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UofT's BSAP - Any experience/advice?

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Hello everyone!

I'm applying to med school this year (I'm from Ontario) and unsure of whether or not to apply to UofT through BSAP or it's regular stream. I'm multiracial - quarter black, quarter Spanish and half Chinese. A lot of people just assume I'm Asian (especially Filipino), latina, half white-half Asian, etc., but people rarely see me as black just based on outward appearances due to my relatively fair skin and wavy hair. I identify quite strongly with my black ancestry and it is a big part of my identity, but my appearance gives me a lot of privilege in our society. I know that BSAP has no cut off, but I am still worried that I may be taking away resources from those who need the support this program provides more than I do.

Does anyone have any advice? If anyone here has applied through the BSAP stream, that would be extremely helpful too. 

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