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Found 21 results

  1. Bonjour guys, j'ai besoin de votre précieuse aide et expérience dans mon dilemme ... je vous écoute (lis) .. HELP!!!! Donc: - J'ai un DEC en Sciences de la Nature (profil santé) donc j'ai tous mes préalables en sciences pour pouvoir faire Médecine, Pharmacie, Médecine Dentaire (obtenu en 2016) (cote r pas fameuse) - J'ai une mineure en Psychologie 30 crédits (faite car je voulais augmenter ma cote r, gros regret = j'ai empiré ma cote r : décès dans ma famille, beaucoup de problèmes financiers, bref je voulais obtenir au moins le diplôme) J'ai 2 choix qui s'offrent à moi: 1. Retourner au Cégep pour faire un DEC en Hygiène Dentaire (car je suis devenue assistante dentaire (oui un DEP) pour pouvoir travailler au moins dans le domaine de la médecine dentaire et aider la situation dans ma famille et moi-même) 2. M'inscrire dans un nouveau Baccalauréat Le tout dans le but d'améliorer ma cote r FINALEMENT et appliquer à nouveau Le problème c'est que j'ai su que les préalables de sciences expirent après 8 ans (les miens de mon DEC sciences santé vont alors expirer en 2024) : est-ce vrai ?! Quoi que je décide de faire les cours auront alors expiré et je devrai les refaire ... (à moins de faire un Bacc dans le domaine des sciences de la santé à l'Université)? Aussi: Si je retourne au cégep et je fais mon DEC en Hygiène Dentaire lorsque je ferai la demande d'admission en med, med dentaire, pharmacie je redeviens étudiant au niveau collégial même en ayant 30 crédits à l'UdeM Psychologie faits 3 ans auparavant ? HELP, je n'ai pas de ressources, mais j'ai vu beaucoup d'information d'histoires dans ce forum qui sont parvenus à rentrer dans le programme souhaité. Merci de m'aider !!!!!!!!
  2. Hi there, I am a third year undergrad trying to get into Dentistry, specifically aiming for the University of Manitoba. If anyone could help and steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. There's a lot of info on here but most of it is for other schools such as UofT. So I guess I have a couple of questions for anyone who knows about UManitoba's acceptance rates, averages etc. 1) There is a lot of talk AGPAs but not a lot about core course averages. If you were accepted or know anyone who has been accepted into the program, do you mind sharing your AGPA as well as your core course GPA? I'm asking because I would like to know if anyone has ever been accepted with a low core course GPA of 3.7 (which happens to be mine lol). 2) I find myself stressed trying to get all A's in my science courses. In my first year I managed to get all A's. In my second year and third year I got a range of B and B+'s. Is there room for error in getting B's and B+'s? or is my dream of being a dentist over because I don't have all A's? 3) UManitoba lists their minimum core course average and DAT score on the application as 3.60 (2019) and 18.50 (2019). This being the minimum, would you have a good chance of being accepted being near the minimum? Some previous applicants who I have seen on this forum have GPAs typically around 3.9-4 range. 4) Are only the top students accepted into the program? Like those who have high GPAs and high DAT scores? Or is there a chance with those who have a mediocre GPA/DAT and possibly a good interview? To anyone that answers, thank you for any advice.
  3. Hi everybody, So I'm in my last semester of my BBA undergrad and I've decided to switch to medicine. I'm looking at Ontario med schools in particular. I didn't take any science classes during my degree so I'm going back in the fall to get the right prerequisites. (bonus function of these courses: my GPA is a 3.6 or [9.7 on 12 pt. scale] and this could be a way to focus on my grades and boost it) I've got my humanities credits covered with econ, languages, and other random electives but I have about 6-8 science courses I'll need (depending on if they're lab based or not) and some of them are prerequisites for one another. (ex. I'll need an organic chem credit, which requires Intro Chem 2, which requires Intro Chem 1). This isn't a big deal for me, I could focus on my MCAT studying or strengthening extracurriculars during this time. I think I'll need at least 3 semesters to complete the credits I need. What I'm concerned about is that some med schools want to see a full course load of 5 classes/semester and two full semesters per year (ex. Western for their GPA calculation). I'd rather not spend too much time with electives that aren't going to give me the pre-reqs I need but I also don't want to rush difficult science classes (like biochem, org chem, etc.) at the same time and let my GPA fall any more. Is there a creative way to work around these variables? Maybe there's a compromise I can get away with? Or am I just going to have to buckle down and take a full two years, electives and all? Thank you!! -Aaron
  4. Hey folks, Any ideas on if any Canadian schools reject or frown upon taking an online course during undergrad? It happens to be a biochemistry course, which I know is a prereq for Ottawa. WIll this make any difference? Also, do these things matter for US schools, at least ones that accept Canadians?
