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Reviews on Canadian OT Schools

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Hi @JessRae1995,

Canadian OT schools are highly competitive, with acceptance rates being somewhere around 5-15%. It is easy to find out which schools statistically have the highest and lowest acceptance rate because you know how many spots are in each program and most schools report how many applications they receive each year.

I would say that UBC is the most competitive program, as this was the only school I applied to where I was not offered admission. Part of the reason that it is challenging to get into their program is that it is the smallest, or at least one of the smallest, in Canada.

I know that McMaster receives the most applications of any school because their application is the easiest (no letter of intent or references). They rely solely on GPA for interview offers, so if your GPA is on the lower end, this would not be the best school for you to apply to.

The University of Alberta is probably one of the easier schools to get accepted into because they have a large program. They receive a lower number of applications because many students from Ontario will not apply out west. Students from the west often apply to both UBC and U of A and almost everyone who gets accepted into both schools chooses UBC, so many students on the waitlist for U of A will ultimately get accepted.

I cannot speak to McGill, University of Ottawa, or Dalhousie because I did not apply to these schools.

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