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Musculoskeletal Anatomy Reference Chart

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Hello everyone,

We have recently developed a downloadable anatomy reference chart that we wanted to share with the community on PreMed 101.  We designed it to give you an easy-to-use and fast musculoskeletal anatomy reference. It provides you with an opportunity to leave the anatomy textbook at home and have all the information you need at your fingertips. Our Musculoskeletal Anatomy Reference Chart is developed based on Based on Essential Clinical Anatomy 4th Edition; a textbook used by several Physiotherapy programs in Canada.

It provides students with a quick reference for anatomy and includes:

  • Origin and Insertion
  • Muscle Action
  • Nerve Innervation

Furthermore, we have highlighted commonly grouped muscles such as the rotator cuff and scapular rotators etc.

What our students have to say about the Reference Chart:

  • "I feel it is very useful and very clear"
  • "I will definitely use it in my NHS graduate job which is in MSK"


  • Designed in an easy to read chart format for quick access to the information you need
  • Includes: origin, insertion, action and innervation
  • Developed using clinically sound and evidence-based information
  • Divided into common muscle groups for quick reference and ease of memorization


  • Save time when studying or reviewing musculoskeletal anatomy
  • Easily find and memorize information
  • Feel confident you are using a reference developed for Physiotherapy programs in Canada
  • Get information from a source you know and trust

If you want a sample of this resource click here to download a one-page sample of the full guide

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