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I’m also eager to get the orientation package! 

As for the schedule: Did you receive an email (to your application address) with your paws login? 

Once you log into paws, check your sask email and it includes the details for how you can register for the courses. That gives you an idea of the schedule. 

I also found a weekly fall 2018 schedule here (https://share.usask.ca/medicine/one45/kbase/Curriculum Calendar.aspx) I’m not sure if it’s completely accurate, but it’s way more detailed. 



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As I recall, orientation packages came out in the middle of July, so you should be receiving something within the next week or two. With regards to your concern about schedule, Koopatroopa is bang-on with the on45 schedule posted above. That is essentially what your year will look like. Generally speaking, you should expect to have classes on most days from 8:30-16:30, with the exception of two half-days off (on average) per week to accommodate clinical skills sessions. 

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