  5. Sorry if I’m not supposed to post here! My UG is Psychology and my schools of interest don’t require prerequisites, has anyone been in a similar situation and self studied for the MCAT? how long did you give yourself? Did you study while in school? TIA
  6. Hi all, I wasn't sure if the psyc courses I took in University of Guelph could be seen as humanities/social science prerequisites for Ottawa so I emailed them. In the email reply that I got from them, they stated that "The Humanities or Social Sciences requirements can be completed by any courses that have no relations to Science. For i.e. Sociology, Psychology, Math, Religion, Administration, English Literature, English Writing..." I got confused when I saw Math as a qualifying Humanities / Social Sciences prereq, so I asked them if Math and Statistics can be counted, and they said yes. I'm just wondering if anyone else know about this. I might be overthinking but why have I never heard that Math and Stats can be Humanities / Social science courses? Thanks in advance!
  7. So, I did my undergrad in Kinesiology at Queen's, and took all of my prerequisites for Queens PT (I.e. Anatomy, Psych, Stats, Physiology) in my first 1-2 years. However, I didn't do so well, and so I will be re-taking all of my prerequisites, except at Athabasca U since I no longer live in Kingston. Is this allowed/standard practice? Can I simply take the Athabasca equivalents for the Queen's prerequisites (As listed on the Queen's site) and choose to submit my prerequisites from the Athabasca courses instead of my old Queen's courses? If it makes a difference, the Queen's courses will not be a part of my sGPA, as they were taken early on in my undergrad. Thank you to anyone who has either done this or knows enough to chime in!
  8. I'm currently a first-year student at Concordia University in Montreal, and am looking to satisfy the Biology II w/ Lab during my second year. (Just finished BIOLOGY 1) However, at Concordia, there is no General Biology 2 course w/ Lab, instead, there are 2 separate lecture courses (BIOL 225 and BIOL 226 without labs) that are mandatory prerequisites for a full-on Lab Course (BIOL 227). Essentially, I have to take 9 Credits worth of courses (3 separate classes) to satisfy 1 year of Biology w/lab requirement of Med school. Would it be possible to take Biology 2 w/ Lab in Cegep and have it satisfy my pre requisite for Med School admissions? Also, would courses completed in Cegep be valid for applications outside of Canada? If I were to apply to some American M.D schools for instance, could I show my transcript for a Biology 2 course taken in a CEGEP and have it count? Another alternative I know of is to take BIOLOGY 2 while at Mcgill using the Quebec-University transfer class system, but BIOL 112 (Biology 2 w/lab ) at Mcgill appears to cover some topics that I've already been tested on in BIOL 201 at Concordia. Sorry if this post seems convoluted, any advice/insight on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hello, I am planning on applying to PT at UfoT, McMaster, and Queens for Fall 2017, and just want to know what my chances of getting in are. My subGPA (last 10 undergrad classes?) is ~3.9, and cumulative GPA is ~3.7. This is not including my graduate level courses for which my avg GPA for the 3 courses completed is around a 3.7. I'm currently completing a research-intensive master's program (ending Aug 2017) and was awarded a CIHR scholarship for my Master's thesis (which is highly related to PT). I've got a couple conference presentations/publications under my belt, and have worked a few summers in a PT clinic as well as volunteered plenty of hours in the past. My biggest concern is the fact that I got a really crappy grade in Human Physiology (61%) since it was taken in first year.... I did, however, input my exercise physiology grade (kin physiology course, which I did much better in) on the ORPAS application. I'm not sure how this will be accepted, but I figured I would try my luck with that. Any input is appreciated!!
