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1 hour ago, Shranga said:

Hello everyone, 

I have been accepted to the upcoming 2018 year at Schulich Medicine. 

What laptops are most of the current med students using? Do you have any recommendations i.e. PC, Macbooks?


Unless you need to be in the mac ecosystem, avoid them. They're value proposition and respect for consumers was always bad, but recently has gotten a lot worse. Surface is great for versatility, dell XPS is a great regular laptop, and HP spectre 360 is a great in-between.

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I personally already have a Macbook Air that I absolutely love. I'm adding an iMac desktop and an iPad pro with the apple pen. I tested both out and absolutely love them - the apple pen is going to be so helpful for keeping all my notes electronic and being efficient in class (since I can write on powerpoints then immediately save it to the cloud.....nothing will get lost this way). I've had multiple bad PC experiences and haven't looked back once since I went Mac. I absolutely love them and in my own experience they've lasted amazingly well. 

At the end of the day, you need to do what you like best and not what anyone else likes. I would strongly suggest testing your options out and seeing what you prefer. 

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If you have an unlimited budget, you're not going to beat the Surface Book 2. The Dell XPS line is also excellent. But they're a tad expensive, so yeah.

My budget was around ~$1000, so I'm going with the ASUS Zenbook Flip 14 to replace my dying old laptop. I've been told other 2 in 1 laptops in that price range with similar specs are also decent, like the HP Spectre x360, Acer Spin 5 or the Lenovo Yoga 720/730.

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