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Found 16 results

  1. Salut! Petite question. Je connais quelqu'un qui a 32.93 de Côte R et un 4ième quartile et qui veut vraiment aller en pharmacie. Elle se demande first, si elle a des chances d'être acceptée, et deuxièmement, si elle n'est pas accepté, quel serait le meilleur programme passerelle pour réappliquer, et combien de temps elle devrait attendre. Ses autres choix sont 1. Microbiologie à ULaval. 2. Chimie Biopharmaceutique à ULaval. 3. Pharmacologie à USherbrooke. Est-ce qu'elle ferait mieux d'aller à ULaval si elle veut rentrer en pharmacie à cette Université? Merci!
  2. Bonjour, j'écris pour un ami qui entre dans le programme sciences biopharmaceutiques. J'aimerais savoir s'il y en a parmi vous qui ont déjà fait ce programme comme tremplin à UdeM ou Ulaval. Connaissez-vous l'indice de force pour ce programme? Un A+ vaut environ combien de cote r? Merci d'avance
  3. Armed or Alarmed? Share your thoughts on alert management, and how you manage EUFMD alerts as a pharma manufacturer by completing this survey https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdnnS_8WpI0zZ70b1Wgu7QBsF2Veq0ktd4gF9dvQndyLiIfyQ/viewform In this survey, we seek to understand more about the different experience our clients and peers are having with processing and managing alerts. We would be most grateful for a few short minutes of your time in completing this. Your answers will be entirely anonymous, but will help us to build a better picture of the key challenges facing our industry.
  4. Vu qu’il n’y avait pas de canal concernant la LA pour Pharma UdeM, j’ai décidé d’en créer un où on peut se partager nos infos et surtout vérifier la LA se rend jusqu’à où ensemble. Si vous êtes sur la LA en pharma udem, n’hésitez pas à venir partager ici. Pour ma part je suis top 125 environ pharma espérant vraiment avoir une offre. Et si vous savez des gens qui vont se désister ou n’importe quels infos, please share!!!
  5. Bonjour! Je suis à ma 4e session en Sciences nat et j'ai une cote r compétitive. Cependant, dépendemment du CASPer et des MMIs il y a des grandes chances que je sois refusée. C'est pourquoi je me demande à quel bac appliquer à l'université (en sachant que j'hésite entre neurosciences et microbiologie, mais je suis ouverte aux autres comme bsbp ou biomed). J'ai entendu parler d'un certain étalon des cotes à l'UdeM et personnellement je ne veux pas choisir un bac qui pourrait nuire à mon GPA à cause de la moyenne de la classe. Quels sont vos conseils? Merci!!
  6. Salut! J'ai remarqué qu'il n'y avait pas encore de thread pour l'application au programme de pharmacie pour 2020, donc j'ai crée celui-ci pour qu'on puisse se tenir au courant des offre d'admission et refus! Bonne chance à tous!
  7. Hi Everyone, I hope that everyone's staying well during these unprecedented times! Since I originally posted in the University Of Alberta 2020 Pharmacy Applicants - Class Of 2024 page, I've been getting an overwhelming amount of students reaching out to me who feel extremely overwhelmed by the application process, and how to get into pharmacy school. I completely understand how daunting it can be - especially with components of the application such as the interview and the letter of intent, which you may have not had experience with before. Common questions that have come up include things like how important is work/volunteer experience as part of my application, and how do I get a job/volunteer experience in the field? What percentage of my application is weighted on grades, and what percentage is weighted on my letter of intent and interview? How important are my written (LOI) and verbal communication skills (interview), and how do I improve them? As I mentioned in my original post, over the past few years, I've had a string of success in helping several different individuals in getting into the program at the UofA, including several of my own staff that I hired as pharmacy assistants before they were admitted. Looking back, I really wish I had access to these resources, and if I did, I would've changed my application approach entirely knowing what I do now, and would've started preparing for my application much, much earlier than I did. And so, because I've had so many reach out to me directly, I've really come to recognize just how scarce the information and resources are out there. I wanted to reach out and create a separate post to let you know that if you're looking for some advice from an independent pharmacy operator and recent graduate, shoot me an email (choi.chung913@gmail.com) and I'd love to connect with you to see how I can help with your questions! Best of luck for those applying this upcoming year, and for those who've already gotten an acceptance letter, congratulations!
  8. Hello Prospective Pharmacy Student! Imagine putting in every ounce of energy you have into your pharmacy school application only to wake up to an email containing a rejection letter - it can be incredibly discouraging. What's more is that there is such limited information available to guide you through your application process, and to advise you what's most important in your application. Is it your prerequisite GPA? Your cumulative GPA? Is it your work experience? Your interview or letter of intent? I can tell you by far the biggest mistake that applicants make is focusing all of their efforts into their grades and academic standing. About Me I'm a 2017 graduate from the University of Alberta and the owner/manager of an innovative, highly-clinical based independent pharmacy practice in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 2020, I was recognized with a prestigious APEX award from the Alberta College of Pharmacy and Alberta Pharmacists Association. Over the past few years, I've held a 100% success rate in coaching several different applicants towards their admission into the Faculty of Pharmacy program at the UofA using my extensive combined experience as a pharmacy graduate, pharmacy owner, and clinical pharmacist. My Approach A successful applicant is backed by a strong, well-articulated letter of intent, and interview, which is where most applicants fail to stand out. I help coach students 6 to 8 months before their target application deadline by giving them proven strategies to ensure their applications are well-rounded enough to give them the competitive advantage they need to stand out from the hundreds to thousands of other applicants applying each year. Outside of this, I also help coach students towards finding the pharmacy volunteer / work experience they need to truly enhance their application, which I understand can be an incredibly daunting process. Services and Availability Given my busy pharmacy practice and schedule, I only have the ability to offer a limited number of students the opportunity to work with me at this time, as some spots have already been reserved for those who had reached out to me since my original post in the Pharmacy Discussions forum. And so, if you're serious about being competitive with your application this upcoming year or in the upcoming future, and you're interested in working with me, shoot me an email (choi.chung913@gmail.com) and I'd be happy to meet with you virtually or in-person for an initial consultation to learn more about your unique needs, discuss how I'm able to help, what my competitive rates look like, and to see if there's a possibility we can work together. Looking forward to helping you reach your goal of getting into the pharmacy program!
