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Hey again,

From what I understand, the UofS uses the most recent 120 credit units, leading up until the awarding of your degree, in their GPA calculation. I would assume this includes any courses attempted in the spring and summer, as long as they fall within that range, and within five years.

Having spent my first year at the UofC, I can confirm that spring and summer courses do not get inputted into the UofC’s GPA calculation. As such, you could have a 4.0 in the fall and winter terms (minimum of eight courses each academic year), and do worse in the spring and summer semesters and still have a 4.0 when they calculate your wGPA for admission purposes. That being said, not every school follows the same policies, and even the UofC has methods of determining whether or not you are just “gaming the system,” i.e., they do a “subjective academic review” and measure the rigor of your courses, and how you did in them holistically. Ultimately, your z-score can vary across universities, either in your favour or against, depending on the policies of the given institution.

Hope this helps!

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