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Exchange grades + 9 class years

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I looked for a similar thread, but did not see one. Please let me know if I missed it.

I have some questions about exchange grades and the way semesters are made up when you did not take 5 classes a semester:

-I took my final semester on exchange where the grades did not count towards my cGPA at UOttawa. Does anyone know how these grades will be treated for applying to med? (I looked at Dal where I can exempt a year but I would prefer to except my third year as cGPA was lowest).
-I did COOP which was 1 semester during 4th and 5th year
-Additionally, if i took 9 classes in a year and then took the final in the summer, does that count as 1 year?
-Finally, if I took 9 classes and then made up the last class by taking 11 classes the next year, does that 9 class year not count?

For clarity, I have attached a spreadsheet.


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