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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everyone I have applied into nursing programs in Montreal (at UdeM, uSherbrooke (campus Longueuil) and McGill). I am very interested in working in health care and a nursing career is an option if I don’t get into med school. I was simply wondering what are the best nursing programs in Montreal? I’ve heard some bad reviews for UdeM, saying that they easily kick out their students and that they have a different approach (apprentissage par problème). Is it the same for the other universities? I simply want to take the best decision regarding my nursing education. If there’
  2. Hello, I was wondering if someone might have some insight into this. I am currently hoping to apply to Nursing at U of T in the fall of 2020. I know the GPA calculation says the last 5 full course loads, but I took was more courses then that in my final year. Specifically, I took a 2 full and a half full courses in the summer (I've already asked and those will count), and took a full course load in the fall/winter session (another 5 full courses). I asked admissions which courses from the fall/winter term they would count, but I couldn't get a clear answer. Perhaps that's because they won
  3. Hey everyone! I recently graduated from a nursing program in Ontario and have decided that I want to write the MCAT this August. The problem is that my nursing program barely covered any of the prerequisite courses that are important for the MCAT - I have two sems of psych/soc, one sem of human biochemistry, and perhaps some physiology- and microbiology-related stuff covered by a couple of my other classes. But I have zero chem, organic chem and physics prereqs. I really can’t afford to take these courses and am hoping I can self study this info with Khan Academy and Kaplan. Just wonderin
  4. Hello all. I applied to Bloomberg Nursing in December, and I am just curious to see when they will start releasing admissions. If you have heard anything, please let us know. If you don't mind, please include your statisitcs for others to see, and whether you were accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. Thanks!
  5. Salut! Est-ce qu'il y'a d'autre monde qui a fait une demande d'admission pour les sciences infirmières (formation initiale) à l'UdeM, UQO, UQTR? Avez vous eu une réponse? J'attends toujours Hi! Did anyone else apply to UdeM, UQO or UQTR's BScN (formation initiale)? Did you hear back? I'm still waiting
  6. hi, basically, i'm here to ask for advice on route options for getting into a medical school, based on my current situation School: first did practical nursing at an Ontario college (currently an RPN) and just graduated from an Ontario university with a bachelor of science in nursing (BScN) (nclex-rn to be taken shortly) - university gpa: 2.3 - mcat: haven’t taken it yet and no prep started yet - medically related experience: nursing school clinicals/ working as an RPN - extracurriculars: barely any volunteer experience (at least not recently), didn’t join any clubs in
  7. Hi everyone, I am a prospective nursing student interested in applying to UBC's accelerated nursing program, and was wondering what your experiences have been like prior to applying to nursing school. I have been volunteering at a seniors' care home for the past 4.5+ years (it'll be almost 6 years during the time of my application), where I've assisted with feeding residents during mealtimes, help recreation staff with activities/games, and engage in one to one conversations with residents. Because of my extensive volunteer experience, I was able to get a part time job at another seniors' c
  8. Could someone please let me know how much the tuition and other expenses are? I've looked on the website and it says it's 172 CAD for 1 credit but I'm not sure how many credits are required.
  9. Hi guys, I'm a 4th year Canadian university student graduating this year. I will have a Chemistry degree. I chose Chemistry based on interest but I know that the job prospects in this field is not great (Nursing and Pharmacy are better) and there aren't a lot of demand for chemists. I've also always wanted to work in health care so I kind of regret taking Chemistry in the first place. I've decided to go into either a Pharmacy or Nursing school but I'm having a difficult time choosing between the two. I know I'll have to make the decision but I would love to hear other people's input
  10. Im a second year life sciences student at U of T. I have recently become interested in nursing. From my understanding, U of T's BScN program usually gives acceptances to applicants who have already completed a 4 year undergraduate program. However, the minimum requirement to apply for the program is 10 FCE. Ive read other forums and I havent seen anyone in their second year of undergrad who has been accepted or has applied. I was thinking of applying to the program after my second year but after ive done this research is it useless for me to try and apply without a bachelors degree? Has anyone
  11. Hello, I have just completed my fourth year in Molecular Genetics with a cGPA of 3.37. I had a dismal first year (2.67) but I have somewhat recovered my GPA next three years (3.49, 3.57, 3.8 in summer, 3.77, respectively). My dream goal when I entered the university is to go into medicine, but after the horrible first year I had, I knew that wasn't an option. Only viable choice at this point to have a chance at medical school is going for second undergraduate degree, but I am not ready for another 4 years of study that I feel is wasteful (Also unsure on what to do- I don't really have a passio
  12. Hello, I am considering a career as a Nurse Practitioner and would like to hear from any and all NP's about their experience: Why did you choose to be an NP? Did you also apply to medical school? Are you happy with your career? Also, anything else you would like to add:) It seems like an amazing career:)
  13. Hi guys, Any males out there working as nurses? I'm curious to hear what the men out there have to say about working in a largely female dominated field with its own unique working environment? In what department do most men gravitate towards? Graduated from a female dominated masters program and didn't like the "cattiness" (and no, I'm not saying all females were like that). I'm interested to hear what it's like for the guys out there? Shadowed a nurse in ER recently and it seems as though the gossip and such continues. What has your experience been like? Cheers!
