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Chances for Next Year

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Hi premed101! Long time lurker here, figured I would post today since I would like some advice and comments about my applications.

I just graduated from uwo, applied to most Ontario schools the last 2 years and got only McMaster both years (rejected first year, waitlisted and then rejected this year).

Here are my stats:

MCAT: 127/128/129/127 (511)

cGPA: 3.88

Ottawa wGPA: 3.94

UofT wGPA: 3.95

Recent/best 2y: 3.98

ECs: nothing too special, some volunteering with Autism Ontario, shadowing/research at hospitals, lots of research experience but no pubs. Have a couple of posters (second author) this year at real conferences and a first author publication hopefully submitted by September. Did a lot of hackathon stuff as well (awards, organizing events).

This summer I plan to finish up the publication, volunteer more, and possibly rewrite my MCAT. I've already registered for a September date and started studying.

What do you think my chances are next year? And should I rewrite my MCAT?

Thanks :)


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I’m surprised that you never got an interview at UofT/Ottawa with your GPA (and presumably good Casper). Both schools look at ECs. UofT also puts an extended emphasis on LOR/personal essays. Those two areas would likely benefit most from an improvement. 

I wouldn’t advise retaking the MCAT unless you feel you can score 515+ (to increase chances for queens/AMCAS) or score 129+ in CARS. Putting effort into a marginal MCAT score boost wouldn’t do as much as a unique EC. It’s a calculated risk that you’ll have to weigh. 

You’re currently competitive for Mac. With good ECs/LORs/Essays you’ll be competitive for Ottawa/UofT. With a 126/129/128/1– you’ll be competitive for Western. Take your pick. 

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