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I am a Canadian citizen from Ontario. I am applying to medical schools this year, and I just graduated from a 4 year BSc program from UofT. 

GPA: 3.89 OMSAS (around 3.92 for AMCAS I think)

MCAT: 505 (127/124/127/127) --> hoping for a 510 - 513 on a redo in few days (My weakness is CARS. I still cannot get it above 125 so that limits my application in Canada to a lot of schools.)

ECs: Quite a few. 400 hours of hospital volunteering. Around 50 - 100 hours of Distress Centre volunteering. More than 1 full year of research (1 tertiary author, 1 primary author publication --> in review, 1 children's research symposium award). 1 year of course based research (research presentation award at the end). 1 NSERC research award. TA for a year. School first year menthor for 2 years. President for a club for a year. Other small club roles. A school wide leadership award winner. 

Being from Ontario, I am most limited with my ability to do good on CARS. Not sure if I have the energy to rewrite MCAT for 3rd time to get an even better CARS scores.Therefore, I was wondering if I have a shot at some of the US medical schools. 

Thanks so much for your help! :)

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