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Residencies/Specialties where you don't do research

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Hi everyone,

I'm going into my 3rd year of medical school and I had been going for a very competitive specialty where applicants need a strong research background. I've had two productive summers of research in this field but coming towards the end of this summer I am now reconsidering my career decisions (kind of lost interest in this specialty over the last several months and now I think I have almost entirely lost interest after this summer). 

I've done a lot of research in both my undergrad and in med school and I have several publications now, and likely a few more by the time carms rolls around. Unforuntately I have never liked doing research and have always forced myself through it. At this point I have an aversion to doing any more.

I'd say next in line for my areas of interest are internal medicine and family medicine. I know going for family would pretty much mean I never have to do research again, but I am more curious about internal. I have interests in some subspecialties of internal, but I was wondering if people are expected to do research in internal medicine, especially if they want to specialize further. 

I'm also open to other career suggestions as well, I'm hoping to keep an open mind during clerkship. I think I've safely ruled out any surgical specialties since my favourite part of medicine is talking with patients, especially in the outpatient setting. Thanks a lot. 

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For residency, the royal college will require you do research as part of your training. No matter what specialty you go into you will end up doing research during residency. How much and how intense is basicaly dependent on the program. 


Once you are in practice its a different story. You can get a community job and never do research again (although some community people voluntarily are involved in some research). If you decide to get an academic job, then expect to do some research. The university will require it. How much you is dependent in where you work and what kind of job you are doing I inside your program (are you research focused, admin focused or teaching focused).

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