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Found 12 results

  1. Salut! Je suis présentement étudiante de 2e année et je me demandais s'il y a une possibilité que je soit acceptée en p-med, sachant que ma cote R est de 34.5 (première session). Je sais que pour les notes de la 2e session, mon cégep n'a pas opté pour la politique de pass or fail (apparemment les unis ont accès à nos moyennes?). Mes notes pour cette session étaient toutes légèrement au-dessus de la moyenne des autres étudiants (environ 5%, tournant autour des 88-92%). Cependant, je m'inquiète un peu pour ma cote R de 3e session, puisque j'ai eu beaucoup plus de difficulté avec mon apprentissage pour diverses raisons. Il me reste encore la 4e session pour essayer de me rattraper. Ainsi, je mise tout sur cette dernière (comme ça si je suis placée sur la liste d'attente, j'augmente ma possibilité d'être acceptée). À mon avis, la seule façon que je parvienne à être acceptée en p-med serait que la cote R minimale baisse et que je performe mieux que la moyenne au CASPer (en plus d'avoir une forte cote R à la quatrième session). Ah aussi, si quelqu'un sait si les MEMs auront lieu cette année, SVP laissez-moi savoir! J'espère que mes explications n'étaient pas trop difficiles à comprendre Merci à l'avance!
  2. Hi guys, this is my first time posting on this forum but I was hoping to get some help with choosing my undergrad. To give some insight on my educational background, I'm graduating from Cegep this semester but my R-score isnt too great(30.4), so I have to do my undergrad before applying to med school. This has been my childhood dream but unfortunately I went through a really rough patch in Cegep however Im willing to put the effort it takes to do well with my undergrad and try my chance for med school. I applied to Concordia university for winter 2021 in Cell and Molecular biology(specialization) with a minor in Multidisciplinary Studies in Science. I wanted to ideally pursue my education at McGill but unfortunately they dont accept admissions for the winter semester. 1. Do you think my program of choice and minor would give me a shot at med school? 2. Would it be better for me to apply to Mcgill for fall 2021 and transfer from Concordia? I wanna start uni now so I dont fall back on my courses but I could always apply to McGill for fall 2021 and transfer if it would be to my advantage. 3. I know Mcgill's med school doesnt really care about your undergrad program and they only pay attention to your gpa but since apparently the difficulty of the degree matters for french med schools once they want to calculate your CRU, would it better for me to apply to a "harder" degree at McGill for fall 2021 when I request a transfer? I'd appreciate any tips you guys might have for me thank you!!!
  3. Hi there. Im going to start grade 12 in September and Im looking into universities. I really want to go to medical school one day but I have concerns for my bachelors. I am a decent student, I get high 80's and sometimes 90's depending on the course. I think that If I apply to Health Sci, i'll have a better chance of getting in because Bio Med and Med Sci is sooo competitive. At the same time I worried it'll be a disadvantage to my learning if I take Health Sci! If I take Health Sci, will I still be able to go to medical school. The goal is to be a paediatrician or maybe even an anesthesiologist! thanks:)
  4. Bonjour! Je suis un collégien en dernière session qui a appliqué à McGill en pre-med (cote R>35) et j'ai quelques questions: Je me demandais combien de références minimum il est nécessaire de mettre dans le VERL qu'accompagne le CV. Dans le document d'information ils disent 4-5, mais vu que les CVs des cégépiens sont relativement plus courts que ceux qui détiennent un bac en raison des publications de recherches et des prix, je me demandais si il est possible d'en mettre moins. J'en ai plus que 5, mais cela revient à ma 2e question: y a-t-il des gens qui savent si ils contactent vraiment toutes les personnes? J'ai quelques bonnes références, mais les autres sont relativement peu bonnes et pourraient ne pas les intéresser. Merci!
  5. Just a little rant on med-school admissions. Anyone else frustrated that medicals schools have such vague prerequisites requirements? For a program that is amongst the most competative i'd expect some clear instructions on what marks to get in what specific classes...when I first researched requirements it said that you can be ANY major you want and no required courses...how does that make any sense? A least give prospective students some recommendations on what to take to relate/prepare for medical school material. When I first decided to go the med-school route I was so damn confused on what courses to take. I was certainly determined and didn't want to have a "backup" career like engineering, but also didn't want to over-take too many hard bio/chem courses. Took me such a long time to determine what to take, how many credits they were, and what is related to medicine and mcat preperation without over-doing courses that were too hard. At least give 5-6 required courses (bio/chem/anatomy) and put up a bunch of electives rather than just saying "anything you want." That was quite long but anyone else go through this dilema?
  6. Hey guys, I'm thinking of applying to UOttawa med this year- I just wanted to know; what is the cut-off for the wGPA for anglophone applicants? On their site it says you can email and ask, but the lady won't be back till october 1st (how convenient). Did anyone manage to email this year? I don't wanna assume it's the same as previous years. Thanks!
