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  1. Any questions or concerns, post below. Goodluck everybody!
  2. Seeing as there was no other thread for UBC's Entry-to-Practice PharmD application cycle this year (Class of 2025), I decided to make one looking at other threads from previous years that I found were really helpful. If anyone has any comments or questions, please post below! Good luck everyone with your applications!
  3. Hey everyone! I noticed that in previous years waitlisted applicants made topics to gauge the waitlist movement. I thought it might be nice to have one this year, I'm so nervous about the waitlist haha. Lmk your waitlist # and stats if you wanna share! & to anyone rejecting their offer--Let us know haha
  4. MedsHousing.com Listing #2353 1424 Dunbar Drive, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada Kamloops BC Furnished Bright, 1-bedroom suite with a view! Ten mins from RIH One-bedroom, above-ground, furnished basement suite with great view - 10 min drive to Royal Inland Hospital. Rent includes: - 800 sq ft above ground suite with a great view - all utilities including cable and wifi - a private, covered entrance - parking spot for one vehicle - two televisions (full cable, Netflix and Prime) - one bedroom - queen bed - one full bathroom - full kitchen - in-suite laundry - air conditioning - a covered outdoor patio Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Furnished $1,800.00 CAD / Month $500.00 CAD / Week $80.00 CAD / Day Contact Landlord Here.
  5. For applicants who are hoping to be accepted for 2022 intake/ admission cycle. Would love to start preparing for PIQs interviews
  6. As listed on MedsHousing.com Listing# 2197 New 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom fully-furnished condo for rent. 455 sq. ft. with balcony and a great view. Across the street from Marine Drive station, T&T supermarket and other amenities. Heat & light, internet, and underground parking are all included. Please contact for pictures. Available as early as March 1, 2022. Contact Landlord Here
  7. www.Medshousing.com Listing #2001 Vancouver shared accommodation: Furnished Bedroom w/ private bath, excellent location for many hospitals$1000 "Hello! I am an older 3rd year medical student at UBC, with a furnished second bedroom available to rent in my two bedroom townhome. The 2nd bedroom has its own bathroom. Rent includes everything--utilities, wifi, parking. Also included is once a month cleaning of common areas and bathrooms (the same woman has been doing this for me for five years). The whole unit is furnished and the kitchen is well-equipped. It is on the corner of 12th ave and Kingsway. It has street access and access from the parking garage. It's a tall and skinny unit so everything is on a different floor—bottom floor is a mudroom, main floor is kitchen/living/dining, 2nd floor is the bedroom I'm renting, plus a bathroom and a den, 3rd floor is my bedroom/bathroom, and then there is a rooftop balcony. There are two parking spaces so one available with the second bedroom. There is space for bikes/skis/outdoor equipment in the mudroom. Excellent location to access all major hospitals, for example, Mount Saint Joseph's is a block away, VGH is a five minute drive or 25 minute walk,. Women's Hospital is a 10 minute drive, St. Paul's is a 15 minute drive. Walking distance to many fitness facilities, great restaurants, coffee shops, grocery, pharmacy, and parks. " as posted on @MedsHousing.com # 2001 Contact landlord here
  8. Hello, I am starting my PharmD program in September 2021 while also reapplying for medical school this year. I am confused if whether or not I would include this in my application? On page 22 of the application guide it says "Courses from September 2021 to April 2022: Enter the courses you plan to take and leave the “Completed” checkbox unchecked. You can take different courses later without notifying us, with two exceptions: • If you change your mind about which English course you will take, you must message us to tell us the new course name, number, and institution. • If you are completing 90 credits and change your courses after you apply, please message us with your new courses. If your 2020/2021 courses are at a new institution (an institution you have not started attending yet, so you can’t submit a transcript), please message us so we can change the transcript status for this institution to “Not Yet Required.” Does anyone have experience with starting a new degree while applying, and if the new degree was included? Thank you!
