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American University of the Caribbean?

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Have any Canadians been accepted to this school or are currently attending? If so, how do you find the instruction and preparation for the USMLEs and MCCEE examinations?

As well, were you able to secure the full cost of attending through a bank loan or did you have to go through private sources as well?

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If you're going to take the risk of being an IMG, don't do it with a Caribbean school. Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, US DO, even South Africa. Much less stigmatized and the quality of education is on par with Canadian medical schools whereas the Caribbean schools are basically known as diploma mills that accept anyone who is willing to pay. There is a reason why attrition rates at these schools are so high. While yes if you work very hard, you will can probably land residency in the US (much more likely than Canada quite frankly), you'll still have negative associations with your education. 

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