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Help with US School List

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Hey! I'm a Canadian student entering into my 5th year. I'm applying for US MD schools for this coming cycle. I've submitted my application already but wanted some help with fine-tuning my schools list. I've compiled a list by cross-referencing forums and MSAR. Just wanted opinions on whether my school list is a good fit for my stats! My stats are below:

GPA: 3.90, sGPA: 3.84

MCAT: 513 (130 CP / 125 CARS / 128 BB / 130 PS)

1 Summer as a Camp Counselor

2 Years as Biochemistry Research Assistant (Volunteering)

30 Hours working Retail (Over 1 Summer)

6 Hours shadowing a Family Doctor, 7 Hours shadowing an Otolaryngologist, 20 Hours shadowing a Neurologist 

300 Hours volunteering in a Medical Clinic abroad 

3 Years of Intramural Basketball

50 Hours volunteering at a Rehab Institute 

2 Years Executive member of University's United Way Chapter

2 Years Peer Tutoring (1 on 1 tutoring freshman university students)


I've made the following list of US MD Schools: 

George Washington

Michigan State

Virginia Commonwealth

Wayne State

Central Michigan

Rosalind Franklin

NY Medical College

SUNY Upstate



Penn State

West Virginia

Medical College of Wisconsin

Jefferson (Sidney Kimmel)


Please let me know what you guys think, and if any part of my application needs to be improved (MCAT, ECs, etc.)! Appreciate all the advice :)!

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Try to see if you can get more clinical volunteering hours that's NOT abroad - some adcoms have a grudge against that and label it 'voluntourism', especially if it was a short term (ie. 1wk Caribbean / 1mo South America etc). Also, try to hit about 50 hours of shadowing. 


I think you have a good list - might try to add following: Saint Louis University, Maryland, Kentucky. Take out West Virginia. If you're going to add Emory as a reach, then I think you can also try adding Dartmouth, Stony Brook, Einstein. 

Good luck! 

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