  10. Does anyone know if the general biology perquisite with lab for Ottawa has to be a first year course? I went to Guelph and not all of our first year general bio courses have labs. I have taken a full year 3rd year anatomy course with lab, would that count?
  11. Hey guys! I'm currently going into my 3rd year at the University of Ottawa (studying biochemistry). I've been looking into applying to dental school this upcoming fall and I see that UBC, Dalhousie, and Manitoba all require two introductory chemistry classes but to my knowledge there is only one intro to chem class at the University of Ottawa (CHM1311). There is also CHM1301, but I'm pretty sure you only take that class if you havent done chemistry in high school. Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone is finding themselves in a similar situation and if they know which second chemistry class I should take to fill this requirement. Thanks!!
  12. Hi Everyone, I am curious about whether anyone else is applying/has applied with a non-science background. Will my lack of the traditional prerequisites hurt my application? Would this fall into the category of transcripts not being in congruence with the MCAT score? Or will they simply take the overall GPA + MCAT score? I have advanced degrees in the humanities as well. Am curious if anyone else is in the same boat?
  13. Hi, I'm a student currently residing in Montreal. I'm about to complete my bachelor of science in psychology at McGill University and I'm interested in applying to pharmacy in Ontario (at Waterloo and UofT) for the Fall of 2017. My current CGPA is a 3.71 which I'm hoping to increase by the time I've graduated. 1. However, I am still missing some pre-requisite courses for my application, namely: Genetics, Organic 2, Microbiology, Biochem for Waterloo and Organic 2, Physical Chemistry and Biochem for U of T (these courses are not required for pharmacy applications in Quebec). I will most likely be completing these courses as an independent student during the 2015-2016 calendar year. However, I know that having a full course load is important for both U of T and Waterloo and so I am wondering whether or not I'll be disadvantaged for completing these courses on a part-time basis after having completed my undergraduate degree. Furthermore, during my undergraduate degree (which is 3 years long here), I withdrew from one course (for reasons that I can explain in an interview) and took a class in the summer to make up for that withdrawal. Therefore, in my 6 semesters as an undergrad, I will have had a full course load (5 classes) in every semester except for one. Could this hurt my chances? 2. For anyone who was once in my situation, I'm curious as to where you think I should take the remaining prereqs: at McGill, at Concordia or maybe even in a CEGEP (if the courses are offered). I'm assuming McGill courses are tougher than Concordia courses so it may be smarter if I simply become an independent student at Concordia. 3. Does anyone know how these pre-req marks will be counted in the overall CGPA? Are they simply added onto my undergrad CGPA? As for the CEGEP pre-reqs (which I suppose they look at as well), how will they be counted, considering a different marking scheme is used in CEGEP? 4. Would you say that a 3.71 (and hopefully 3.75 by the time I graduate) is a good CGPA to be considered for an interview and even for admission at both UofT and Waterloo? The websites don't seem to specify what the average GPA of admitted students has been in the last few years...or even what the GPA of the last admitted student was... 5. Does anyone know of any other Canadian universities (outside Quebec) with a pharmacy program that don't have any quotas or restrictions when it comes to out-of-province applicants? I know Dalhousie or Saskatchewan barely take any out-of-province students for example. 6. This question is mostly for Quebec residents/students: I'm applying to pharmacy at Universite de Montreal and Universite Laval this year as well but I know I'm somewhat disadvantaged because the CRU for psychology is rather low. I'm still going to give it a try because who knows! But if I were to start another undergrad at UdeM next year to hopefully boost my grades and apply to UdeM and Laval AGAIN (and forget about doing the pre-reqs for universities outside of Canada), what undergrad would you suggest I do? I'm assuming I should complete an undergrad in the "connexe" category to have greater chances. Do you think this would be worthwhile? Or should I simply focus on the pre-reqs for UofT and Waterloo and just forget about pharmacy schools in Quebec in general? Any help would be appreciated!!! Thank you!
