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PULSE 360, Coaching, and the Disruptive Physician


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For those who have not heard of this, PULSE 360 is a survey tool used by institutions for peers, supervisors, and allied health staff to anonymously evaluate physicians. PULSE also offers professionalism coaching for 'disruptive physicians.' As far as I am aware, PULSE is used only by medical schools -- Ottawa, McGill, NOSM - are there any others? The CPSO does request reports to be sent to them if it is part of a trainee's remediation plan, but I don't believe that the CPSO itself asks for PULSE assessments to be done. Please someone correct me if I am wrong about that last bit.

Any thoughts, experiences, etc. with PULSE and/or other 360 tools? Or with Professionalism Coaching? Thoughts on the "disruptive physician" phenomenon in general?

PM me or otherwise contact me via social media or private email if you want to speak confidentially instead.

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Used it as a resident. It's garbage. Little more than a way for people to bitch about each other and take out petty issues. Nursing and allied health have very little idea about what its like to be a resident, fellow or staff. They complain about inane, pointless things and often evaluators will contradict each other. I would frequently get told on the same feedback sheet that I returned pages promptly and also took too long to return pages. Comments like "smile more" would be mixed with comments like "cheerful". Just clueless or contradictory statements. Absolutely not helpful at all.

And filing them out for other people was just as stupid and pointless. I'd frequently just make silly or non sense comments to get them done as fast as possible (here's a tip: residents are busy. They dont appreciate adding pointless paperwork). I dont know a single resident who took them seriously.

I found the entire process completely useless and so did every resident, fellow and staff I worked with. Clearly something dreamed up by some HR moron looking to make a quick buck off hospitals for doing essentially no work. Reminded me of the clueless policies and statements I would see coming out of HR when I worked in industry before I went into medicine. Giant waste of money for the hospital and university. Giant waste of time for everyone involved. 

/summary: one of the most useless things I participated in during my training.

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