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Application Dates Overview for non-Ontario med schools

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I remember feeling the same way when I first started applying, but I do encourage you to seek out that information yourself because you'll understand their application process at the same time. Also, some schools have deadlines to application steps, such as a deadline for opening an account and another deadline for final submission of your application. I wouldn't trust that someone compiled all the details in a list without double checking yourself. I promise going through each school's application guide isn't as scary as you think! When you first read through them, forget about the details of your application and just note down all the important dates in your calendar. 

Here are the deadlines I remember off the top of my head to give you an idea:

UBC: September 15 normal deadline, August 15 early deadline. May be an account opening deadline

Dalhousie: Sept4, account must be open by July 31

Alberta: Oct1

OMSAS: Oct2, account must be open by Sep15

Mcgill: Nov1

Also take note of when CASPER dates or MCAT dates are. Transcript deadlines are usually the date of final submission but get those in early! 

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