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Not sure about my chances

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Hey guys

I'm currently a masters student hoping to apply to med this coming September. I really would love if anyone could tell me if I have a chance of still getting into a medical school within Canada. I'm from Ontario.

My Undergraduate GPA:

1st year: 3.72 

2nd year 3.54 (without summer ) , 3.33 (with the summer included)

3rd year 3.85

4th year 3.81

cGPA (without summer) is 3.73. With the summer included, it is 3.68. 

I'm in a course based master's program and am expecting between a 3.8-3.9 GPA. 

My MCAT Scores:





I believe I have very strong extracurriculars. Have a variety of leadership roles. I have not published any papers. Spent 2-3 years on clinical, dry lab research. In my masters program, I am involved heavily in wet lab research. By the end of my masters, I might be able to publish 1 or 2 papers. 

Does anybody know if ontario medical schools look at masters students differently? How so? Would they take into account my grades in my course based masters? 

Any guidance would help! I just want to know whether I stand a chance in getting into a canadian medical school, and whether there are additional things I can do to increase my chances. 

Thank you :)


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Undergrad GPA is the primary factor.  Grad marks do not come into play in most cases. 

You are in pretty tough for Ontario with your current GPA and MCAT.  Your cGPA/CARs will not be competitive for a MAC interview.  You don't meet the MCAT thresholds for Western/Queens and wGPA is not sufficient for Ottawa.  You do meet the minimum for U of T,  but your wGPA is likely not competitive (calculate it).   You might be able to get into the U of T Grad interview pool if you have productive research from your Masters.  Look further into that path

You need an MCAT re-write to open up other Ontario schools.


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To add to the above. Once you hit 129 for CARS you will be guaranteed an interview at Western (assuming full course load for your 1st, 3rd and 4th year) and you will be competitive for Queens and MAC (dependent on CASPer). Uoft you will need to calculate your wgpa first. Ottawa is out of reach. 

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