  7. Hi there, So I am currently a high school student in Grade 11, and am considering to go into the medical stream. My first semester grade 11 marks, in my opinion, are good, but are not necessarily that stellar (currently averaging at 89). During second semester, I'm doing better with an anticipated average of around 93 (mostly business courses, hardest course is functions). Considering the fact that medical school heavily weigh GPA as well as MCAT, I was just wondering if this program is a "GPA killer"? From what I know, in this program, the college courses taken at Centennial College count as university credits and are presumably easy and high-school like in nature. As a result, I assume these are an easy way to bring up your GPA. However, the UofT courses (the mandatory life science ones) are considered hard and are specifically calibrated to bring the averages down if too high (bell curve). Is that true? One of the main factors that contribute to this program to be first on my list of choices is the fact that in addition to getting a degree, you also get a useful diploma which enables you to get a highly demanded job, as a paramedic. Other programs that I am considering are either a bio program at either Ryerson or Brock (to simply get a higher GPA) as well as Life Science at McMaster. With these programs, however, the potential possibility of not making it into medical school can be devastating. However, if the correct courses are taken, there is a chance to venture my way into dentistry or podiatry. Ultimately, what do you think would be the best course of action for me?
  8. Hi guys, I just finished my first year of university and am now a second year student! Do you guys have any suggestions for extracurricular activities at the University of Waterloo? I was involved with the pre-vet club last year. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I am a second year health studies student at the University of Waterloo. For my fall term I am taking three health courses (HLTH 201, HLTH 202, HLTH 204) and KIN 217, which are required. I took MATH 127 (calculus 1 for the sciences) as my elective. Although I consider myself to be good at math, do you think this is a good choice for an elective. I am not able to take CHEM 123, a prerequisite for organic chemistry 1 in the fall term because it is only offered online. Are there any other courses that you would recommend I take? Thanks
  10. Hey guys, So this may be a silly question, but if I apply to medical school in fourth year (my undergraduate degree is five years) then does that mean that I won't be able to finish my undergraduate degree as I will be starting medical school in the upcoming year? Also, considering my degree is five years long, when do you suggest that I apply to medical school (I will be beginning my second year in the fall). Thanks
  11. I am a First Year at a Canadian University and I am just wondering if changing my degree 2 times in this year will affect my application? I believe that my first year in university is somehow experimental where I am still in the process of deciding what I really want to do. Please, your insight about this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  12. Greetings! Each year, the Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Interest Group at Schulich holds an Ultrasound Symposium for medical students to learn about the use of ultrasound in a clinical setting. However - this post isn't for medical students! No, this post is for pre-med students. In past years, we’ve been fortunate to have pre-med students help us out at the Ultrasound Symposium as patient models. This is exactly what it sounds like – volunteers who act as patients, allowing medical students to learn the basics of point-of-care ultrasound by scanning on a real person. They will be taught by physicians and residents. We’re asking for any students who will be in the London area on Saturday, August 19th, 2017 to consider helping us out. We'd be more than happy to answer questions volunteers may have about medical school in general, and/or ultrasound's role in medicine. Please find details and FAQ below! Details What: Volunteer Patient Model for ultrasound scanning at the Western Student Ultrasound Symposium When: Saturday, August 19th, 2017 [approximately 8:00am~6:00 pm, with lunch and breaks included] Where: CSTAR, at University Hospital in London, Ontario, Canada How: Sign-up here! https://goo.gl/forms/yfg8OnsTRytRl1AN2 FAQ What does being a patient model involve? Mostly, it involves lying down and following a few simple instructions given by the physicians teaching the sessions, such as rolling on one side or holding a breath. That's about it! We handle all the set-up, clean-up, and organization of the Symposium, so all the traditional volunteer work is taken care of - we just need your help to teach medical students about ultrasound. What’s in this for me? The inner satisfaction of helping others learn valuable skills! Ok, ok, besides that. You’ll be spending time with physicians, residents, and medical students in a professional setting, learning about an area of medicine – point-of-care ultrasound – that is growing in scope and importance. Being a patient model is one of the best ways to learn the ins and outs of ultrasound. More importantly, if you'd like, during breaks, we can offer patient models instructions in ultrasound scanning, as well as some hands-on scanning time with the machine. We’ll also feed you lunch and give you a fancy certificate for participating! Can I use this on my CV or in my application for medical/professional schools? Of course! It’s only a one-day event, but we do hope it will be a valuable experience to mention on your application and/or in your interviews. We are also more than willing to serve as a verifier for applications to medical school or other professional schools that require one. Do I have to expose any body parts that I don’t want to? Absolutely not! This is a PG event – and we intend to keep it that way. Most of the scans are done on the abdomen, so the stomach is exposed and we do ask that all patient models be comfortable with at least that. We do hold a Cardiac workshop as part of the symposium that involves some scanning around the chest, which we try to get more male models to do, though many female models have participated in the past without difficulty. We always give patient models final say – we try to make every scan as comfortable as possible, as we would have for real patients, but all models have the right to refuse to participate in a scan without consequence. Loose-fitting clothing - namely shorts and a T-shirt, plus a sports bra for women - is highly recommended to provide sufficient exposure for those scanning while maintaining privacy for patient models. We also provide gowns, sheets, and other coverings so that every effort is made to only expose areas necessary for the scan. Is this really a worthwhile experience? Having been involved with the Ultrasound Symposium firsthand as well as volunteering, it is certainly a unique opportunity to see a very practical part of medicine, one which is still being developed and refined. You'll get an inside look at medical education at the student level. Plus, you get to see CSTAR, which is a phenomenal start-of-the-art training centre! I have more questions. Who do I talk to? Please feel free to ask a question in the thread below! In addition, our sign-up sheet (see FAQ) also has a field for questions. Ok, I’m interested! Where do I sign-up? Sign-ups can be made here. Please make sure your e-mail is correct – someone from Point-of-care Ultrasound Interest Group will be in touch with you after signing up to provide further details and verify participation. We hope to see you there! #This post was adapted from an original forum post by "ralk"
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