  14. Hi Everyone, This forum is for anyone that is in thinking of applying to the accelerated nursing program/accepted into the accelerated nursing program/completed the nursing program AND is then thinking of applying to medical school/accepted/currently in medical school or completed medical school. I would appreciate any advice from anyone that completed the accelerated nursing program and applied to medical school. What are your thoughts about taking this path? Did this path work with you? And how are the nursing credits accepted into Med Schools specifically Ontario Schools.
  15. Did anyone here took Nursing as their premed? If so, is this worth it or a good move? I'm currently a first year student taking a degree in Biochem, but I'm planning to switch to Nursing as my premed since I find it more hands-on. Am I doing the right move? Thanks in advance.
  16. I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who rejected an offer of admission for a doctor of medicine program to pursue nursing? If so, what was your reasoning? For me, it was a combination of things that led me to this decision. I have done A LOT of research on medical practice and medical school these past few years. The conclusion I came to was that I am not ready to dedicate my entire life to my job. Because in the end it's just a job. I think I would be happier dedicating more time to my loved ones than my work. Though I am proud of my acceptance, I realize that nur
  17. Hi! Just starting out exploring my options for medical school. Finished an undergrad in nursing (BScN) at Western University, graduated with a 3.43 GPA (due to very poor marks in 1st year; marks trended up from 2nd - 4th year). Have not completed the required pre-req's for most Canadian schools, and have not yet written the MCAT. Have a wide variety of EC's which may be my only advantage. Wonder if anyone advise's writing the MCAT without the science pre-reqs and just self studying/taking an MCAT course. I worry that if I take the science courses, there is potential for a poor mark to decr
  18. Hi guys, Does anyone know of any accelerated nursing programs that are: a) still accepting applications for fall 2016 and/or have multiple intakes during the year? Thanks
  19. Hello everyone, As a third year UofC nursing student, I have recently started my clinical rotation at the hospital where theory content that focuses on pathophysiology and pharmacology are applied to hands-on practice. However, I have a minimal background in the sciences because I did not take any undergraduate courses related to biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, or physics during my first year. Most of my courses in year 1 were geared toward the social sciences (psychology and sociology), anatomy and physiology, statistics, and an ethics course. Years 2, 3, and 4 are
  20. Hello! I recently graduated with a B.Sc and I'm looking into some accelerated nursing programs. I only just found out about the accelerated program in Calgary and I was wondering if anyone had heard about or have been in this program? I read somewhere on here that it's a very theory based program and not as much hands on experience - is this true? I prefer hands on experience and I'd love an accelerated program that enables you to be IV endorsed (I believe UBC doesn't do this right?) My second question is how do you pick between the transfer route, and the degree holder route? Is one better
  21. I'm currently a fourth year in neuroscience at DAL. I'm not sure if I should do a 5th year and try to apply to grad school or graduate this year and start a degree in nursing or health promotions before applying to Dal med. I know I will have to work harder and that even having the grades might not get me in, but I'm willing to try. Here are my stats: Grades based on OMSAS: 1st Year: 3.8 2nd Year: 3.58 3rd Year: 2.56 (failed course) I plan on writing the 2015 MCAT. ECs: 2 years of hospital volunteering, 1 year volunteer tutor, work during the year, leadership positi
  22. Hey! So I am a seriously terrified grade 12 student, lol who isn't in grade 12? The time to apply for undergrad programs is approaching and I need some help. My ultimate goal is dental school and based on what I have heard a high GPA is the main requirement-_- I was thinking about nursing but will that get me the high GPA I want? Also, I am pretty strong in chem so if I do a degree that is solely chem based will that be acceptable for dental school? Thank you for your time:)
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