  9. Hey everyone, thought I would begin a thread like previous years. I have been wait listed. Good luck to everyone
  10. www.Medshousing.com Listing # 1940 Lovely furnished 2BR suite in newer (2017) Central Lonsdale house. *short walking distance to Lions Gate Hospital, Lonsdale shops, Grand Blvd, Lower Lonsdale, Whole Foods, and more. Vancouver Coastal Health Contact Landlord here
  11. Hi all, I was hoping to apply to a PT or OT grad school in the future and I'm currently enrolled in an anatomy course that I ended up failing the midterm for and now it's likely I won't do as well in the course or even pass the course. I have the chance to withdraw from my course right now with the W but would this option be better to take right now than a bad grade? How would a W (especially in an intensive anatomy course), look for grad school admissions to PT/OT?
  12. www.MedsHousing.com Kimberley BC "Very private and sunny walkout basement suite in our rancher style house in the very quiet and desirable Kimberley neighbourhood of Upper Chapman Camp. The suite has a full private bathroom, a well-stocked kitchen and is steps away from the hot tub. Our backyard overlooks Kimberley Alpine Resort and has a trampoline and zipline. The house is located on a ridge above the Rails to Trails (27 km paved pathway to Cranbrook) so bring your bike. We have fat bikes to lend our med student guests in winter (or snowshoes) as we know you'll need some fresh air. Kimberley is developing a reputation with our other 3rd-year UBC students as a wonderful community to explore and our guests seem to have more free time than many other rural placements in BC. Our suite sleeps four with a double bed and a pull-out sofa. 150 MBPS Wifi provided. Apple TV including Netflix/Disney+ on a 32" flat-panel TV. Separate suite entrance and ample off-road parking. We do have a ten-year-old Kelpie (dog) named Gypsy on site - she really likes people and is friendly to all." As listing on MedsHousing. Contact Landlord here
  13. So I’m currently a grade 12 bc student with offers for both ubc and uofc for kinesiology. I am wondering if moving to Calgary for undergrad is worth the albertan in province status in the future. but tbh I would prefer going to ubc much more because I already know a lot of older friends in the program that could give me advice and guide me through the program. Would it still be worth moving? Another thing that I could possibly do is transfer to Calgary after my 2nd year. any thoughts on what I should do would be very helpful. im also not dead set on medicine, I would also consider doing dentistry or physio
  14. Currently a grade 12 student in Vancouver BC. I’ve applied to Calgary, Toronto and UBC for kin. I’ve been accepted to both Calgary and Toronto but am still waiting for UBC. But at this point I feel like my chances of getting into UBC are pretty slim even though it’s my first choice as admissions is ending soon. My goal is to get into med school one day and I’m hoping for some advice as to which program would give me a better chance to achieve my goal.
  15. Hi everyone :) I'm a student from one of the prairies schools applying to IM this cycle. i was lucky to get some interviews including uoft and ubc (my top choices). I've never been to vancouver or toronto but I heard things about each city from residents. I really want to move out of the prairie for this next chapter of my life but im having a hard time deciding between these two schools in terms of ranking. Could you guys share anything you know about each program? I heard that uoft is notorious for being service heavy and not too collegial - but I also heard that it's easier to get into uoft sub-speciality if you do your residency there. Not too familiar about UBC but apparently it's service heavy too. Also the match rate for its residents was really bad this year..yikes Thnx!
  16. Hi! I'm planning on going into OT. However, every OT I come across has done their schooling abroad. Has anyone done theirs in Canada and is willing to share the process? PT seems to have more descriptive and consistent requirements. What is the GPA cut off, do your EC's matter? And how many schools did you apply to and where was your undergrad done? Thanks in advance
  17. Has anyone gotten rejected with an above average interview? What did you improve and how drastically to gain admission the following cycle(s)? Assuming some things are fixed (i.e. GPA) but others are malleable, such as EC descriptions/additions and MCAT re-write. I am wondering if anyone found that other things such as changing references also made a difference.
