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I did 4 practice tests by Astroff and thought it was 100% worth the money personally (and it's also way way cheaper than BeM). Have someone else review your exams, ideally someone that's in healthcare. I did one practice test in the summer as a baseline, and one practice test every week for three weeks leading up to the exam. It was really really helpful, the length of my answers doubled, and I felt much less stressed about taking the exam. 

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There's a lot of free prep out there. You could even just create your own CASPer scenarios because they're everyday cases surrounding collaboration and conflict. I'd recommend collecting all the free prep you can (feel free to PM me for the free prep I found) and having it reviewed by another person. Doesn't necessarily have to be someone in healthcare, that can be hit or miss, but as long as it's someone you trust, it's fine. It could even be someone who's also writing CASPer with you.

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On 7/22/2018 at 3:27 PM, j17f said:

I will second the comment about Astroff. Here is an old thread I wrote about them, you can check my old post history to decide whether I’m some paid advertisement.



I also agree that Astroff helped. I thought their tests were fairly similar to what to expect for the actual test. People say read Doing Right but I don't find it helped me much. I think if you have common sense and are able to articulate why you would choose one option over the other then you should be set. 

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