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I probably spent more than 3 hours looking for answers to my questions in the forum but since I wasn't able to find, I'm writing them here. I would be truly grateful if someone takes the time to answer me because the Mcgill admission office didn't answer my e-mail neither. I did the MMI for the first time this year and was then rejected.

- Can Athabasca online organic chemistry course be accepted at Mcgill as the Org. Chem prereq course?

- Are there other online universities accepted ?

- Is it possible to do molecular biology prereq course online somewhere? Did someone already done it in the past?


I'm asking this question because I have a job that requires a lot of travelling abroad so it would be difficult for me to follow a course in Quebec.


Finally, I read somewhere that Mcgill will send our ranking pre and post-interview, can someone confirm and tell me when this will be sent?


Thank you so much

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From what I know, people have applied with courses completed from Athabasca (I am not sure if they were pre-requisites - but most likely yes). Just remember that the courses need to be finished by January 15th with final grades. 

I am sure there are other universities that offer online courses, but Athabasca is probably your easiest bet. 

Also, don't be afraid to email admissions - they will have the most accurate answers for you and they are super friendly 

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