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Found 19 results

  1. Did anyone apply to Umanitoba for occupational therapy and if so what are your stats?
  2. Hello, I'm a second year science student at university of Manitoba and I have few of my core science courses to take in the future with some electives. To those of you who have applied to university of Manitoba dentistry, what electives did you take? (In need of GPA boosters XD) Thank you in advance!
  3. Winnipeg Manitoba www.MedsHousing.com Great quiet building in fantastic area close to corydon and osborne village 2nd floor unit, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom Sublet Feb 1-April 30 with option to sign 1yr lease after (move in date is flexible) Building information at https://889grosvenor.com/ 1 surface lot parking stall included in rent In suite laundry Balcony Pet friendly Unfurnished Price local currency : $1,800 To contact landlord
  4. I plan on applying to the OT program at UManitoba next year as an in-province applicant and my GPA for my last 60 credit hours is 4.14/4.5. With my GPA do I have a good shot of getting in?
  5. Hi there, I am a third year undergrad trying to get into Dentistry, specifically aiming for the University of Manitoba. If anyone could help and steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. There's a lot of info on here but most of it is for other schools such as UofT. So I guess I have a couple of questions for anyone who knows about UManitoba's acceptance rates, averages etc. 1) There is a lot of talk AGPAs but not a lot about core course averages. If you were accepted or know anyone who has been accepted into the program, do you mind sharing your AGPA as well as your core course GPA? I'm asking because I would like to know if anyone has ever been accepted with a low core course GPA of 3.7 (which happens to be mine lol). 2) I find myself stressed trying to get all A's in my science courses. In my first year I managed to get all A's. In my second year and third year I got a range of B and B+'s. Is there room for error in getting B's and B+'s? or is my dream of being a dentist over because I don't have all A's? 3) UManitoba lists their minimum core course average and DAT score on the application as 3.60 (2019) and 18.50 (2019). This being the minimum, would you have a good chance of being accepted being near the minimum? Some previous applicants who I have seen on this forum have GPAs typically around 3.9-4 range. 4) Are only the top students accepted into the program? Like those who have high GPAs and high DAT scores? Or is there a chance with those who have a mediocre GPA/DAT and possibly a good interview? To anyone that answers, thank you for any advice.
  6. Hey guys thought I’d start this to get an idea of what people’s stats were who applied and for people on the waitlist, since it seems like applications were more competitive this year. OOP/ IP: Accepted/ Rejected/ Waitlisted: AGPA: DAT: Interview thoughts (if you want):
  7. I'm an OOP applying this cycle. Wondering if they look at the best two years or all of them.
  8. I have been hearing that all U of M looks at is GPA/MCAT/Casper. I have heard that they don't look at your ECs. Is this true?
  9. Im currently entering my third year of my microbio undergrad and I think I'm in dire straits. My first year went fine but my second year was terrible as I got three C's and a D. I've so far worked on imporving my study habits a lot but now so far my GPA is 3.37. I know for sure I'm no more qualified for any med schools outside of Manitoba so I guess UofM is my only option. Do I still have a chance to get into UofM or are they numbered?
  10. I'm currently moving from BC to Calgary to pursue a 2-year nursing program but am thinking about practicing in a different province after I graduate if my IP chances are higher. My current plan is to apply to U of C and U of A while I'm there as soon as I'm eligible, but not sure if I will be competitive or not - thinking I may be more competitive in Saskatchewan or Manitoba. FYI: undergrad 80% average, masters 86% average, decent extracurriculars (30 NAQ at UBC). Any advice is much appreciated
  11. For my major, I'm thinking of doing Microbiology because introductory microbio did catch my interest. However, is this a difficult degree and do later year microbio courses harm your GPA? And if so, are there any other biology programs that would be more suitable as a pre-med major?
  12. If you are not from a rural area, but have work or volunteer experience (such as clinical in my case) in a rural area, can you still qualify for rural attributes?