  14. Hi guys, So I found out only a week ago that the UBC has decided to drop all prerequisites (except for English) for applicants (decision was passed Jan 21st). This sucked for me as I had applied to complete Biochem online (my only missing prereq) through Athabasca U in December and therefore I am ineligible for a refund or withdrawal without a permanent "W" on my transcript. I really want to withdraw from the course as I am only 2/13 done, and I can focus more on my research/ECs/TAing (I'm a first year MSc student) but I am afraid that this one W will be perceived as poor academic commitment. Any thoughts or suggestions? Also do we have to disclose EVERY single transcript to UBC even if we only complete (in my case just withdrew from) one course at that school?
  15. Hello, I'm about to complete my bachelor's degree in psychology at McGill University and my GPA after 75 credits is a 3.71. I'm hoping to raise it even further this winter semester. I'm really interested in entering UdeM's pharmacy program, but I unfortunately didn't do my research before I went into psychology and I didn't realize that it was a "programme non-connexe" AND that its IFG isn't as high as other programs. I applied last year to UdeM Pharmacy when my GPA was a 3.56 and I ranked like 75 out of 111 in the "non-connexe" category. I guess I just need some guidance as to what some of you think I should do...I'm contemplating doing a second undergrad in a different program to boost my GPA up even further. What bachelor's would you recommend [that aren't too hard to get good grades in, and for which there might be jobs if ever this pharmacy thing doesn't work out]? Law, nutrition, physio, speech therapy (orthophonie)? I'm already considering applying in pharmacy to Canadian universities outside of Quebec but they require a bunch of prereqs that I don't have since I'm a Quebec student (Organic 2, Biochem, etc) and their out-of-province quotas just make things harder. One more thing: when UdeM/ULaval/USherbrooke look at your marks, do they convert them into their own 4.3 scale? For instance, would I have a 3.71/4.3 or do they cross multiply and convert my 3.71 to whatever it would be on 4.33? *Si vous voulez me répondre en français, ça me dérange pas du tout! Merci de votre aide
  16. I know that most schools only require prerequisites to be complete before May 31st, however I was wondering if anyone has been admitted conditionally upon completion of their prerequisites? I will hopfully be finished mine in April well before the deadline, however if acceptance letters go out mid may the schools may have made admission decisions before seeing my completed prereqs.
  17. Apparently one of my English courses don't count at UBC?! Anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know where I can take a university junior English course online or by correspondence? I have no time this year to take it during school!
  18. Hi, just a quick question for everyone out there. I'm a McGill Economics student and am struggling to complete all my med school prerequisites on time before I graduate. I'm thinking instead of taking an English course at McGill (which is hard and difficult to score in), I would take a second one from Athabasca University online. I've already taken one so far, which I've found to be pretty straight forward. I was just wondering if application officers would give more value to a course taken at McGill rather than an English course taken online. Also, is anyone here an Economics following the same path? Managing well so far with the basic sciences but worried about organic and biochem. Looking forward to hearing back!
  19. Hey everyone! I'm currently going into my third year at McMaster and have yet to take a biochemistry course - which some of the potential med schools I'm looking into specify needing. Many of my peers have taken Biochem 2EE3 but due to another required course and limited course listings, I cannot take it due to a conflict. Instead, I am considering Biochem 3G03 as an alternative. Both courses (according to course reviews) cover different material. To my fellow Marauders or Alumni who have gone on to pursue medicine, is either course particularly more beneficial or liked/needed by Med Schools? Or would either suffice? I think the general requirement of a 'biochemistry course' without further specification is leaving me double minded as to what kind of course exactly, since so many are offered under the subject. Any insight is greatly appreciated, as academic advising is a little hard to get ahold of during the summer. Thanks a lot!
  20. Hello, My main question is this: I want to take a 5th year of undergraduate after I complete my business degree this summer. This is because I need to take physics, org chem, and biochem. My GPA is 3.87 (converted from UVic) so I am not taking the 5th year for GPA reasons. However, I have seen that some med schools dont like people taking 5th year courses that do not contribute towards a degree. Would I be falling into this category? TL;DR: Will graduate with business degree in summer with high GPA Need prerequisites Will medical schools accept my prerequisites if i take them in a 5th year that does not count towards a second degree? Thanks a lot guys!
  21. Hi there, Currently in progress in this class - human physiology. I have noticed on the forums that a few of you are doing this as well. Has anyone done a midterm/exam yet? Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on if they are similar to the quizzes or if there is any lab content on them. Many Thanks, I.C.
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