as a premed route because i want a solid degree to fall back on if i dont get in. So making my timetable i want to know exactly what i need ? On their website they say " four specific prerequisite courses: 1. one full year course (or two semester courses) in General Biology including laboratory session; 2. one full year course in Humanities or Social Sciences (or two semester courses in separate disciplines; 3. and 4. the equivalent of two full-year courses (or four semester courses) of the following Chemistry courses: i) General Biochemistry without laboratory session; ii) General Chemistry with laboratory session; iii) Organic Chemistry with laboratory session." a) firstly what is the difference between a full year course or two semester course? from the looks of this i need 1 biology, 1 Humanities, 1 biochemistry without lab, 1 general chemistry with lab, and 1 organic chemistry with lab. So in in total it comes to 5 courses i need to fit in my schedule? c) Can i take any of these in the summer ? d) what level of classes do i need to take like for the biology credit can i just take biology I first year and that will fulfill that requirement Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated
  20. Hello to anyone who reads this, as you can see from the title of this conversation I'm seeking advice about my current situation.It has always been my dream to become a doctor, this is one of the earliest memories I have from growing up. This is something I've always wanted and have always imagined myself doing. I can honestly say that I can't see myself being anything else besides a doctor. However right now I'm in a tough situation...I was former running start student, for those who don't know what that is that's basically when you take college classes while still in high school. I was doing quite well, I was getting 4.0s in the courses I took however that began to slowly change. After graduating high school with a 4.0 gpa everything pretty much went down hill for me. I started getting distracted from my goals and not taking college seriously, I started losing motivation in wanting to be in school and eventually my 4.0 gpa dropped to what is now a 2.5.At this point I do realize that I've dug myself into a very deep hole and I know that I haven't displayed the characteristics of someone who's passionate about Med school but becoming a doctor is still a dream for me. I still don't see myself being anything else besides a doctor. I just turned 20 years old and I really want to start doing things right.Iv'e completed the general chem series and biology, and was planning on taking O.chem and Physics this coming year at the college. I'm pretty much aware that regardless of whether I get a 4.0 in the classes it isn't going to raise my gpa much, however my goal is to at least show an upward trend on my transcript.What I want to know is what else I should be doing so I can raise my chances of getting into medical school with my current situation? And what should I do when I transfer to a university? I would like to believe that I still have a chance of proving myself, I know it may not be easy but I believe that I can do it.
  21. Hello all, I just finished my 2nd UG degree (which was 2 years) last month and was hoping that some of the fine folk on this forum can provide me with some help on what I should do next and realistically where am I competitive. There is a wealth of information on this forum and I have been scouring it but I feel awfully confused. Any who... here are my OMSAS GPA stats from my 2nd UG: Year 1 GPA = 3.97 (3.969) Year 2 GPA = 3.94 (3.938) 2YGPA = 3.95 So obviously in my previous degree, my grades are not great, my CGPA for both degrees combined is a 3.51. Also in my last year of my 1st degree I did not take 5 FCE's which I believe disqualifies me from Ottawa. What schools am I realistically competitive for? I am also starting a 1.5 year course based MPH w/ placement this September. My current plan right now is to write my MCAT this summer in August and try to do the best I can. If there are any resources that you would recommend please do let me know, as right now i am using TPR materials. My ECs are ok I think, no hospital volunteering but they are varied otherwise. If you would like to know I can list them. As I mentioned above, when I read the forum I do feel overwhelmed and at times a little bit down about my chances. So here is to staying positive! Thanks!!
  22. www.MedsHousing.com accommodation listings suitable for all your housing needs from admission to fellowship, ​with or without children Find your place *as seen in* CFMS annual "Review" and UofT PGME orientation handbook *if you know great landlords,have them list their properties on the platform and do them a favour, post a review.*
  23. 1.How have your life experiences to this point helped shape and prepare you for making decisions in situations of uncertainty or ambiguity? can someone please give me examples of uncertainty or ambiguity? not sure i understand what they mean by situations of uncertainty or ambiguity. the deadline is in two weeks and i havent even started for this question. i would really appreciate any help and i'd be eternally grateful
  24. Hello! I am a high school student and I have an interest to pursue medical school. (Its not an absolute must for me, but something I do want to consider). I'm having difficulty with chemistry (although, it may just be my teacher, my class had 22 students, and now theres only 6), and I've grown to sadly have a dislike for the subject. I had this same teacher for gr 11 chemistry too, (also gr 10, and gr 9, yay me!!). I don't want to rule out chemistry completely, because I've only had this one teacher for all of high school, but I feel like its been enough to put me off completely. With that being said, are there any biology fields with minimal chemistry? I've only completed gr 11 biology so far, and as far as I remember, it wasn't chemistry extensive. However, it may not be a good representation of relevant biology fields, because gr 11 was mostly evolution, and animal diversity. I did enjoy studying about viruses, and I think genetics is also something I may be interested; although grade 11 was mostly just punnet squares and mendelian genetics, so I'm not sure what more advanced genetics are like. Please let me know your thoughts! BTW I specifically hated the calculation aspects in thermochemistry and equilibrium, which is unfortunate, because i would assume alot of that would be relevant in biological systems and processes. one last thing: I am also applying to university, your thoughts on Uoft life science?? Thanks everyone!
  25. Hi Everyone! I'm currently in BioSci at University of Calgary. This is my first year. I am deciding to go to a university outside of Canada for medical. In Pakistan there is a university : Punjab Medical Colledge. For foreigners, the requirements are to complete high school and have done SAT 2 Subject tests for some courses. I want to go abroad, because the long tie limit to complete medschool here is a concern for me. So, I have decided on two options. 1) Apply to to Punjab Medical College since it only takes 5 years to complete medicine there. 2) If things don't work out there, come back to U of C and continue in the degree of Education instead next year. Since this is my first year, I'm still adjusting to the university's workload. I'm scared for my GPA, because I'm doing well in 2 courses, but I have around mid 70s in the other two courses. However, the results for Midterm 2 and finals are not included. If the med school abroad doesn't work out. I will most likely have to apply for a change of programs. I talked to some counsellors and they said that they will only look at the GPA for this fall term - but I'm scared that if it does not turn out well than I'll have to spend extra time to boost my GPA. However, if I withdraw for this term (I will not get my fees back) now, then they will consider my high school marks, which were above 90's. Is it a good idea to withdraw from this term and drop next semester and try for the med school in Pakistan. If things don't work out then I'll continue in Education next year. if med school does work out in Pakistan, then after completing it, I want to come back to Canada, I know that getting residency here is difficult but many people still try hard and get it. I asked some counsellors if withdrawing from a term would be bad for me. They said that normally, if students drop a term, it is normally a solid reason other than failing. SO she said, it will not impact me a lot. I'm really confused, so I would really appreciate your guys' suggestions. I would appreciate if you could reply fast, because deadline for withdrawing is coming close.
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