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Gap Year in Toronto

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I just completed my undergraduate degree at U of T and I'd like to ask you amazing people a few questions on my next possible steps to get into med school! Thank you in advance for all you help :) 

1. is there any Master degrees that begin in the Winter? I would like to start one asap to beef up my med school application! 

2. Is there ANY advice you can give me to get a research position? I've applied everywhere and have had absolutely NO luck :( 

Thanks everyone! 

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Many graduate research programs have the option of starting in the winter or summer. With the large range of programs at UofT, I'm sure you'd be able to find a suitable one. The application deadlines for Winter would be sometime soon I gauge. Part of the application is finding a research supervisor. Sometimes the program, if they give you a conditional acceptance, will help you in this aspect. Other times, they will only look at your application after you've specified that you found a supervisor to take you on. 

You could try to get a research position with a PI if you present that you're a prospective graduate student. Alternatively, you could begin your search for a supervisor first and then just ask to start in the lab early. Get in touch with the academic advisor/graduate coordinator of that program, who could help guide you to PIs that are looking for students or have funding. Hopefully you have some experience in research that will help you land a position. 

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