  13. Hi everyone, Before I start, I would just like to say that I’m posting this question on behalf of my best friend. I told him to join this forum and ask it himself but he was too scared and embarrassed to do it so I’m doing it on his behalf and for his own sake. BEWARE: THIS IS A LONG POST! Sorry in advance, I feel the need to be specific with the details. So, my best friend recently told me that he would like to pursue medicine as a profession and I couldn’t be happier and proud of him. As a current premed myself, it’s nice to have someone to have along on this journey to medicine. He’s a very bright person, extremely hardworking and possibly the most optimistic person that I could have ever met. I really look up to him, respect him and I also consider him to be my friendly rival. We both went to the same high school and he was very active in school and in our community. He was also a straight A student in high school, I’m not sure how relevant that is but I thought that it’s something that I should share. However, he recently dropped a big bomb of news to me. He told me that he had the worst two years of his life as soon as college started. You see, we both just finished our 2nd year this year so we are still fairly new to college. But, he told me that he had been assessed by the counsellor at our school and the assessment proved that he was suffering from mild depression and anxiety for the past two years. This mild depression and anxiety has affected his academic performances during the first two years of college. I felt like such a terrible friend for not noticing his signs and symptoms and that he was suffering from depression and anxiety. He hid it from me so well, too well if you ask me! As I’ve mentioned before, he is a very optimistic person and he showed no sign of change when we were hanging out. He always had a great big smile and we would always work hard and study together. But, it was all a façade, he secluded himself from everyone around him didn’t tell a single soul what he was going through, not even his parents. I felt very hurt that he didn’t tell me, me of all people, his best friend who would do everything to help him out! But I also do understand that he didn’t want me to worry for him and he didn’t want other people to worry for him. Fast forward, I asked him for the truth on what he’s now doing about his depression and anxiety and he told me everything. According to him, he is now getting treatment and he regularly meets up with a counsellor to talk and further help improve his situation. He’s also a part of a group that helps deal with anxiety and he told me that it has been helping him greatly. I genuinely feel like he is now on the right tract of improvment. He’s still very persistent in wanting to go into medicine. Throughout the years that I’ve been friends with him, I’ve never seen him that dedicated on a single goal. Sure, he’s a hardworking student but this type of goal orientation feels very different. Okay, so here are his stats for the first two years of college: cGPA: 1.70 According to him, his academic performances has been very rough. He was only getting Cs, C+s, Bs and B+s from his classes. In addition, he failed 5 of his courses and he planned to retake all of them. MCAT: Hasn’t taken it yet so N/A. ECs: Volunteer in a hospital, holds a leadership position in a science club and volunteer in a lab I know that his stats are extremely low and you [the reader] may think that my best friend is crazy for even thinking about pursuing medicine with these stats but he’s really determined to reach his goal. He’s currently taking summer classes to retake his failed courses and he has been doing amazing in all of them. He just took his midterm and he received an A+ after studying really hard for it. As his best friend, I really want to help him out to the best of my ability but at the same time, I need a realistic opinion from all of you. Please try to avoid any hurtful comments about my friend since he would also be reading this thread. I really need everyone’s opinion and input on what his chances are! Lastly, I’m not sure how relevant this is but he told me that he would like to mainly focus on applying at the University of Manitoba school. We’re both from Manitoba so technically he would be an In Province applicant and I know that they do Adjusted GPA but I’m not really sure how far that can help him. Should he stay for a 5th year? Just give up on medicine? I’m really lost on what I should tell him! Thank you all in advance!
  14. Would it be wise to take the MCAT if I did the first semester of both organic chem and biochem, but didnt do the second semesters?
  15. I'm currently a resident of Alberta, which is where I grew up and was raised, but I have been attending the University of Manitoba's Asper School of Business and have stayed in student residence during the fall and winter semesters for the past two years. With that being said, if I were to apply UManitoba's med school, would I be eligible for the Manitoba Applicant pool? I know one of the criteria for this pool is to complete at least two years of full time post secondary education in Manitoba while residing in Manitoba. But what do they mean by 'reside'? Would living in student residence count as residing in Manitoba?
  16. Hello! Anyone interested in practicing for the University of Manitoba PA interview? If so, feel free to message me.
  17. Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum and I just had a question to ask you guys regarding OT admissions. I found out today that I am number 8 on the wait list at University of Manitoba and I honestly feel so devastated. I was just wondering if there's a chance for me yet to get in for this September with being number 8 on the alternate list. I know there's no way of truly knowing, but do you guys think there's a chance or seen it happen in past years? See the problem is that the email they sent me today said they only have 2 more spots to fill their class of 50 students. This obviously makes me think that I have zero chance now but I wonder if anyone maybe accepted their position at u of m for now to secure a spot but only because they're still waiting to hear back from a more desired school? Or have you heard of anyone just backing out and come say, August they need to contact people on the wait list? Any help would be so extremely appreciated. Just feeling so defeated right now so any glimmer of hope would help.
  18. Hi does anyone know the interview dates for the dentistry schools in canada
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