  18. I saw someone do this last year and thought it was very interesting and figured I might as well start one this year Answers are anonymous! Last year they differentiated between the non-rural and rural seats so I did the same- even though we don't really get to choose what seat we get haha, but I'm assuming it was pertaining to whether you filled out the rural section and think you may have a high RRSS. In addition, if anyone would like to speak to why they are choosing such in the comments I think that could be interesting too
  19. Join us! The Pre-Medicine Diversity Symposium is an annual UBC faculty-sponsored event designed to encourage people from all walks of life to apply to medical school. This event is tailored to applicants who consider themselves ‘non-traditional’ for reasons that may include having a non-science background, applying later in life, having children and family, having financial or personal hardship, or belonging to a demographic underrepresented in medicine. There will be events at all 4 sites in BC - Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria & Prince George. FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/506704993595930/ Google Form RSVP (this confirms your registration): https://forms.gle/Rkgm2exxU4RaQTWi6
  20. Hey everyone! Firstly, a HUGE congratulations to all applicants in the 2019/2020 cycle who finished their interview at UBC during the past couple of weekends!! Take the time to pat yourselves on the back for finishing up with the stressful portion of your applications! It's just a matter of waiting until May -- I sincerely wish you all the best of successes no matter what happens. I can definitely understand how stressful the wait can be though, so if anyone would like to chat via PM, please feel free to message me. It's much easier said than done, but try to distract yourself with something positive, and hopefully the 3 months pass quickly. Speaking of distractions, the Class of 2023 is super excited to be presenting the MD Admissions Video 2020 we've prepared for you, which will be on YouTube in just a couple of days ! Many, many thanks to everyone involved with this project, especially Kevin Z and Melissa K for putting in 300+ hours to direct, film, and edit this masterpiece. I have shared with you the trailer, which was recently published on YouTube. We truly hope you all enjoy what we've prepared, and hope this gives the perfect picture of EXACTLY what the interview process is like for those applying in the future (lol, jk). Cheers!
  21. Join us! The Pre-Medicine Diversity Symposium is an annual UBC faculty-sponsored event designed to encourage people from all walks of life to apply to medical school. This event is tailored to applicants who consider themselves ‘non-traditional’ for reasons that may include having a non-science background, applying later in life, having children and family, having financial or personal hardship, or belonging to a demographic underrepresented in medicine. There will be events at all 4 sites in BC - Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria & Prince George. FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/506704993595930/ Google Form RSVP (this confirms your registration): https://forms.gle/Rkgm2exxU4RaQTWi6
  22. Fully renovated 2 bedroom + office garden level suite 1000+ Sq.Ft. Easy walk/bike ride to UBC; quick commute to VGH and St. Paul's. Fully renovated garden level suite in Dunbar on a gorgeous tree-lined street – 2 bedrooms with walk-in closets, office, kitchen, washroom and shared laundry room – more than 1000sq. ft. New floors, fixtures, kitchen, bathroom, top-notch fire alarm & security system. Many smart home features and optional fiber optic connection. The suite can be rented unfurnished or partially furnished; lots of storage is available in all rooms. Amazing location – steps from the Pacific Spirit forest with an easy bike/foot path to UBC; shops; restaurants; swimming pool, library and community center. Easy commute to VGH and St. Paul’s Hospital. Family friendly suite layout, safe and welcoming neighborhood; best elementary and secondary schools nearby and easy access to multiple transit options. $2000 per month with 1 year lease. Shared utilities with very cost effective heating system. No smoking and vaping in or around the property. Very quiet residential area – low tolerance to noise, no parties or loud activities.
  23. My university record is not exactly the best thing I can showcase, but I think I'm at a point where I could try harder and actually have a chance to study medicine. Here's my record: 1st year: 77% (27 credits) 2nd year: 82% (28 credits) - 1W ( I took the course again in the 2nd semester) 3rd year: 85.5% (30 credits) 4th year: I'm expecting ~ 89% average (30 credits total, 1W) 5th year: I know what to take for GPA-boosting purposes and will likely reach the early 90s. My AGPA with 1st year taken out as of today is 84.1%, although will likely rise to about 85% once I've finished my second-semester courses. My major EC's: - Volunteered at 3 Labs, 1 lab internship (WorkLearn), I started one last month and will likely continue through my 5th year to get something tangible this time. - Founder of non-profit organization - will continue through 5th year and beyond. - 250 hours of community volunteering (continuing for 1.5 years now and will continue for another 1.5) - Freelance Spanish language tutor (volunteer) since HS. Do you think I should do a 5th year?
  24. How does UBC translate the credits I did to their system if I go to U of T and did a full course load- is that not 120 credits? What's a one year course load? Confused how they decide whether I have enough credits to be eligible for weighted GPA
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