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45 minutes ago, member_225 said:

Do francophone applicants who don't live up north have a good chance of being admitted? 

It's worth a shot, especially if you have a desire to work up north. On OMSAS, NOSM does have a separate questionnaire for francophone students and they say on their website that they give an advantage to francophone students.  Here is the selection criteria from their website: 


All applications to NOSM are initially screened and scored based on three (3) components:

  1. Grade Point Average (GPA)
  2. The Autobiographical Sketch and School Submission Questions
  3. Context. The context score is based on where you have lived and are living in Canada.

Context is primarily based on your Canadian place(s) of residence of one (1) year or more. Advantage is given to those who have lived in Northern Ontario, rural and remote areas in the rest of Canada, and Indigenous and Francophone applicants.

The scoring weight of each component is approximately 1/3. The combination of the scores from these 3 components will determine if you are offered an interview. Approximately 300 of the top ranked applicants are invited to participate in the admissions interviews.


You can also check the admitted/rejected thread but I'd say give it a go, you never know! Goodluck :)

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