  9. Bonjour, Je me demandais quel est le meilleur moyen afin d'augmenter ces notes pour rentrer en pharmacie pour les candidats universitaires ? Il y le programme de Science Bio pharmaceutique offert à Udem qui permet aussi d'avoir certains cours crédités pour Pharmacie mais il y a aussi le bac en Pharmacologie offert à l'université Sherbrooke qui semble intéressant… Quels sont vos avis ?
  10. Bonjour, Je suis un étudiant au cégep de Maisonneuve en science nat et j'ai 33.525 comme Cote R finale (J'ai eu mon dec et suis présentement en sabbatique) Mon rêve serait d'aller en Pharmacie. Quelles sont mes chances? Si je ne suis pas pris, quels programmes servent de bon tremplin? Nutrition semble être le plus compétitif que je peux atteindre avec ma cote r actuelle. En 3ieme choix je pensais mettre biomed, car ça m’intéresse beaucoup tout simplement.
  11. Salut tout le monde! Je voulais faire un post où tout le monde pourrait mettre leur estimation des CRU pour different programme menant à une admission en med/dent/pharm/opto etc.. Je commence (CORRIGEZ MOI SVP si jai fais une erreur ou pour donner une estimation plus precise): Biochimie 4,33 --> ~39-40 CRU Nutrition 4,33 --> ~39-40 CRU Biologie 4,33 --> ? Biomed 4,33 --> ? Physio 4,33 --> ? Ergo 4,33 --> ? Microbio 4,33 --> ? ajoutez plus de programme et CRU !
  12. Hello! I figured a new thread should be started for the 2018 applicants/class of 2022s. Since this is about a month late, I'm sure you all know that the LOI and Pharmacist Consultation Form has been posted for this cycle, but here's the link anyways: https://www.cms.ualberta.ca/pharm/programs/undergraduate-bsc-in-pharmacy/prospective-student/admission-requirements. Best of luck to all, and I (and I'm sure other pharm students will bounce into this thread) am always willing to answer whatever questions I can!
  13. Bonjour, J'envisage d'appliquer au PharmD à Laval en novembre. J'ai une CRU de 31. Pour mon questionnaire autobiographique, j'ai au moins 3 expériences de bénévolat, et j'ai aussi au moins 3 activités sportives/parascolaires/politiques. Cependant, je n'ai jamais travaillé en pharmacie, ni eu de distinction. La question à 100$: Est-ce que j'ai une chance raisonnable d'être admis au cours des prochaines admissions, en maintenant ma CRU, ou ça relève plutôt de l'espoir? Merci!!
  14. Salut tout le monde, présentement j’étudie à udem dans l’espoir d’être acceptée en med vet. Cet année je suis trop loin sur la liste d’attente pour recevoir une offre mais j’ai été acceptée en pharmacie. En ce moment, je suis pas mal perdue. Je ne sais pas si je devrais rester dans mon programme une année de plus et ressayer l’année prochaine pour med vet (sans succès garantie) ou bien je devrais mieux aller en pharmacie pour au moins avoir un bon futur. S’il y a des personnes qui étudient ou ont étudié en pharma ou surtout en med vet qui pourraient me dire comment ils ont trouvé leurs études, les stages et s’ils ont fini leurs études comment elles trouvent le milieu de travail ça serait vraiment gentil!
  15. If anyone could help me out here that'd be awesome. I'm wondering if I should apply to pharm this year or wait another year. My GPA is 3.55, I am going into my fourth year, but will have one more semester left afterward. My last two years GPA is ~3.7. I have shadowed two pharmacists, volunteered in two hospitals, am a varsity track and field athlete, have a variety of other volunteering experience, etc. I also would be considered an IP applicant in both BC and Alberta and as such would like to apply to both UBC and U of A. I am wondering if I should apply this year or wait another year to increase my GPA. Thanks in advance for the help :))
  16. I was wondering if microbiology is required for pharm at Waterloo? I'm in Med Sci 2nd year at Western and my courses are: orgo, biochem, research methods, genetics, cell bio, stats, psych, and physiology. If microbiology and immunology is required I'm gonna have to try to get special consideration to get a spot because the class is full, or should I take it in the summer because my course load is pretty heavy second semester. Also, for the humanities 2.0 required, I have an english transfer credit from highschool (IB), and took Psychology 1000 in first year. Would those be enough to satisfy the requirement?
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