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anyone know any in class DAT prep courses

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I live in Ontario and I did the Kaplan DAT prep course (pretty sure its offered all around Canada and America). They provide you with a textbook with sections on general bio, general and organic chem, quantitative reasoning, perceptual ability and reading comprehension (I'm writing the Canadian DAT so didn't bother reading organic chem or quantitative reasoning sections). Each chapter in the textbook has review questions and it comes with an additional lesson book that has a bunch of more review questions and has a place to take notes in class and on your own on the main concepts. It also comes with flash cards with extra practice questions on them and answers on the back and a wet erase whiteboard-like sheet + marker that you can use while doing practice (which they say is similar to the one you'll get on test day).

There are in-class sessions for general bio, general and organic chem, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension and an online session for perceptual ability. Here, a prof reviews some main topics from each chapter and does some review problems with the class (my class had 8 people in it). If you wanna repeat a class in person, you can do that and they have recorded classes online if you wanna do that instead. They give you 6 online practice tests that give you answers once you're done and your percentile compared to past Kaplan students so you can know how well you did. They have a bunch of online quizzes and extra practice questions online as well.

I just finished the class and really enjoyed it so google it and see if it's offered where you live! :)

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I heard neutral feedback about it. Tbh I considered going with a kaplan course but tbh it was just way too expensive. And all of the people I knew who did well used other resources other than Kaplan. But if you want a course, there really isn't anything else out there so Kaplan is probably the way to go if you want a class.

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